DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is returning to Iowa to headline a Republican Party event in Des Moines this month, as she nears a decision whether to run for president.

Bachmann is weighing a campaign for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination. She says she plans to announce whether she’ll run by June.

Bachmann has begun lining up supporters and potential campaign staff in Iowa. Iowa is expected to host the leadoff presidential nominating caucuses in February.

She is scheduled to speak at the Polk County Republican Party’s annual dinner on May 26, and plans to speak at a GOP event in Scott County on May 27, aides said.

It would be the fourth visit of the year to Iowa this year by the three-term US House member from a Minneapolis suburb.

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Comments (36)
  1. jim says:

    michele bachmann plans to speak … that’s too bad. nothing she says makes much sense and based on politifact’s web site, she rarely is truthful.

  2. Dino says:

    She sure is ambitious for someone that could never win in another Minnesota district. Does she know that lying and accepting bribes are sins?

  3. Dave Campbell says:

    Maybe while she is Iowa, someone will point out to her that the state she represents is just north of there! Has anyone seen this crazy woman in Minnesota lately? Besides making sure that we can pick the kind of light bulb we want use, can anyone tell me what she has done?

    1. Tom says:

      Dave Campbell

      Even if you pointed it to her she still wouldn’t know!

    2. purple monkey dishwasher says:

      Hmm…what has she done?

      1. She’s helped her rich puppet masters get richer at the expense of the poor and middle class.
      2. She’s scared us with her unblinking stare.
      3. She IS the definition of arrogant stupidity.
      4. Her extreme ideology divides people.
      5. She hung on GW Bush like some screaming Twilight fangirl humping Robert Pattinson’s leg.
      6. She sided with BP after the spill, claiming Obama was fleecing BP.
      7. She tried to blame the 1976 & 2009 Swine Flu outbreaks on Pres. Carter and Obama (no lie, folks)
      8. She called for a new McCarthyism (so many Dems are just sooo un-American)
      9. She doesn’t know the difference between carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.
      10. She wants to make everyone afraid of gays.
      11. She wants to ween the elderly off social security (must be nice to be rich!).
      12. She wants to get rid of the minimum wage, again for her rich masters.
      13. Light bulbs dammit! Who cares about the economy or crumbling infrastructure? I demand a choice in light bulbs!

  4. tom hasbrouck says:

    A total buffoon. Laughable if not for the fact that millions of idiots ( middle and lower class Republicans) buy her brand of BS because it fits what they want to believe.

  5. Robert Radke says:

    Run,Michelle,Run!!!!!!111 She won’t! A run for the White House would force her out of her much safer House seat. She could lose that national spotlight she seems to crave so much.

    1. K. says:

      I’m all for that happening! Her voice really grates on my ears; so I hit the “mute” button when she opens her mouth.

  6. kman says:

    Michele is Spending more time in every state except the One that put her in office.guess that comes with no one in her state wants to hear the Loon any more

  7. harry says:

    When is she going to provide proof that she was born in America and not Canada? We need to see her birth certificate, long form of course.

  8. Pavel says:

    Ditto to all the above!

  9. eastside_evil says:

    This woman is an embarrassment to her state and her district. And to the doofuses who insist the reason people think she’s a moron is because she’s super hot and nobody wants a super hot chick who’s a republican in office: You are blind. The site of that woman undressed would undoubtedly knock a buzzard off a gut wagon.

    1. Robert Radke says:


  10. tom hasbrouck says:

    She has a couple weeks to plan? She should be able to come up with some real zingers!

  11. KJS says:

    Please consider running, Congresswoman. Praise God for your leadership! Thanks for standing up for what you believe in, because, as an 18-year old, I’m losing hope for our future given the direction we’re heading. I’m in prayer for you, Congresswoman. I pray the Holy Spirit moves in your decision and moves in our country, so that we can take it back!

    1.'re kidding right says:

      Take it back? Take it back from what? If you’re 18 and THIS is how you view the really need to get out more. This woman is a nut and so are her “followers’.

      1. purple monkey dishwasher says:

        I totally agree. The woman is a nut job and so are the religious fanatics that follow her. She has done nothing to help get the economy back on its feet or create more jobs. She and her tea party cohorts have done nothing except try to get the scary black man out of the white house.

        Whatever you do, don’t look into this gorgon’s eyes…you’ll turn to stone.

    2. eastside_evil says:

      KJS, you are a naive fool, and you are an embarrassment to MN as well. I can only hope you don’t live in Stillwater and therefore got no say in her election. Anybody who voted for her is a dimwit.

  12. Andrea Thelin says:

    Michele Bachmann is not only an embarrassment to Minnesota, She’ an embarrassment to women. I can’t believe people would take her seriously. the only thing she is good at is “brown-nosing” the right rich guys.

  13. Tom says:

    Well maybe the reason why she is announcing it now is because BELLEVUE needs at least a 2 week advance warning to make sure the NUTS will ready for their bus ride to the event!

  14. JesseV says:

    Michele, in order to make yourself more appealing to the Iowa folk. Take a page from Max Yasgur and start with…”I’m a farmer…” By the way did you put in a change of address card when you left us? You political fraud.

  15. Einstein says:

    I’m available on May 26th, but I don’t think I can lower my IQ that far in such a short time.

    The Tea Party has a top limit of 75 on the ol’ IQ meter……..

  16. Yelper says:

    Love the comments by that wacko religious nut case… “I pray the holy spirit will…” What a joke! Religion is pure fantasy and this is why republicans are so drawn to it…

    1. Bee says:

      yep Yelper you are so right if there is a god she is proof that mistakes do happen. To bad it ended up being born in MN.

      and… ooooo ” I’m 18 and love you and want you to take it back” you are to young to know anything go back to school.

  17. Donald Tramp says:

    I DEMAND she produce a legal birth certificate!!!!!! She is not a citizen of the USA. She was born in Moose Jaw, Canada to Frank and Amelia Vasalaro.

  18. KJS says:

    I didn’t say that I wanted Michele Bachmann to “take it back,” Bee. I said that I praise God for Congresswoman Bachmann, because she is helping take our country back from the ultra-liberal, ultra-destructive agenda that is plaguing us and preventing us from getting anything significant accomplished. Minnesota is being represented by an unashamed follower of Christ (see 1 John 3:16), and we finally have a woman who is standing up for the rights of the unborn, who is trying to keep traditional marriage alive, and who is trying to keep our country from becoming financially nonexistent.

    Just because I’m 18-years old, does not mean I am “too young to know anything.” In fact, I’ve grown up attending a public school in rural Minnesota, am the son of working parents who own their own business, and have achieved near-perfect high school grades. I’m simply relying on my faith to guide me through life, because this world is far too troubled to get through it on our own. It’s a sad, sad reality that one day – a day not too far from today – our country will be taken over by those who have no morals, no “old-fashioned” beliefs, and those who believe that fiery, anti-American rhetoric is the way to go. (Yes, I said “anti-American,” as Congresswoman Bachmann eloquently put it).

    Please respect my thoughts and opinions, and I will respect yours. I recognize that there are differences of opinions in this world, and I certainly am entitled to mine.

    1. Bee says:

      thats fine but get your facts about something before you jump on board with her. and age does account for something..time teachs you can not learn everything from school and books, watch her and she will stick her foot in her mouth more than most. If indeed you are for “unborn babies” please also be for smart safe intercourse. This world is way over populated bring in more babies is a bad thing! 215,000 people everyday come into this world 7 billion and counting by the time your 57 the world will have over 12 billion people in it and by the way the earth can handle 1.7 billion for all intense purposes.

      1. KJS says:

        Bee, thanks for your response. I should have clarified; I’m not for every single thing Congresswoman Bachmann says. She – like every other politician – has “gaffes,” and she – again, like every human being – is wrong sometimes, too. Simply put, I just align myself, my political views, and my religious views with Congresswoman Bachmann’s, because she seems to stand for a lot of what I believe and a lot of what I stand for. I appreciate your willingness to engage in constructive dialogue instead of degrading me, like other posters have, for our differences in views.

        1. GOPSUX says:

          KJS must be a nut then too.

        2. purple monkey dishwasher says:

          Gaffes?! They’re not gaffes. Bachmann is an utter moron! She knows absolutely nothing about the US government, history, geography, or politics. She’s proven time and time again just how unqualified she is in any government position. All she knows is the party line and she vomits that very well. When it comes to actually having a coherent thought of her own, she says the most outlandish, moronic and borderline racist things. She is a mouthpiece who has delusions of grandeur.

          People, stop voting for this woman! If you’re determined to vote Republican,at least find someone who has an IQ above 50.

    2. eastside_evil says:

      “our country will be taken over by those who have no morals, no “old-fashioned” beliefs, and those who believe that fiery, anti-American rhetoric is the way to go.”

      Please describe what this EVEN MEANS!

      You have given no specifics, only vague inferences designed to spread fear. You’ve swallowed the kool-aid. I’m guessing you have a rabid republican dad who tells you what you think, and you devour it.

  19. Murph says:

    Hmmm,I had a dream….. that the Newt and the Nut joined up to run for prez and vice prez! Of course by the fall of 2012, with the south underwater,nat gas coming out of water faucets in the west,midwest water supplies polluted to undrinkable status. The people actually came out of their tents and broken down vans just long enough to give them the finger! Good luck there Newt and Nut! You and the whole GOP are going to need a lot more than that if you keep saying and doing what you’re doing! Between health care, gasoline and everything else NOBODY has money except the corporations and it’s millionaires! OR was that your plan in the first place?

  20. Jonas says:

    Palin, Bachmann, Trump, Pawlenty, and now Newt. Originally there were three Stooges, now we can have five for the price of three. This can’t be for real…….

  21. End of the World says:

    “Bachmann wins 2012 presidential race”…..the Mayans were right!!!!

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