Minneapolis Uptown Residents Concerned About Attacks

By Bruce Hagevik, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There have been four violent robberies in the Uptown area of Minneapolis in recent days

Several residents said Wednesday they are taking more precautions.

“I walk around Uptown all the time and this is the first time that I felt I could not walk alone,” said a female shopkeeper.

All the victims have been male.

“You know, I think these things happen every summer so it’s just part of living in the city,” said one young male who frequents the neighborhood.

The attackers struck again Tuesday night in the 2500 block of Pillsbury Avenue South. The victim was a 61-year-old former marine who had a gun. He fired the weapon at least three times and two Hispanic males ran. One was heavier and the other thinner. Police say the attacks may be related.

Meanwhile, people are on guard.

“I carry a knife with me most of the time just because I don’t like guns,” said one young man who visits the area often and has not been frightened away.

Anyone with information about the incidents is asked to call Minneapolis police.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Bruce Hagevik Reports

  • John

    He could have been at HCMC getting his skull stitched together or making friends with ground worms. Thank you sir for your service and for carrying. I’m sick and tired of the gun debate, let people carry everywhere. Join the NRA they want to protect you moms and dads and kids out there yet the anti gun politicians give speeches about how harmful guns are while they are surrounded by armed guards.

    • Down with racist gun owners

      NRA racists out of Uptown!! We will take back our streets! The people united will never be defeated!

      • Joe Bloe

        Right. I’m guessing your approach would be to empathize with the thugs, show understand and respect for their “culture”, and find a way to further coddle them with additional welfare programs.

      • Adam

        ^^your an idiot. the reason this man is possibally alive is BECAUSE he had a gun, I live in east st paul and I cant even go grocery shopping without my .40 cal cuz these animals

      • John

        The NRA simply believes in anyone of sound mind having the right to defend themselves. Maybe you should move to Mexico where residents are stripped of gun rights and live in fear of the cartels coming to their door.

        • Adam

          I completely Agree with you John. Its BS that these animals are conditioned to think that they can get away with this. I would of killed them I swear to god!

      • Chris

        It appears you are right on script and I don’t need to read another word written by you to recite your philosophy verbatim. You are a member of a cult that is an enemy to those who cherish free thinking and diversity but you think you are enlightened and tolerant. You are a fool who tries too hard to say the right thing to look smart and be accepted. In truth you hate everyone that thinks on their own and decides without a script what they want from this life. I live in Uptown and refuse to be “united” with the likes of you.

      • YourNightmare

        Mexican racists out of Uptown! We (are armed and) will take back our streets! Criminal border jumping street thugs will always be defeated.

  • Allan

    Bravo Sir!

    Now back to the range so there is no doubt you hit the turds next time

    • Allan

      Also, there are no “ex-Marines”

      • Chris

        Only “Former”

  • Chris

    Wow, and the Minneapolis cops didn’t arrest this guy for defending himself? What a change from the 90’s this is!

    • jeff k

      he is still responsible for misses though if they were to hit someone innocent. gun control means hitting your target.

  • Guns off our streets!

    This individual is no hero! His actions are dangerous and irresponsible. He should have been arrested and charged with attempted murder!! What if he had hit someone with his gunfire?

    • Chris

      Well, we can stand around and continue to allow these thugs to hurt and kill the rest of us I guess… NOT!!!

    • tuna-free dolphin

      If he had hit someone he’d be and even bigger hero. And it’s not murder to defend yourself from a violent attack. Don’t be silly.

    • Sanity

      Hopefully he did hit someone. The would be robbers. They have no regard for others. Bravo to the man who defended himself.

    • William Arthur

      So you are condoning what these a-holes are doing? You need to rethink your logic there bub.. Ever heard of self-defense? Gotta love the ID10T’s…

    • Jason Bartlet

      Really? And I was planning a walk in that area of town tonight. Of course I was thinking about taking a walk with my ‘little friend’!

    • tuna-free dolphin

      If you want see a drop in the mpls crime rate, carry permit holders should start taking more late night walks. I would love to read a story like this every day. It warms my heart.

    • Rob

      IF you take the guns off our streets the only people with them will be criminals and cops. I wish this marine would have takin this scum bags head off!!!

    • eastside_evil

      The idea, when you pull the trigger, is to hit someone with your gunfire.

    • Bob

      Your logic evades me, just who’s side are you on ?

    • SWEAT

      What are the costs of living in a free society, the man did something positive and hopefully these two dirt bags have moved back to where they came from or atleast have chosen a better line of work

    • jeff

      The only reason he isnt a hero is because he didnt kill any when he had the chance. The best way to stop criminals is a headshot followed by 2 to the chest. stack those jerkoffs like chord wood.

  • deep

    Too bad he didn’t kill them.

  • "Marine"

    Semper Fi Mac. No such thing as a ex or former Marine, only active duty and those released from active duty, It’s our burden and honor from all vets to the people of these United States so you may enjoy the freedoms that have been bestowed upon you and your children. After 30+ years of being released from active duty, I’m still proud to call myself “Marine”. A veteran – whether active duty, retired, served one hitch,or reserve is someone who, at one point in their life, wrote a blank check payable to the people of the United States for an amount of “up to and including my life”, it’s an honor to be in your company.

    • JamieinMN

      Dam straight. Proud Daughter of a Marine.

  • Timmay

    Good for the Marine. Too bad he didn’t hit them. I live in this neighborhood and this stuff is making me think about getting my carry license.

  • Mike

    And what if this guy did hit a pedestrian? Would everyone hear still be supporting this guy for shooting?

    This guy should have been armed with a tazor not a gun. The perp/perp.s would be in police custody now.

    Have we really become a blood thirsty gun tooting society? Are we to relive the old west?

    • Organize!

      A candlelight vigil is being scheduled tonight at the shooting site. Uptown residents are urged to show solidarity with the Minneapolis Hispanic community. Guns and hate will not triumph.

      • Sanity

        What exactly does this have to do with guns and hate? This man defended himself. He wasn’t committing a crime with a gun and it certainly wasn’t hate related.

        • Lee

          @ Organize! Who exactly is the VICTIM your vigil is supporting?

          • Organize

            We support the people of color who are victimized on a daily basis by the white power structure. This marine clearly learned his hatred of Hispanics while serving the imperialist aims of the US Government. He probably attended the notorious “counterinsurgency” course at the so-called “School of the Americas”.

            • c-k

              Organize = waaaa haaaaa haaaaaa

              U B a fool

            • CRACKER

              you’re an idiot.

      • John

        Yeah i’m sure these thugs will stop once a vigil is held. Yeah sure…..

      • dan

        Hopefully the 2 thugs will show up so our marine can get a second crack at them! What a waste of space. Its time to take the streets back from these losers!

    • eastside_evil

      A tazer? Have you ever attempted to subdue an attacker with a tazer, Mike? Honest question.

  • JamieinMN

    Let’s take out the trash! Just pile all of the criminals into a dumpster……nobody will miss them.

  • Terrance Opine

    I wouldn’t have let them run. They wanted money, take thier. you just let tehm get away, next time they might kill someone now.

  • fred

    violent thugs walk the streets of minneapolis like sacred cows. whats up with that?

  • Adam

    This almost happened to me last summer, I was walking home and 2 mexicans and a black guy tried to come up on me and rob me… If I DIDNT have my gun….damn.. the person who said he should be charged is a freakin dumba$$. lets “understand” their culture.. please! lets see if that works for u when it happens. I will shoot to kill these criminals

  • God, Guns, Guts

    That’s nothing!!! 3 black guys, a Mexican. 2 Hmong and a Samoan cornered me in the parking lot of Hennepin Lake liquor! If I faint had mt .45ACP I’d be worm food now!

  • To the rescue!

    One time in Riverside my buddy Ari and me saw 30 Somolis led by 3 Palestinian grad students from the U attack a busload of nuns and pregnant schoolteachers. It was a good thing we was there with our guns!

    • Adam

      I call BS on that.. Cuz Palestinians hate somalis first of all

  • Jonas

    I believe in self-protection; however there would be too many gun-toting people walking around just hoping to confront someone and making themselves Judge, Jury, and Executioner. Now that scares me, as do some of you who’ve made comments above. Just a little to anxious. L.O.L.

    • eastside_evil

      “however there would be too many gun-toting people walking around just hoping to confront someone and making themselves Judge, Jury, and Executioner.”

      Please provide evidence to support your claim.

  • John

    Let’s say it like this, some of you are willing to get robbed, get your brains knocked out or get murdered, some of us aren’t. Jonas only an absolute moron is waiting to shoot someone. Because of the post trauma stress, the inevitable time in jail until bailed and the thousands spent in court, it’s a last resort.

  • truefact

    Totally fabricated story old grumpy marine purposely walked around down there late at night, claims some1 approached him says he fired 3 shots, of course missed, lol at hero. Embarassment to actual marines

  • Dirty Harry

    I know what you’re thinking: ‘Did he fire six shots, or only five?’ Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I’ve kinda lost track myself. But being this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well do ya, punk?

  • wheat

    I say move out of the city and go to a armed compound and lock your self in and let ma deuce do the talking. SEMPER FI HOO RA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SWEAT

      The world really needs less of you…..

      • wheat

        I say light sweat up and watch sweat burn like a human candle!!!!!!!!!!

        • jeff k

          wheat is right. Also since when does looking mexican make you exempt from being shot during the commision of a violent criminal assault. Last i checked being mexican does not make you bullet proof. thats how we got Texas actually.

  • gregg

    just the threat that there may be gunplay, slows the thinking & planning by these thugs.

  • gregg

    These attacks, date back to feb of last year. Yet we are suppose to “not arm” ourselfs and let police do thier job? Ya we will be wating for another year for them to get anything solved, if ever. Let the people defend themselves, police are over whelmed.& Can’t protect people properly. That much is obvious. thier attempt at doing something is open an “investigation”, meanwhile people get beat up for years, while they invesigate!

  • Bob

    The founding Fathers of our country thought it important enough that we could defend ourselves that they amended the Constitution of our great nation so we all can have the right to self defense. If you do not wish to defend yourself and be a victim that is also your right. The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Bearing arms means to carry them on your person. If you don’t like it please find a place that has no such rights and make that your home…..

    • slappy

      the amendment is also there so that the people can defend themselves against a corrupt and unjust government… which we are getting so very close to having now…

      • MNTP

        That’s right! How did that negro get into Harvard? Where are the transcripts? Why are we ruled by an Afirmative Action recipient?

      • bigbrotheriswatching

        are you suggesting that the U.S. government hired mexican looking thugs to attack innocent citizens in an attempt to remove itself from power in the subsequent uprising. because thats what i think too. good call.

    • new york jeff

      Bob is right you should move to california or new york if you dant want rights. you cant even own guns there unless you are a criminal and the crimanals have more rights then taxpaying citizens.

  • H8 CRIME

    Great more criminal illegal aliens roaming the street while the Obama Administration does absolutely nothing except campaign for their votes. Why is this major story getting so little coverage? I’m now convinced it’s time to get a carry permit to protect me and my family from these animals.

    Thank You Brave Marines!


      Get your permit ASAP before these liberal pansies try and take that right away from you too…

    • eastside_evil

      The Obama Administration is to blame for attacks in Uptown MPLS??


      • MNTP

        Obammy’s immigriation and civil rights policies keep criminal minorities on the streets instead of behind bars and in Mexico where they belong.

  • eastside_evil

    “Obammy’s immigriation and civil rights policies keep criminal minorities on the streets”

    This statement says nothing.

    Please be specific. Don’t say “policies” say which one, and what it did.

    • MNTP

      Mexicans did it. Obammy tolerates illegals. What else is there to say? Stop being an apologist for an illegal alien criminal Muslim frauld.

      • Adam

        ^Your an idiot. I love my guns and my freedoms. But I can tell your an uneducated redneck.

        • MNTP

          It sounds to me like your a diversity loving traitor who wants Obammy to turn the whole country over to the UN. You say you love your freedom? You have a funny way of showing it.

          • Adam

            Considering Ive been in the Army since I was 17.. Yea I love my country. Dont get it confused, I hate this jigaboos and illegals as much as any other guy. But I know what Im talking about. The problem in this country isnt Obama. Its these people that think that cuz our president is black, they can do whatever the heck they want. And im pretty damn annoyed enough to never vote for Republican again.

            • j

              im pretty sure obama is not a republican.

              • Adam

                I know Obama isnt a republican. I hate the republicans. They have nothing to offer the real working class american.

        • CRACKER

          sorry man but it is You’re (as in you are) not your… not that that makes you an idiot…

          • Adam

            duly noted

    • f. you.

      I believe it was called his “keeping violent criminal minorities on the streets” policy and that is why they are calling it that. it was something he worked up before his campaign with michelle bachman and carrot top. i hope this was specific enough to clear up the confusion surrounding obamas policies. thank you for your time.

  • jeff k.

    Lets not forget that the bad guys here aren’t defending themselves, the marine was. These bad guys have already beaten multiple victims including a woman. The cultural background of these criminal turds makes no difference. Hollowpoints are completely unbiased.

    • susan l.

      there wasnt actually a woman attacked yet, but by not carrying a gun they were all defenseless like women.

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