3-Year-Old Ejected, Killed In Single-Vehicle Rollover

By James Schugel, WCCO-TV

COON RAPIDS, Minn. (WCCO) — A 3-year-old girl was killed after being ejected from a vehicle after a single-car rollover crash in Anoka County.

The accident occurred around 3:20 p.m. Wednesday on the ramp from Highway 10 to Foley Boulevard. Authorities say the vehicle was traveling west on the ramp when it went off the road and rolled.

Police say they are investigating whether or not the girl was restrained in the vehicle but say an accident like this simply shouldn’t have happened.

The young girl was riding with her mother and cousin, and all three were airlifted to Hennepin County Medical Center, where the 3-year-old later died.

The other two victims in the crash were said to have suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

  • Sam I Am.

    If a child is buckled into a child safety seat properly this would not happen.

    If the child is not buckled at all, the person who put the child in the car needs to go to jail for a very long time.

    What a sad shame.

    • tears

      three year olds are quite capable of unbuckling a saftey seat even when they are buckled properly. scary, but its true. i agree, IF the child was not buckled at all, or if alchohol was present, then yes, they need to be punished for the neglect the child suffered, but rememner, this all could have been a very tragic accident. three year old unbuckles herself and says hey look what i did, shocked the driver enough so she turned and didn’t see where the car was going – it takes three seconds, and it’s not neglect, but, a tragedy. its not fair to judge someone before you know whats going on

      • eastside_evil

        Tears, you aren’t really suggesting that is what happened are you?

        I have 5 kids. None, at 3 years old, ever unbuckled their car seat and said “hey look what I did.”


        And really? Shocked the driver enough so she turned off the road and rolled the car? This has to be an attempt at humor.

        • tears

          no it’s not an attempt at humor, it’s an attempt at being non judgemental. I Have been in the car when a three year old has undone a seatbelt and said mama look! even though this child has been taught to never never unbuckle. it takes a bit for the lesson to sink in. and the first time it happened, it did startle the mother, not enough to make her swerve badly, but everyone is diffrent. you take your eyes off the road for two seconds to look in the mirror to check on your child and if it’s the wrong two seconds, tragedys happen. takes two seconds for somethign like that to happen, just like it takes two seconds for a kid to run out in the street after a ball even though they know they shouldn’t. IM not trying to make people upset but just realize that sad accidents like this do happen still, despite teaching kids right from wrong, sometimes they don’t listen all the time. despite doing evertyhing right. and who knows? Know one knows the full detail of this accident. healing thoughts are sent to the family

          • Cynthia

            Tears ,
            I understand what you are saying ,
            Yes Children can undo there seat belts , or wiggle out of them like little snakes,
            And a parent can turn there head and say get down or leave the seat belt on ,
            Parents can turn there head many times when children are in the back seat , and a accident can happen.
            I really do not like the Idea of babies and small children having to be in the back seat as well as faceing backwards as infants, If there upset or sick or anything that makes them cry ,you can’t get to them,
            I’m glad my babies could ride up front with me IN THERE car seat, I could get to them if need be . I know when you have more than one child they can not be all up front , but your new babie that needs you , the front is an easier way to help them ,
            I want to believe that this young mother was distracted by what her 3 year old was doing and lost control of the car ,
            That family need all our prayers for the hurt they are going through,

      • momof5

        You are correct 3 year olds can unbuckle their harness straps of their car seat, I have 3 children ages 2,3, and 4 that know how to unbuckle the harness but none of them can unlatch the bottom latch. They also have been taught that there is a reason they need to be in their car seat and that it is only ok to unbuckle when the car is stopped and we are getting out of the car. They understand that their car seats are like mommy or daddy’s seat belt and that it keeps them safe in case we crash. None of them have ever tried to unbuckle while we have been driving. This is a very tragic accident and I feel for this family but we need to teach our kids at a young age that there are reasons why they have to be buckled and do things they may not necessarily enjoy

    • sunshine

      Baby Narjis Dancing

  • bill

    Poor child to have parents that do not take the time to drive safe.
    I call them Hwy 10 idiots- they drive to fast tailgate- change lanes way to much
    everyday I witness way to many of these people that are in to much of a hurry to get to work or home to think about their safety or our safety

    • connie

      I drive that foley exit from time to time and it is a steep curve. why can’t people just slow down..your not getting where any sooner anyways

  • echo

    I drove by it right after it happened. Extremely sad. Those parents will pay for that the rest of there life.

  • lee

    damn, people need to start knowing how to drive a freakin car safely like me.

  • mamatellie

    OMG! PUT YOUR BABIES IN THEIR CAR SEATS, PEOPLE! The parents will pay for this mistake forever – they should pay for it from jail for their negligence.

  • Jeffrey Hastings

    My prayers are with those in the accident. I will not judge them.

    • Crissy Maurer

      Thank you Jeffrey! We need more people NOT judging as NO ONE but the people in that car and God know what EXACTLY happened! As for the “witness,” it seems this is an ongoing investigation and if you’re truly a witness, you probably shouldn’t be sharing information with the world until this is completely followed through! God Bless the baby girl he called home as well as the surviving victims!!

  • Tom

    one of the parents has to go to jail for this no excuse for this

    • ANNE

      Tom and others
      what if some freak acident happened and YOU were the driver ,
      What would you think should happen to you ? I’m innocent you would try to claim ,
      They are still trying to find out what went wrong and many of you already have a parent in jail , as if none of you ever made a bad decission while driving,
      I have driven on hwy 10 many times the last 32 years and most people who drive it drive fast , and ride your back side , pass here pass there in and out ,
      I have to drive ten a lot and I do not like it because of how people drive on that hwy.
      Slow down , do not tail gate , do not weave , for gosh sakes do not text,
      I think many of you know how fast people drive on 10 , if your by me, I will be going the speed limit and 3- 4 seconds behind you and will not drive along side of you , I will always leave a way out for myself as much as I can , because of how bad drivers are on ten and rude ,
      I will not drive too slow unless weather or slippery roads cause me too , so do not get mad at me for driving like we should , Be aware of your and others driving,
      If your 55 or older take the on line drivers course , it makes you more aware of how you drive and how you SHOULD drive , and you insurance can go down as well because you took the class , mine did ,
      I want to live , I want my grandchildren to live I want to be wise behind the wheel ,
      I make mistakes but I try hard to be aware , so I’m safe and your safe if your driving next to me ,
      Be a defensive Driver, It will help keep the death toll down on the roads

  • C. Dase

    What a horrible thing to happen. A3yr. old is dead because of parental negligence.The parents were buckled and survive a collision. RIP little one!

  • Sorrow

    Did anyone ask the parents about it?? There are a lot of assumptions going on. A three year old is fully capable of getting out of a car seat. My heart breaks for their loss either way, but I can’t rush to judge them. They lost their child today, I’m sure they understand the levity of their own actions.

    • Donna another concered driver

      Absolutely agree with you Sorrow!!!

    • bobby z

      levity is lightness… gravity is seriousness

      • Sorrow

        Sorry, my mistake.

    • eastside_evil

      Eyewitnesses said she was ejected and the car seat was flung forward in the front seat.

      That does NOT happen when the seat is properly secured. Period.

      All the speculation about the kid unbuckling herself and the driver wigging out and rolling the car in response are bizarre and not relevant here, people.

      • tears

        however, if you rea dthe updated news stories, they say the seat was in fact found in the BACK OF the car properly fastened. on i belive it’s cbs news, ther’s a video that states they don’t know why the child was ejected nor why the car went off the road and they speculate that perhaps the child undid the buckles herself. Im just saying don’t be so quick to judge.

    • tears

      well put sorrow… no one knows what happened in this accident, and a three year old iS perfectly capable of unbuckling a seatbelt, which is a shocking find for any parent that would cause enough of a startle for someone to swerve at the wrong time, or something… anyway, you are corret, that no one knows what happened , and we havent been told more details so we shouldnt judge… but my hert too hurts for the people who lost that little girl in their lives, and for the little girl.

      • eastside_evil

        “which is a shocking find for any parent that would cause enough of a startle for someone to swerve at the wrong time”

        No. I would not panic and jerk the wheel. You’re saying you wouldn’t be able to help yourself from panicking?

        2nd, there is no evidence that was the case. However, there was an eyewitness who said the carseat flipped up and over into the front. That doesn’t happen when the carset is properly secured.

        Your repeated attempts to make people believe the child probably unbuckled herself, leading to an adult rolling a car out of shock is really bizarre here.

  • Donna another concered driver

    Very sad, I drove past shortly after it happened and was shocked to see the looks of the vehicle. Not trying to judge the parents regarding the child in a car seat (the 3 yr old could have unbuckled themselves just prior to the accident) But I have to agree with others that people need to slow down and be more careful especially with a child present. I have taken that exit many times and have never even come close to driving over the edge. Just yesterday I had a person cut in front of me at the last minute from the far left lane to just barely make that exit. SLOW DOWN people and be careful of others!!!!

  • Mr. Mark

    before all you judge, jury, and executioners out there start screaming for jail how about you hold off on judgement for a moment, perhaps the child was strapped in and it malfunctioned, a little too early to toss the parents in jail

  • Charity Saenger Michna

    can we all just say a little prayer for this little girls family, how deeply sad….

  • Heather Haan

    I can’t tell you how many times I was concerned something like this would happen when my son was little, he was ALWAYS undoing his seat belts, no matter what we did. THEN because he would get in trouble for it, he would sneak and unbuckle himself. So while everyone is sooo quick to judge the parents, think about how they must feel, please people show a little respect until you know the WHOLE story. It could be just a terrible horrible accident that is no one persons fault.

    • momof5

      so what did you do when your son would unbuckle. Don’t you ever look in the rear view mirror? you can tell when your child isn’t buckled properly. If nothing you did worked you should have taken him to the police station in your town and had them talk to him and tell him that if he doesn’t stay buckled the police will come and have to give mommy or daddy a ticket. If your child is old enough to figure out how to unbuckle, he should be just as smart to understand that it is not acceptable to do so.

      • ANNE

        REALLY ????????? REALLY
        momof4 nanaof5
        I know kids there not ALL perfect

  • Heather Haan

    Also did anyone stop to think that maybe the mom was distracted by the fact that her daughter had gotten out of the car seat and that is what caused the whole accident to begin with…….seriously people, I get this is a horrible horrible thing, but think if you would want people posting things like this about you or your family without knowing the whole story……

    • eastside_evil

      Gotten out of her carseat? Who lets that happen?

      Also, did you not note in the story that there were other passengers in the car who would have been within arm’s length to control it if that had happened.

      I very much doubt the child left the carseat more than 1/10 of a second prior to leaving the car.

    • ANNE

      I agree , Why do so many people , jump to accuse , Sympothy in this world is falling , compasion , before the facts are out ,

  • jan wachter

    did anyone consider she might have been texting

    • Crissy Maurer

      Did anyone consider the fact she may not even own a cell phone? People are so quick to judge others but God forbid something happen in their own lives they don’t want to be judged!! Leave this poor family alone! The loss is tragic enough!! I agree, children should ALWAYS be contained first in a vehicle, but they’re tricky, quick and very intelligent! It doesn’t take more than ONE SECOND for them to become unrestrained!! The ONLY true judge is GOD, anyone else is merely hypocritical! God be with you family! You’re in MY thoughts and prayers!!

      • eastside_evil

        “Did anyone consider the fact she may not even own a cell phone?”

        No. Everybody owns a cell phone.

        Have you ever seen a female get in her car in a parking lot and drive off and make it out of the parking lot without texting or being on a call?

        “Who can I call?” “Who can I text?” “Who can I call?” “Who can I text?”

        • Mary

          A FEMALE!!!!!!!! WOW ,

  • empathetic neighbor

    these people are my neighbors. the grief and utter despair that they are experiencing right now breaks my heart. the loss of a child, no matter what our ethnic or cultural differences maybe, is still felt the same. the gut wrenching cries coming from the family is a universally understood feeling of unimaginable pain, not to mention the fact that their baby died. may they find some peace during this horrific time.

    • Steve

      My prayers go out to them. Lets not be so fast to judge when we don’t know the facts.

    • Cynthia

      For you as a neighbor as well , Difference in culture, really does not even need to be brought up , There a family with a GREAT loss, Please as a neighbor send them my love and let them know many are holding them up in prayer , this is hard for you as well living so close to them , it is a neighbor hood loss ,

  • Ca

    Who knows what happened, but that curve is bad. People take it too fast all the time. Unfortunately, this time, a child died. Tragic.

  • Poohbabe

    I work at a fast food resturant drive thru..I see somany kids that arent strapped in their seats crawing about the car!!! I make my daughter buckle herself in aand it stays buckled!!!!!!!!1

    • eastside_evil

      You have a daughter and work in a fast food drive thru?


      What does “baby’s daddy” do?

      • Mary

        Eastside , You are very evil ,
        In todays world it is good to have a job , What kind of rude comment is that?? you live by your name I see , and this has no bearing on the loss of a child , I hope you get banned for writing about someone that works to support there child ,
        WOW , WOW , WOW

  • Sarah

    So sad and so many ppl judging :( my thoughts and prayers go out to this family.

  • sara

    i couldnt even imagine how much pain n sorrow that poor mother is goin thru n will b goin thru from here on out she will have to live with this everyday n that is punishment in its own. whatever happened however it happened my heart breaks for this family n my prayers go out to them. May God b with that mother she may need him more than ever. N may that little baby girl RIP.

  • Be kind people

    No matter what happend a little child was lost…so sad for this girls parents. God bless her and her family.

  • Melanie

    I’ve stopped people pulling out of gas stations and parking lots with their babies on their lap in the front seat. Regardless of whether this particular accident was due to negligence or not, don’t be afraid to offend people by letting them know that a baby/toddler belongs in a carseat. You might inadvertantly save a life. If you are polite and respectful in your approach, the message is usually appreciated. I do agree with the previous statements that it’s too early to tell why this little girl died, so lets heed the ultimate lesson from this; hug and kiss your kids often, tell them you love them. We never know what tomorrow holds.

  • Mona

    it is insensitive and hasty to make assumptions of neglect. we don’t know if the child was strapped or not, or how it all happened. Either way this is very sad. Can we take a minute to feel/pray for the family before we turn this into a public service announcement. sheesh

  • holier than thou

    some people need to stop being so self righteous, we dont know all the info and who are we to judge, i can only imagine what the family must be going thru.

  • Randy

    These post are very sickening There is not enough information in the story to pass judgement. So save your critical BS for when you know the facts

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