Man Gets 10 Years In Police Chase, Shooting

HASTINGS, Minn. (WCCO) — A 28-year-old man was sentenced to 10 years in prison on Wednesday in Dakota County District Court in connection with a police chase that led to a shooting in December 2009.

Roman Tokarev pleaded guilty Wednesday to second-degree assault, fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle and felon in possession of a firearm.

The district court judge issued an aggravated durational departure from a presumptive sentence of 57 months based on the fact that it was Tokarev’s third violent offense.

According to a criminal complaint, Tokarev stole a truck on Dec. 2, 2009, and said he would text the owner of the driver about the location of the truck later in the day. Police also recovered a letter that was an apparent suicide note. It said “I’m going all the way once they pull me over. I’m going to shoot them until I run out of bullets.”

A Hastings police officer saw the stolen truck that day and pulled Tokarev over. He drove the stolen vehicle back and forth so it moved both the police car and the truck. He went on to strike the officer with the truck as he was standing by the driver’s side door, causing the officer to fall to the ground.

Tokarev appeared to raise a firearm, and the officer fired at Tokarev several times as he was trying to pull away. Tokarev went through several residential neighborhoods and was eventually stopped by police. Tokarev raised a firearm towards officers, and they proceeded to shoot him.

Tokarev had previously second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and first-degree aggravated robbery.

  • Bob

    Please toss the keys away and keep him away from society forever.

  • Nate

    10 years? Marijuana and cocaine possession gets you harsher sentences…. Something doesn’t seem quite right to me. Maybe someone should be waiting for Roman Tokarev outside whatever state prison he is released from in 7ish years.

  • Brian

    Maybe the Hastings Police Department should spend a lot more time at the shooting range instead of the donut shop!

  • Retired CO

    As a “former” MCF-Stillwater corrections officer I knew this goofball there. He is one violent dude he spent the majority of his time in segregation then. He’s not going to stop until someone stops him, he a danger to the public. He needs to spend a “Very long time” behind bars. It’s guy’s like this who will kill someone and have no remorse about it. If given the chance he will down in a blaze of glory. To my former comrades at Stillwater, the crazy russians coming back…have fun…be careful…always

  • Communities United Against Police Brutality

    When will the public hold the police accountable for their reckless behavior? Another life ruined by law enforcement!

    • fred

      you clowns should change your name to….Can`t Understand Normal Thinking

  • Clyde

    Hey-What’s wrong with the officers having a few donuts???

  • Rob

    send him back to Russia

  • Dennis Balalayev

    That is my brother, he did not deserve this and im not saying what he did was right.. i’m going through all these comments and seeing ” He’s a dangerous man ” blah blah blah.. He was the best brother anyone could ask for.. He watched the kids, cleaned the house, and was a healthy man. I love you brother, for ever and always. Make it back home soon.

  • Raymond Delpriore

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