Twin Cities Married Couples Now In The Minority

By Susie Jones, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — New data from the 2010 Census shows that married couples no longer make up the majority of households in the Twin Cities area.

The census found that 48.6 percent of households in the seven-county metro were married couples. That’s down from 50.9 percent in 2000.

William Doherty is a University of Minnesota Family Social Science Professor. He said there are many reasons people are not getting married.

“You don’t have to married to be an adult in our society, and so middle-class people wait longer, and low income people are not so sure they can make a marriage work,” he said.

The proportion of married households in the nation has been dropping since 1950, when 78 percent of households were married couples. By 2000, that had dropped to 52 percent.

WCCO’s Susie Jones Interviews William Doherty

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  • Cindy

    Do you think it would be higher if they did let gay people get married?

    • dah-der-dolt

      Are you asking if gays got married would this number be higher, hmm if theres more married people isn’t it obvious the number would be higher. My head hurts

    • Joe Hanson

      I don’t know about gay people, but I’m sure it would be higher if they counted men with multiple wives.

  • Anderson Pooper

    Liberalism and Socialism are the roots of all evil. Just look at the failed Soviet Union. Why are we seeking a failed societal model? What happened to the free enterprise system and families being important? Liberalism and Socialism are bringing us down.

    • Dale Gribble

      That’s right. The Soviet Union failed because of their loose border controls and their endorsement of gay marriage!

    • Truth Missile

      The roots of evil started with embracing a corporate oligarchy and soon to be total fascism if Republicans take power. That is a failed social model.
      Why don’t you explain how Norway, Sweden or Denmark, true socialist countries are not working or is that thinking outside your small box?

    • Gotta Blame Some One

      You are funny, not very bright, but funny

    • Facts, Who Needs Facts

      Divorce rate is much lower in Soviet Union, so you make no sense at all, but keep trying, keep blaming liberals for things like Rush & Newt’s four marriages…

    • Pooper Scooper

      The Soviet Union was communist. And far from Liberalist! Sweden, a country with one of the highest standards of living in the world, the highest literacy rate in the world and healthcare for all, is Socialist. Did somebody tell them that Socialism is failing and bringing us down?

  • Jonas

    Then, if you add to that minority married couples statistic, that the latest figures now show that three out of four end up in divorce, it kinda makes you wonder. I think gay marriages have been given way too much credit for the breakdown of the family unit.

  • Ed

    You havee good points. I am born and bred here but I am really giving it some thought about moving.

  • James

    People please, let’s remember to stay focused on our real enemies here. Namely stem cells and monogamous gays.

  • Give me liberty

    Hey, I’m a minority, where’s my handout?

    I need a government subsidy because my spouse has to stay home to take care of our kids.

    Where’s mine? Where’s mine? Where’s mine?

    Sorry, got a little liberal there for a minute.

    • Mike

      Give me Liberty

      If your educated in public schools, the tax payers supported you.
      I bet the company you work for gets all kinds of tax payer support.
      Your likely in an insurance pool at work, and your fellow employees support you and your children. Those roads you use to get to work, all tax payer supported.
      Those tax deductions you take for your children are also tax payer supported.
      You got yours buddy……..

  • Kelly Schmidt

    None of you are focused on the real issue at hand here. Its not the gay marriages or libralism, or even the breakdown of the Solviet Union. Its simply a statistic that says not as many of the new generation are seeing that being married is a requirement that society sees anymore. While it was a social requirement of an individuals life at one point in history, this is simply not the case anymore. Most people don’t see a “requirement” to get married and are being way more cautious about it. I don’t see this as a bad thing. Can we try to stay focused please?

    • Richard in Minneapolis

      Focused? On this site? From experience that’s a pretty tall order.

  • Sue

    Are you all kidding me? This has nothing to do with anything you are all arguing about. It’s about the fact that it’s an outdated tradition that means nothing. I’ve been living in sin with my bf for 10 years and have no plans on getting married. What is the point? So I can pay to have a piece of paper saying we are now legally binded together in case we want to break up? This is just one step closer of people realizing there isn’t a magical man in the sky who give’s a sh** what any of you do.

    • MIke


      Good luck Sue when you try to claim your boyfriends assets upon his death or when your on your death bed and your he is not allowed to help make decisions on your behalf.

      • Richard in Minneapolis

        Those impediments can be overcome with a will and a durable power of attorney.

    • Susan Jones

      I suppose ‘commitment’ can not be found in your dictionary. Marriage isn’t a tradition. It’s a lifestyle choice. Your idea of marriage sounds like an oximoron. Pay for a piece of paper in case you want to break up? Seriously- work on your social skills. You live a very selfish lifestyle. Wake up and smell the coffee. Interesting way to claim atheism too by the way. I find it funny how you have to believe in something in order to not believe in it. ;)

  • Cindy

    You think it might be due to laws enacted that provide more government money to people that are not married? Its not just welfare moms anymore, it includes SS, disability payments, qualifing for medicaid, etc. I think people are making financial decisions before getting married based on these and other government rules.

  • Honestly Honey I Really Love You

    Let gay people get married, they deserve the headaches as much as us straight people

  • Republicans the Hypocrits

    Anyone dumb enough to vote for Newt Gingrich is certainly someone not smart enough to make a marriage work…

  • Mark Zulas

    Do you think the lack of men not getting married may have to do with a system that will take most of his wealth, his house, and most of his assets and thansfer it to his ex=wife if they get divorced. Could it also be that men will most likely lose custody of their children simply because they are men? Add exorbitant child support payments to this and you begin to see the picture. With divorce at 50%, and family courts biased against men in all way, it is just too risky for men to marry and risk losing it all. Simple risk avoidance.

  • go

    people don’t get married cause there is no financial benefit in getting married.
    i know several couples who live together and have 3 or more kids and they collect a huge child credit during tax season. one collects $10,000!!!!!!!! i love my wife but we are seriously debating on getting a divorce just to get free money.

    • Jo

      how does that work, if the kid belongs to both people? they get double the credit back?

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