By James Schugel, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Any boy that has ever been petrified to ask a girl out knows what Minnehaha Academy student Danny Chamberlain went through.

This creative guy, who loves to make movies, do editing work and act in school plays just had to find a way to ask a date to their senior prom.

“I think the time when I did it and the way that I did it was kind of a surprise to everyone,” said Chamberlain.

It took him a month to develop just the right approach, and he had some help along the way to get the girl he wanted to go with.

“That was a big goal of mine. Like go to prom senior year. ‘You can’t not go to your senior year prom, Daniel,’” he said to himself.

One of his buddies from Minnehaha Academy in Minneapolis came up with an idea. He told Danny they should make a movie, so they recruited some other friends and started the production. All the guys were looking to get dates to prom with a music video.

They grabbed a video camera and their bikes, and they dressed up for their big production atLakeCalhounand in the streets of Uptown.

“It was really cool cause we were riding bikes over nearLakeCalhoun, and we were holding up cars, holding up traffic,” said one of the guys.

The result of their hard work on a Sunday afternoon was movie magic.

“We got a lot of weird looks from people driving around,” Chamberlain said. “It was a blast to make this video.”

Chamberlain spent two days editing it. The guys showed the video to the school, and Liz LeGrand, the girl Danny wanted to go to prom with, saw it too.

“It was like really exciting. It was the moment where like ‘I’m getting asked to prom. Yes,” said LeGrand, who could not believe what Chamberlain did.

Chamberlain was expecting her to say ‘yes,’ and she did.

“Of course. How could you turn that down,” said LeGrand.

Danny and Liz will always remember their senior year prom dance and the way their date started in the first place. All the other guys in the video are going to prom too.

Comments (4)
  1. So Sad says:

    Sad that we have reached this point……technology removes the human side of life…..the touch…the feel…..the joy……..remember George Bailey walking his date home after the prom date…..when he steps on her robe tie…..

  2. tom says:

    lol he better 1 up this if he ever decides to get get married/propose otherwise is future wife will be jealous

  3. Victim Du Jour says:

    Women automatically think you are a dork if you like them, so why not do it in style.

    He reminds me of Andy Samberg on Saturday Night Live.

    It’s too bad he didn’t have a part in the video with all of them holding gift wrapped boxes.

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