By Steve Murphy, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The spring allergy season is in full swing and doctors are saying allergy clinics are staying busy.

“We’ve been taking in an awful lot of patients,” said Dr. James Lakin.

Lakin said the long winter, followed by the wet spring has made the tree pollen season more intense than usual, and the extra moisture has produced a greater amount of mold.

“So you get a double whammy: if you’re mold-allergic all these spores are in the air, if you’re tree-allergic all this pollen is in the air. It’s making a lot of people very miserable.”

WCCO’s Steve Murphy Interviews Dr. James Lakin

There is a silver lining — Lakin predicts it’ll be a shorter season this year.

His advice is to reduce exposure by keeping the windows closed. He also says there are several effective over-the-counter allergy medications on the market, as well.


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