MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A big reward is now being offered for anyone who helps police find the people responsible for some attacks in Uptown.

Most of the assaults and robberies took place in a six block area between Hennepin Avenue and Lyndale Avenue.

In one incident, Jay Ness and a friend were walking home from a party early Sunday morning when four men attacked them and started hitting them with brass knuckles.

If you know anything about these attacks please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or text in your tip to Tip-674.

Your information could be worth $1,000.

Comments (12)
  1. Highway Joe says:

    Reward: lifetime supply of .45 acp ammo from your local sporting super store.

  2. Terrance Opine says:

    What happen bring them in dead?

  3. D. says:

    It would help if we saw a police car once in a while Uptown. They only go down the main roads here. They’re certainly not around enough to know people in the neighborhood.. I won’t see a squad car come by my place all night but if you go a few blocks and cross past Nicollet you will see a cop car every 5 minutes. Keep in mind that people will be walking by regularly even late into the night. With so much pedestrian and bike traffic throughout the evening here some police presence would be appreciated.

  4. Okie Dokie says:

    Build more jails.

  5. jeff says:

    law abiding citizens don’t need a reward to turn these freaks in. only people that are under the impression that they are considered a rat if they do!!!!!! anyway hopefully someone comes forward.

  6. Organize! says:

    Racist vigilantes out of Uptown! The people of Uptown stand united against this blood money reward and other tactics of intimidation. We stand in solidarity with the Hispanic community to demand economic justice and an end to police brutality. The people united will never be defeated!

  7. jeff says:

    @ organize, what does the hispanic community have to do with this? and police brutality? and economic injustice? and racist vigilantes? this is about PEOPLE robbing and brutally beating up others walking down the street! don’t get me wrong, i am a liberal but you are taking it to an extreme, and it doesn’t help your cause!

  8. Winning says:

    I CONFESS!!! It was my ex wife! You send me the money…..I will send you her address…..

  9. Right Hook says:

    Hipsters in Uptown eatin the knuckle sandwich…I LOVE it!!

  10. jeff says:

    one of these days right hook, with an attitude like that, you too will be eating a knuckle sandwich. if you just go out and make your own money you wouldn’t be so jealous of others enjoying their hard earned money. but i suppose common sense is not something that appeals to you.

  11. jeff says:

    btw, i have to somehow wonder with the comments that you made, if you had anything to do with these crimes…….you seem a litte too proud!!!!! 🙂

  12. Lisa says:

    What is really crazy is that the robbers then robbed the victim’s apartment while the victim was in the hospital. It was hell getting the landlord to change the locks. His logic in not doing it? “Well they could just pick the lock”.

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