ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden is headed to Minnesota for a high-dollar fundraiser toward President Barack Obama’s re-election.

Biden was set to appear at a private event hosted by a donor Wednesday, where attendees are being asked to pay $10,000 per couple to the Obama Victory Fund. A Democratic official, who was not authorized to discuss the vice president’s plans for attribution, confirmed the trip.

Biden’s spokeswoman didn’t respond to a message from The Associated Press about the visit or whether there would be any public component.

Biden was last in Minnesota in October for a rally and fundraiser for now-Gov. Mark Dayton. The Obama-Biden ticket won Minnesota’s 10 electoral votes in 2008.

Minnesota is also home to two potential GOP rivals: Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Rep. Michele Bachmann.

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Comments (28)
  1. TS says:

    Drinking the “tea” are we Tango?

    1. Tango says:

      but bear and red wind are my favorite. happy!!!

  2. Let's have a PAR-TEA says:

    I have the BEST IDEA…..

    So, Gov. Dayton wants to RAISE the taxes of the wealthiest people in MN…..well….at $10,000 per couple…..the wealthiest people in MN will be there…and you KNOW MOST will be Democrats!

    So, let’s UP the amount to get in to $20,000 per couple and the additional $10,000 can go to the veterans budget that may be cut!

    ALSO, since they are supporting the Democratic Party…the GOP could hand out contracts allowing the State of MN to RAISE the attendee’s taxes!

    Let’s see how many people would show up then!

    OR…just DON’T come he Mr. Biden…..NO ONE has the money to help your cause to RAISE my taxes!

    1. StraycatStrut says:

      Whoaaa! Easy on Biden. Remember thats about all he’s good for…… fund raising for his political career as a enriched above it all politician. So he will bring his nonsense to MN…interesting the Big Dog (BO) will not show.

  3. wow says:

    I wonder how much tax payer money is being used for this? Security alone will be a lot.

    1. Lori says:

      I bet you dont worry about that when your party goes door knocking. The GOP always yells “tax money wasted”. How about the GOP rich dudes start paying their fair share. What they dont pay in, is a HUGE waste.

      1. tax and tax says:

        Lori…..the GOP does that because YOU LEFTY’S are the one always wanting to RAISE taxes!
        Are you upset that gas is $4/gallon? was the SAME gas you bought a few MONTHS ago and it was only $3 a gallon…..same situation here….the govt remains the same..but they ALL want more $….
        So please write a letter to Gov Dayton and let him know you will be HAPPY to be taxed at a different rate than I am!!!

      2. exrepublican says:

        Lori, you are absolutely correct, and the paid prostitutes of the Koch brothers on here are just parroting what they are paid to say!

  4. Karen Cornelius Renneke says:

    You don’t have to pay money to re-elect OB, he is planning on making all the illegal’s citizens, so he can get their votes. He does not care that the tax payers will have to fund these illegals in getting them on food stamps, free housing, and hey maybe they will take our jobs as well. Who know OB was so popular.

  5. tuna-free dolphin says:

    Is Obama really sending his lap-dog out by himself? He better muzzle him first. Or at least have someone ready to pull the plug on his mic. There’s no telling what he’ll say. Make sure the cameras are rolling for sure.

  6. Happy says:

    I love it when “Angry” conservatives get all “Angry” and stuff. They are so fun to watch. Ha Ha – I hope it cost us tax payers millions!!! Let’s all get :Angry” Grrrr – Arghhh. They are so “Angry” a liberal is coming to town. I bet they rally round the flag and get all “ANGRY”! I love it. It’s good stuff.

    1. Up in smoke! says:

      I think both dems and repubs are sick of all the B.S. We are in a hugh financial crisis that both parties put us in and it is getting worse! unemployment up gas up 4 trillion spent in two years! All that hope and change was just more of the same. Somany thigs were promised and it turned out to be LIES

      1. yppah! says:

        I’ll agree with you SMOKE…..Happy is just being too happy!

  7. mike says:

    Our president is looking to raise 1 billion $ to get re-elected. Think of all the votes money like that can buy. OUT OF CONTROL SPENDING!!!!! It doesn’t stop there. Then you will have all the billions spent to buy the rest into office. Where is it going to end? Think of all the more corruption that can buy>

    1. Bubba says:

      What did you say when Bachman and Clark spent all the money?

      1. mike says:

        Hey Bubba, Then you will have the billions spent to but the rest into office. ( Bachman, Clark, etc, etc etc.

  8. Sandy says:

    I really love it that they keep screaming to tax the rich but who do they turn to when they need money, the rich……..just trying to make sense of it all…….

  9. Sandy says:

    I love it, they keep saying they want to TAX the RICH………pay their share………but when they need to raise money who do they turn to………….

  10. Paul Solinger says:

    I wouldn’t exactly refer to Pawlenty and Bachmann as “rivals”, more like “wannabes”.

  11. Sonny says:

    Its money down the hole, just like Clarks bid for Bachmans seat was and union money to defeat a judge in Wisconsin. Money won’t buy Obama four more years. Not with unemployment at 9, housing shot, gas through the roof, cost of food rising, states and cities going bankrupt, dollar value dropping like a stone, debt, etc. etc. etc.

    1. King says:

      Yea, We all saw what Bush did to are country, he set it back 20 years !
      and Obama almost got things straighten things out again and you ## what to go backwards
      again, don,t you ever learn ?

      1. Sonny says:

        Didn’t you read the post? Every indicator is worse than when Bush was in office, every single one. This is Obamas mess not Bushes. With his poll numbers in the 30’s on how he is handling the economy most americans know this. You will to, if you start breaking those pills your on in half.

        1. CommonSense says:

          Sonny, your an absolute idiot if you think any of that is true. Maybe you should move out of your mom’s basement and get a real job before diving into the real issues of the world that you clearly don’t understand

  12. shucayb says:

    we really welcome the vice president and we like any one who is famous or vice presidents to visit us thanks iam Somali man who lives in mineasota

  13. Sad says:

    I just think the GOP should concentrate on paying the Minnesota counties what they owe from the last Governor re-count I

  14. Wake up call says:

    Worried about over seas oil, checked this out—

  15. Ron says:

    I wonder what hair plugs Joe will say that will put his foot in his mouth this time?

  16. John Sherman says:

    maybe we can find with the more funds a buch of boxes of allegators to take back to his boss to help us defend the border or maybe a moat around the whitehouse?

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