ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A rift among Republicans over a piece of the federal health care overhaul was showing Thursday at a Capitol rally.

Several GOP lawmakers spoke against a Republican bill to establish a state health insurance exchange. The federal law requires states to start exchanges for consumers to buy insurance starting in 2014.

The exchange bill has nine Republican sponsors including Reps. Steve Gottwalt, Joe Hoppe and Joyce Peppin. Supporters including business groups want Minnesota to set up the exchange instead of letting the federal government do it.

GOP Sen. Gretchen Hoffman says opponents of the health care overhaul should fight the health insurance exchanges.

She and several other Republican lawmakers are backing legislation to prohibit an exchange in Minnesota.

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  1. Yelper says:

    Why do all republicans seem so ignorant?

    If your a republican please don’t reply because, well… your just too ignorant to understand…

    1. me says:

      Yeah, I mean who in their right mind would oppose a law that would force you buy something….

      1. dan says:

        Especially when you dont know the price tag yet. Will it be $500/mo for a family or $5000/mo? But go ahead and pass the law so we can find out the real ramifications later.

        1. JIM says:

          I guess Republicans would rather just show up at the emergency room when something goes wrong and stick taxpayers with the bill instead of buying insurance like responsible adults. The party of “personal responsibility” indeed. What a joke.

      2. JIM says:

        You have to buy auto insurance to drive in this state. I assume you oppose this draconian law as well?

        1. me says:

          I knew it was only a matter of time before some bleeding heart used this example. No one is forcing you to drive. If you take the liberal prized pig of public transportation, you don’t need to buy insurance. If you want to save the planet and ride a bike, no insurance needed. With that you have a choice, with this you don’t. But who am I kidding; the government knows what’s best for us. I’ll just fall in line with the rest of you lemmings.

          1. JIM says:

            I knew it was only a matter of time before some “conservative” brought up that you don’t NEED to drive. I agree. If you don’t drive, don’t buy insurance. People also don’t NEED to go to the hospital. Don’t buy health insurance, that’s fine, but the next time you have an emergency medical situation, just stay home. Or do you expect the state’s welfare program to pay your hospital bills?

            1. me says:

              No, I’d say the state welfare programs are already doing a fine job paying for peoples hospital bills. Regardless, your auto insurance example is as worthless as a football bat. I find it deeply disturbing that you readily accept the government forcing people to buy things. Welcome to the United Socialist States of America.

              1. JIM says:

                “No, I’d say the state welfare programs are already doing a fine job paying for peoples hospital bills.”

                So that’s your solution to out of control medical costs? Welfare? I disagree that my example is worthless. If you want to drive you have to buy insurance. That’s the law. If you want to go to the hospital, you should also have to buy insurance. Why not?

                I don’t think people should be forced to buy health insurance. But if you go to the hospital and can’t pay and don’t have insurance, there should be negative legal consequences for you, just as there would be if you were caught driving without insurance.

              2. Sam says:

                I take it you don’t work in a hospital. They are not. The current method of paying for hospital bills is a broken system that the hospitals and taxpayers are suffering from.

                As far as forcing people to buy things, this is nothing new. It has been happening since the beginning of culture. Unless we want to live in an anarchy, it is going to happen. If taxpayers have to put one penny into any government program, be it health, industry, armed forces, etc…, they are being forced to buy something. The question isn’t whether or not it’s going to happen, but to what extent and whether it’s for the benefit or not.

              3. old nurse says:

                @ me. You have no clue how the health care system works, Part of my self health care is to take the easy way out to explain things to you. I hope you learn first hand with no insurance the need for insurance. Then people like you would understand because a few hundred times of explaining it to you has not worked.

          2. Amanda says:

            @ ME….. And Jim did say… “you have to buy car insurance to drive in the state” Yes it is a choice to drive, but wait, is it a choice to live? to get sick? to need to have check ups? I don’t think so, so please think before you argue

    2. Fed up says:

      They only seem that way to you because of your skewed views of life.

    3. Do your home work says:

      This is on obama watch!!!! I love how the only thing that the libs can do is attack call name and hurl insults they cant back anything up with facts its like being in grade school all over again! $4 gas 4.2 trillion in two years food prices up 7% corn up 79% poverty rate up10% soy bean up 42% sugar up 142% gold up 68% oil up 127.2 % Real median household income down1.3% Number of food stamp recipients up 35%.

      These are facts!!!!!
      (1) U.S. Energy Information Administration; (2) Wall Street Journal; (3) Bureau of Labor Statistics; (4) Census Bureau; (5) USDA; (6) U.S. Dept. of Labor; (7) FHFA; (8) Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller; (9) RealtyTrac; (10) Heritage Foundation and WSJ; (11) The Conference Board; (12) FDIC; (13) Federal Reserve; (14) U.S. Treasury

      1. Wesly says:

        What was the statistics for the last two years of president bush’s term. and since you would appear to be a conservative yet you are complaining about commodity prices going up which is free market supply and demand. To control them would be socialistic would it not? If you look at us production of commodities, that is up, too. So do some more homework and figure out what you want to be, a price controlling liberal or a free market conservative.

      2. Amanda says:

        @ Do your home work… maybe you have to do yours…. when you inherit something that is bad, its not easy to get it back on track…. that is exactly what happened to Obama… Yes do the numbers for the last 2 years of BUSH JR.

  2. Ginger Shepla says:

    You only have to buy auto insurance if you drive a car. You don’t have to buy it because you exist.

    1. Amanda says:

      Correct… so what happens if you Exist???? you don’t get to choose to get sick, or be healthy, to get into an accident or not. seriously!

      1. TG says:

        Well then, you can either have insurance and go to the hospital, Pay for it out of your pocket and go to the hospital, or deal with it since you made the CHOICE not to cary health ins. If you can’t pay your hospital bill either via ins. out of pocket then you should not be treated. Going to the hospital is a service provided by a “company”… Compare it to any other service out there. If my car breaks down, i can either pay to fix it, hope that break down is insured, or deal with it. I can’t take my car to the machanics shop have it fixed and then have the public pay for it because I cant. And for the record you can chose to be healthy.. As for accidents they are called that for a reason…

        1. Amanda says:

          @ TG….. So it wouldn’t be better to have Insurance??? I will love that my car insurance offers me a plan that no matter what is wrong with my car, it will get fix! and not have to wonder, would that be cover?

          and yes having a car is a choice, we can choose not to drive and there fore not to have car insurance, but I guess we don’t have a choice to live, and pardon me, but how many people you know pays their hospital bills…. I don’t, they always say, its a hospital bill, who cares

          1. tg says:

            Of course it would be better to have insurance!! Thats NOT the point… The point is the current system is broken. If you don’t have ins. then you just go to the ER and get treated on the tax payers dime. (Whether or not you could afford insurance) So what is the bad thing about being forced to purchase health ins? People would not need to be forced to by insurnace if under the current system you either have to pay the bill out of pocket, or have insurance. If you can not do either then you don’t get treated? For the record you don’t have to exist.. your parents made a choice and as a result you are here while it is not your choice, a choice was made that lead to you.

  3. Lil Repubbies says:

    If you are not wealthy the repubbies don’t want you to exist. It’s just that simple. The party of “ME”.

    1. Amanda says:

      And if you are GAY, or COLORED or anything that is not CRISTIAN, WEALTHY, WHITE… they don’t want you to EXIST

      1. Tea-ch a man to fish says:

        WOW! Throw female in there too why don’t ya Amanda….

        Trust me…..I PAY for my insurance and “GAY, or COLORED or anything that is not CRISTIAN, WEALTHY, WHITE” get about 90% of what I get for FREE! Or let’s reword this…..UNEMPLOYED GAY, or COLORED or anything that is not CRISTIAN, WEALTHY, WHITES!

        Bottom line…the GOP needs to get on the same page, and they have been doing some things that are very upsetting for us “GOP supporters”.

        Health care is NOT a “right”! Next thing you say will be “a house is a right”! The Govt tried that and that is what led us to the situation we are in now!

        I believe there should be some type of healthcare for low income people and people on legit assistance, but they do NOT deserve the level of health care people who PAY FOR IT get….and that goes for the GAY, or COLORED or anything that is not CRISTIAN, WEALTHY, WHITE people who PAY for it as well!!!

        1. old nurse says:

          If health care is not a right then how come hospitals cannot deny care to patients. Before you blast off on emergency versus non emergency care figure out how much cheaper it is to maintain things rather than wait till they are broke. Like oil changesversus a new motor

        2. Amanda says:


  4. g says:

    “Why do all republicans seem so ignorant?

    If your a republican please don’t reply because, well… your just too ignorant to understand…”

    You mean like not understanding the difference between a right and a privilege like the liberal who thinks driving is a right?

    If you guys want the same government in charge of your healthcare as the one that was in charge of ensuring the safety of the 35w bridge that collapsed then really, who is the ignorant one?

  5. g says:


    Correct… so what happens if you Exist???? you don’t get to choose to get sick, or be healthy, to get into an accident or not. seriously!”

    That would be why one would CHOOSE to buy insurance or not. Right now it’s a CHOICE aka RIGHT for me to not be a part of it or to choose to be a part of it. The individual mandate takes away MY INDIVIDUAL RIGHT to not participate.

    If you get sick and rack up 300k in medical bills I feel for you, but I’ve got my own problems and don’t want any part of paying your way. If your still alive and it took 300k to keep you that way did you not receive decent service? Should you not be held accountable to pay it back?

    Weather or not I have insurance is my business not the governments. They have no duty given them by US to MAKE me buy health insurance.

    1. Amanda says:

      @ g…. what we are saying is that if you choose not to get insurance, and somehow you accrue 300K in medical bills… then who is going to pay for that? now if you had insurance, then no problems… they force you to buy car insurance, it is the same… what if I do not want to buy insurance? what if I choose to drive that way, get into an accident and accrue 300K in damages… then I will have to be held responsible for it… but again I do not have that choice

  6. Newt Doesn't Need Ethics says:

    If you are dumb enough to support Newt Gingrich you just might be a republican

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