MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann says she’s convinced that U.S. forces “got our man” after viewing graphic photos of Osama bin Laden’s corpse.

Bachmann was among congressional intelligence committee members to view the photos Thursday in a secure room at CIA headquarters. The potential GOP presidential candidate said there’s no doubt the corpse is that of bin Laden.

Bachmann says she agrees with the White House decision not to release the photos to the public. U.S. officials have said they confirmed bin Laden’s death using DNA. On WJON radio and later in a written statement, Bachmann said releasing DNA results would be less controversial than making the photos public.

The al-Qaida leader was killed in Pakistan by Navy SEALs during a middle-of-the-night raid last week.

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Comments (61)
  1. Augustine M. Green says:

    Wow! What alien has invaded Bachman’s body? She agree with the White House? Naw!!!

    1. K. says:

      Yeah, and since MB is convinced, we should all believe it to be so because she never lies, right? As if it wasn’t enough that we were told they got their man due to a DNA match. Gees!

    2. Do your home work says:

      This is on obama watch!!!! I love how the only thing that the libs can do is attack call name and hurl insults they cant back anything up with facts its like being in grade school all over again! $4 gas 4.2 trillion in two years food prices up 7% corn up 79% poverty rate up10% soy bean up 42% sugar up 142% gold up 68% oil up 127.2 % Real median household income down1.3% Number of food stamp recipients up 35%.

      These are facts!!!!!
      (1) U.S. Energy Information Administration; (2) Wall Street Journal; (3) Bureau of Labor Statistics; (4) Census Bureau; (5) USDA; (6) U.S. Dept. of Labor; (7) FHFA; (8) Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller; (9) RealtyTrac; (10) Heritage Foundation and WSJ; (11) The Conference Board; (12) FDIC; (13) Federal Reserve; (14) U.S. Treasury

      1. Keith says:

        Sounds to me like someone is upset that GW Bush got us into a few wars that we had no business being in. Had it not been for those money-wasters, we’d be in a heckuva better place.

        Bush created this mess… Obama is trying to mop up after him!

      2. WHAT????? says:

        Do your home work
        So you have sources that say this was Obama’s fault or just sources that this happened? For that type of screen name you cannot just say what the problem is. Kind of have to back why you would say that it is Obama’s fault.
        1. Gas is not controlled by the President and he is not the reason that the price went up. (They had a story about this on WCCO 2 weeks ago, do your homework)
        2. Food price is up around the world so how can this be just an American problem? (do your homework and look at China right now, highest price for food in history)
        3. Corn has been up for years now ever since the ethanol fuel craze started which was before Obama. (do your homework)
        4. The poverty and food stamps that you talk about was already starting in the Bush years just like the economic downfall and the bailout, these were already happening when Obama took office. (do your homework)
        So if I missed something please let me know as you are full of sh!t and just blaming the person that you do not like instead of looking into it and finding who was to blame if anyone.
        A quote comes to mind,
        “The only time a politico will try to avoid playing the blame game is when they or theirs are to blame.”
        Extra points for those who know who this is.

        1. Reasonable says:

          But homework is hard!

  2. eastside_evil says:

    So first he was useless because he couldn’t find him. Now he’s useless after he does find him and kills him.

    Sounds like your mind is made up, eh?

  3. Einstein says:

    Give it a rest. The terrorist is dead, and despite how important you think you are, you are not entitled to see the pictures.

    Now go back down into your parents basement and watch your Hannity reruns.

    1. David says:

      “you are not entitled to see the pictures.” For the people by the people. If we want to see the pictures we should be able to. You can continue to live in fairy tale land and believe everything the government tells you and willingly give up your freedom but i wont.

      1. Einstein says:

        That’s why you take the pills for paranoia that the nice doctor gives when you see him at his clinic.

      2. v says:

        David… you honestly don’t believe your own BS, do you?

      3. This country is or maybe has gone to hell says:

        kool aid ….. bring lil David more wanna see kool aid

  4. WHAT????? says:

    “Bachmann was among congressional intelligence committee members”
    First and only time a line like this will EVER be published.

  5. Jeffery Gauss says:

    Maybe she can color me a pretty picture with her box of crayons!

  6. griley says:

    Please explain what possible reason you have taht require you see the pictures. It is not a slap in the face ti us Americans with intellegence beyond that of a new born. We realize we still have men in harms way and releasing photos that could potently increase the danger to them would be totally irresponsible.

    1. K. says:

      Plus, I just don’t care to see them, thank you very much!

  7. Andrea says:

    The name Michele Bachmann and the words Intelligence committee really don’t seem to belong together. Did she know how to hold the photos? Were they right side up?

  8. xxx says:

    I along with millions of other americans would like “proof of death” as folks in the other parts of the world.
    We suffered along with everyone else when the trade center went down. We would like Closure to this situation by seeing proof of death so that we can move on.

    It is really no different than a parent being told that their child is dead and the parent never actually sees the proof of that child dying. How does the parent get on with their life, if they can’t be absolutely sure that their child is really dead.

    To say that we, as concerned Americans who have friends and relatives significantly affected by 911, don’t have the right for proof of death is a tremendous injustice for all of us.

    To say that it is all right for a select group of congress and leaders see proof death, but not for the rest of the world population is 100% and completly wrong.

    1. wtdbuck says:

      wow……. i suppose you have to stick your head up a cows as_ to know it beef you just won’t take the bucthers word for it eh? pictures do not bring anything to an end. a bullit does that. was bin ladin your child.. i think your comments are childish.

    2. Sara says:

      But would photos really give you ‘proof’? Or would naysayers claim they were photoshopped and demand more ‘proof’? (Remember the long-form birth certificate?) I for one agree with our president’s decision that we do not need to brandish trophies, nor should we put more Americans in danger by providing AlQeida with what would surely be used as propaganda.

    3. eastside_evil says:

      “To say that we, as concerned Americans who have friends and relatives significantly affected by 911, don’t have the right for proof of death is a tremendous injustice for all of us.”


      1. This country is or maybe has gone to hell says:

        Hell – so-called Americans are starting to sound like the rest of the sic phucs of the world.
        Sorry but you have no rights nor needs to see a damn thing. End of topic

  9. ohoh says:

    Just read the liberal comments, not one has anything useful to say except “griley” and griley’s words loose value when he falls into insults and ridicule. Please try to keep yourselves and comments to an adult level. If you have an issue with Ms. Bachman or her positions make an articulate and reasoned comment, that is the way to educate others, not ridicule and insult, that only makes the commentator look bad.

    1. wtdbuck says:

      why would you say liberal comments. you just lost all value in what you wrote.

    2. WHAT????? says:

      If you can show me 1 place ANYWHERE that states you have the right to see a picture of someone that the military killed then you have merit. Without this info or where to find it I would have to say that your fellow GOP comments have no weight either. If you cannot see this then you are just as blind as those you say are blind. Looking in the mirror is always hard to do huh?

    3. v says:

      And yet, you can not only pick out, but label people as ‘liberal’ from a single post.
      Interesting. You must use a lot of Windex in that glass house.

  10. harry says:

    I want to know when she will release her long form birth certificate?

  11. wondering says:

    I love all the name calling…probably from those who elected a man president for OJT….still baffles me …was it the need to have a black man? he good rhetoric? not saying the democrats should not have won, just questioning the choice…as much as I don’t care for Hillary…she had some experience. Some that Michelle Bachmann has that the president doesn’t (in the REAL world)

    1. v says:

      Not only do you have a sincerely flawed view of the President, and appear eager to defend a loose nut suburban soccer mom who’s nothing but a ranting bag of hot air, but half of what you wrote is unintelligible. Probably a graduate of Bachman’s district.

  12. snowiz says:

    Stop showing Bachmann’s picture! Anyone see her on SNL! 🙂

  13. Button pusher says:

    The only thing now that needs to be done is turn that country into a sheet of glass. To think they had no idea he was there is a slap in the face of every American!!!! Give me the button then Obama can go on 60 mins. again

  14. BMW says:

    Show photos of moments prior to death when the Navy Seals showed up in his room so we can see his last moments with the look of fear on his face….

  15. Zed says:

    The real news here is that babbling idiot Bachmann said something that makes sense….

  16. worryfree says:

    It seems surreal that Michele is on the INTELLiGENCE committee. Sort of an oxymoron…

  17. jon says:

    Releasing the photos wouldn’t matter. There are so many convincing Photoshopped pictures already out there.

  18. Leslie says:

    Being a lawyer requires a four year degree and three years of law school. I doubt any of you freeloaders posting on this thread even have a GED.

    1. minnegirl says:

      Leslie, WOW I am sooo impressed!! Do you go around telling everyone about your degrees? Didn’t get enough attention as a child or just one of those people that think you are better then they are?

      1. Leslie says:

        That was Bachmans degrees I was talking about, not mine. I know its hard for you to understand but maybe you can catch it on the cartoon channel.

        1. wanda says:

          Michelle and I can both watch because apparently that is where she gets all of her information.
          It would figure that someone who would put down a person because of their education would be a Bachmann supporter!!

          1. LL says:

            Things that come out of MB’s mouth are so stupid that it makes the cartoon channel look smart!!

    2. v says:

      Freeloaders? Wow… where did THAT come from? What does that even mean?
      Leslie, another “I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar” defendant of Bachman’s B.S.

      Leslie, it appears her law degree hasn’t provided Michele with a grasp of basic American History or Economics. Quit drinking her soap box Kool-Aid.

  19. Jim says:

    “Bachmann was among congressional intelligence committee members to view the photos”

    Bachmann and Intelligence is a contradiction

  20. shirley says:

    Let it go people,,,,,your starting to sound like trump.

  21. GOP says:

    I think only Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin on the presidential ticket can defeat Obama and Biden. They are formidable force together.

    Both are super smart, highly intellectuals, and great leaders.

    Any opinions or thoughts?

    1. eastside_evil says:

      “I think only Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin on the presidential ticket can defeat Obama and Biden. They are formidable force together.

      Both are super smart, highly intellectuals, and great leaders.

      Any opinions or thoughts?”

      Sure. You’re not being sincere. Neither are smart or intellectual or leaders. Sarah Palin is hot at least. Michele Bachmann looks like Skeletor.

    2. Einstein says:

      Funniest post I’ve seen all week.

    3. BMW says:

      I got an opinion…

      Ron Paul/Gary Johnson The only two Republicrats I will even consider.

      Bachman is way to far to the right. Both Bachman and Palin have way too many haters. The Republicans need a socially liberal, fiscally conservative, anti war candidate who can draw enough votes from independents and disenfranchised or anti war democrats.

  22. Augustine M. Green says:

    I have a four year degree, three months towards a Master’s, I’m 75 years old, have successfully raised five children; I have 16 grandchildren and 24 great grandchildren. I have never collected unemployment or welfare, but to say that tMichelle Bachman is a member of the “intelligence committee” is an oxymoron! Don’t calll names; it makes you look stupid! I’m definitely not a freeloader.

  23. Skim Blumonge says:

    Love the first few comments here. Yeah, that’s political debate nowadays: personal put-downs followed by someone cheering, “Good one.” The name-calling and put-downs are very impressive.

  24. JB says:

    Two comments: Senate and Intelligence is the primary example of an oxtMORON. #2, President Obama did not find Usama and kill him, the CIA found him and the Marines killed him.

  25. non-believer says:

    He’s not dead, he’s in a military locker somewhere being drugged and questioned.

    I’m holding out for Jessie Ventura to tackle this one with his conspiracy theory show!

  26. wondering says:

    JB…as a former Marine…well I hate to say it, but the Navy Seals killed him

  27. The Gooch says:

    Funny how the Obama administration had no problem releasing photos of prisoner abuse at Gitmo. You think that didn’t endanger our troops? It’s all political. The adminitsration has nothing to gain by releasing the photos, so they won’t. I could care less, just quit insulting our intelligence by saying “we don’t want to encourage anti-american sentiment”. If releasing those photos would benefit them politically, they wouldn’t hesitate to release them.

  28. Gloria says:

    If you’re upset by photos released of abuse at Gitmo, what about those we saw from Abu Grabe (sp?) during the previous administration? I agree that releasing the bin Laden death photos could incite more violence than the decision not to allow them to be seen by the general public.

    Also, it is refreshing to see M. Bachmann agree with President Obama on an issue; at least she didn’t throw out insults this time.

  29. Say what? says:

    She’s on an “intelligence” committee?

    Can you buy a ticket for that?

  30. Murph says:

    After viewing the brain matter dripping from his empty eye socket.At least she can be sure it wasn’t our former GOP president!

  31. john says:

    New Osama Bin Laden Drink…Two shots and a splash of seawater

  32. Keith says:

    We should all get to see the pic’s of Bin Laden…. after we get to see graphic photo’s of all our dead soldiers.

    Maybe we wouldn’t be so quick to rush to war on false pretense!

  33. Hard Conservative says:

    For real!

  34. peeblehead says:

    She says it is him so know we know – they got him locked up in a dungeon in the Artic Circle. Mucho alive and torturing the snot out of him.
    Good, No – GREAT

    Bachmann – the dumbest cluck to ever peck a pebble

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