House Passes Bill To Expand Gun Laws

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota House has passed a bill that expands the rights of people to defend themselves if they feel they are in imminent danger.

The House passed the bill 79-50 on Saturday night.

The bill sponsored by Rep. Tony Cornish, a Good Thunder Republican and a small-town chief of police, would give a person in a home, car, tent or other dwelling the legal right to decide how much force should be required to defend oneself.

The bill has drawn the ire of gun-control advocates and is opposed by a number of chiefs of police and prosecutors around the state. A spokesman for Gov. Mark Dayton says the governor is likely to take that opposition into account.

The state Senate has not yet voted on the bill.

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  • sick of republicans

    I HATE SO MANY REPUBLICANS. I DIDNT SAY ALL. JUST MOST. Quit trying to run our lives. Quit trying to make decisions for us….live your own life and leave the rest of us alone. You dont know whats best for each individual. Land of the free my butt!!!! more like, Land of the pushy selfish republicans…..Oh and lets not forget GREEDY

    • Confused

      You HATE Republicans because a Republican sponsored a bill that allows you to defend yourself? Please explain to me how this bill is trying to run your life. How is this bill selfish and greedy?

      • jimmy

        This is a great law if someone cuts me off in traffic I’ll just pull my gun and blow them away. I’ll just claim that I was afraid for my life, I can’t wait for the first person to cut me off.

        • Randy

          And then you will go to jail for life, you moron.

          • Nj

            You’re dumb, no you’re dumb. Cry, Cry, Cry, go do something productive! Try going outside…

    • DGJ

      Republicans trying to run our lives!??!?!? All this bill does is give you a CHOICE of how much force you want to use to protect yourself. If you want to roll over and surrender, roll over and surrender. There is nothing in the bill that says you HAVE TO use deadly force. And as for the GOP making decisions for everyone, take a look in the mrror pally. It is the democrats that are forcing nationalized healthcare down the throats of Americans, most of by the way who DO NOT want it in the first place. Get you facts straight before you shoot your mouth off, literally and figuratively

    • ?What?

      Are you confused?

    • Rick

      What are you blabbering about? Its the liberal dems that want to control your life? You need to educate yourself and turn conservative! smaller government and lower taxes!

    • Johnny

      “Quit trying to run our lives…” I think you mean DEMOCRATS.

    • Thomas

      You are confused. Democrats are trying to be “Big Brother”, expanding the size of government. And, increasing taxes isn’t greedy? Take from the rich and give to the poor, my a–. Take from the taxpayer and bail out the largest corporations. Democrat controlled Congress under Bush and then Democrat controlled Congress under Obama (The greatest control freak of all time.)

    • Cody Robinson

      You are… Ignorant beyond belief. Please feel free to stop by my home, car, tent or another dwelling on my property so we can discuss your idiotic views.

  • Agree with you

    @Sick of republicans.
    Gee lets see how many deaths and murders we have now. But I’m sure no one will say it has anything to do with this new bill.

    • Ruth

      The way the law is worded before this bill, the criminal has more rights in my house than I do. It would be more likely for me to be charged that for the criminal. this bill will not cause anymore deaths. Why do you think that any law prohibiting the use of a fireharm will cause less deaths? If you are not allowed to have a drivers licence will there be less accidents?

      • Anita Newhouse

        Wow. Actually,yes, if there were fewer drivers on the road, there would be fewer accidents. And if there were fewer drivers with cars, there would be fewer “cars” to be stolen and end up in the hands of the criminals you all think are around every corner, at least of your home, car, bike and tent. It’s not rocket science! We really do live in the modern Dark Ages. A post earlier exhorted someone to “get educated and become conservative” This has been scientifically proven to not be the trend, at least for the last 30 years in the US.

    • Randy

      Little story for the ignorant. The Swiss, yes the Swiss have a Law-Every male home owner Must own a gun. They must be trained in gun safety. There murder rate is the lowest on the planet, why? gee, are you or anyone else going to break into a Swiss home knowing that there is some one living there that has a gun and knows how to use it. Does this new bill say that All Felons and nut jobs can have guns? No! Wake up man. Background checks will still be done. You dont have to own one. It’s like you think this bill allows all nuts to go buy guns. Whats wrong with your brain?

    • Confused

      So you don’t want the right to defend yourself?

    • John Webster

      You would be right that I would say that has NOTHING to do with this bill.
      Seeing as it was just voted on less than two hours ago AND has not yet been signed into law. Leave it up to a knee-jerk lefty democrat to completely fail to understand how laws are made.

      • J W

        Whoops…and then there is the whole senate too!

    • Jim Ignatowski

      you’re an idiot

    • Rick

      You are stupid! Dems-Liberals will ruin this great country!!

    • Mark from

      @Don’t agree with you
      Lets see how many gang members who get killed because they decided to rob someone and they look down the barrel of a gun. You are a fool

    • bigfoot

      see this is typical from sombody that isnt a gun owner, the ability to defend yourself dosnt mean people are gonna start just shooting eachother, its not gonna increase shootings, its gonna make it so a law abiding person who defends themselves isnt going to end up in prison because they didnt try hard enough to flee their own home, i own 20 plus guns ive never shot anybody never, go to the gun range and take a class, its your constitutional right to own guns, why do people fight their own rights ill never understand this

  • kevin

    Hey, Mr. sick of republicans. We’ll run our own lives, as a democrat start paying your own bills and quit being a parisite on the tax payers.

    • Rick

      Yeah-why don’t they do polls on how many democrats and republicans are on the government payroll . I bet its 90% Dems-10% republicans.

      • Anita Newhouse

        The actual body of government employees, which by the way has shrunk by 15% in MN over the last 10 years due to attrition, breaks down politically about 50 % Republicans to 50 % DFL. An actual breakdown is not possible because it’s not lawful to request this information from any employees, public or private. This info can be found at the MN legislative information service.

        Except for political appointees, more Federal employees are Republican than Democrat, based on public dats gathered from individual political contributuions.. The postal service is filled with Republicans ,many very conservative,. My hubby works there.

  • Sick of Democrats whining

    Just like you stupid liberals to attack Republicans for upholding the Constitution and allowing people the RIGHT to protect themselves. You made those same comments when the concealed carry law was passed, too. You said it would cause a rash of killings. That didn’t happen. Imagine that. Some people can actually think. We call them Republicans. We’re not like you cowardly liberal Dems who choose to shove your liberal tax paid BS down everyone’s throats (health care, immigration). Get a life, or move to a country that more suits your views (Iraq, Pakistan, Libia, etc).

  • David Gasner

    I do not agree with most republican stances but this one final is for the people. A few years ago when officer Ryan was shot and killed a citizen shot out the window of the guys car who did it. The police came to the citizens home and went after him. The guy who killed the police officer went on to kill another officer and a police dog. If the citizen had hit the killer he would have had to defend himself from the county and state. This should not be but this is what the judicial branch does, You should not have to be a victom and then have to defend your self from the state. This law does put the power back to the people and it is opposed by some police and some in the state that do not trust the people.

  • GARY


  • Bryson Powers

    Forget the budget problems. Let’s go after gay marriage and let’s implement dumb gun laws. No cop in the state is for this gun law. It’s fixing something that isn’t broken. And by the way,I have a conceal and carry permit so I’m not anti-gun. I’m just anti-irrational.

    • ??

      HOo can you stand behind your statement that no cop in this state is for this bill, when it was a cop that wrote it?? Have you talked to ALL the cops in this state? I’m sure they like you speaking for them…

    • Cathy

      Most cops wont like this law because it takes POWER away from them and gives it back to the citizens of this state. About time Minnesotas start standing up for themselves.

      • Randy

        You hit the nail on the head!!! Thank you!

      • M B

        reality check in aisle one please! pssssst! Not all police are power hungry maniacs looking to subjugate you. In fact not even a small number are. There are very few that are. There’s even psych testing they have to go through before they’ll be hired.

        Police don’t care if you protect yourself. Remember, their motto is to Serve and Protect. Barring their ability to do that, they’d rather the rank and file could protect themselves. Just don’t point the gun at them or they will shoot you. Most people are dreadfully ignorant of what happens in the course of police officer’s day. ANY traffic stop could get them killed. Going into a house where a man is beating up a women, and arresting the guy, only to have the woman turn on the cops and start beating THEM is not uncommon. Walking up to a situation where there’s a body and a guy with a gun… who’s actually the shooter, is the person with the gun the good guy or the bad? These are all things cops encounter, yet people only see the demanding side because that’s how they have to be or they don’t get to go home to their own families except in a body bag.

        You can put away your tinfoil hat now… at least for this subject.

    • Rick

      Like were going to wait for the police to help us! wake up man!

  • The Iconoclast

    The law will pass the Senate and there will be no issues – just like the Cocealed Carry law that went into effect several years ago. More sky is falling hyperbole from the truly uninformed….

    • Rick

      No-its the stupid liberals! How I hate stupid people

  • insignificant

    you betcha…time to arm up and start blowing the heads off intruders and make the survivors think twice before entering another home or property to cause harm…everyone should have a firearm for defence,’cause your protection is right at hand.

  • Chuck

    A person would have to be rather stupid to shoot first and ask questions later. The taking of a life is not a matter of just shooting at something moving in the dark(as some peace officers have mentioned numerous times). Most people wouldn’t do it if they had too. Thank goodness to Tony Cornish, he is taking tons of heat from his fellow peace officers for this.


    All conservatives are pure evil.

    • Cathy

      and EVERYONE who would say such a stupid thing is a MORON

    • Rick

      really? most conservatives are Christians. God love them and this great Country!

    • Sick of sick of


      Do you also go by the name of Yelper?

  • Chuck

    Always living off others isn’t helping our society much either my liberal friend.

  • Artist36

    Its about time. The way it is now, if one was arrested 20 years ago far as much as a dwi, that person can forget about ever owning a revolver. Yet some how, some way the criminals are always able to obtain all types of firearms. Only seems fair we all have some sense of defense.

  • Molly

    Thank all of you that voted for this much needed law. Keep up the good work!!

    • GOPSUX

      Republican filth.

      • Molly

        You must be one of those WMD’s-whiny, moany, democrat. Wipe your tears and get over it. Momma will have a nice warm bottle for you real soon…

      • Rick

        Stupid Liberal!


    If you check the records you will see that states that allow you to carry a gun have a lot less murders and crime in general. Guns are your right and I am all for this new bill. I AM A 62 YEAR OLD WOMAN WHO LIKES THE IDEA OF BEING ABLE TO DEFEND MYSELF.

    • Mrlayaround

      You already could carry guns, HELLO this isn’t the bill

  • littletingod

    All of you John Wayne wannabes out there make me laugh. The first thing you’d do if someplace where somebody pulled a gun is s**t your pants. You won’t slap leather until it’s far too late and then you’ll probably shoot some poor schmuck bystander instead of the bad guy. I’m more afraid of you than I am of the bad guys.

    • Jason

      Some people actually know how to use a gun. By the way, your last sentece about sums it up. You are afraid.

    • Rick

      littletingod has to be a complete stupid- idiot! (liberal) What kind of a comment is that? LOL

      • Guy

        You do realize that putting “stupid-idiot” and “liberal” in the same sentence is redundant; don’t you ?

  • Dave Campbell

    This has VETO written all over it!

    • So true!

      How can it not have VETO written all over it? It is just another GOP show that hadn’t a chance to pass. The GOP nees to spend time on the budget and unemployment rather than play these games. What a joke.

      • Rick

        Like Mark Dayton is doing anything-I still can’t believe this man was voted in? He was like the worst senator and then the liberals vote him in for Governor? How I get tired of stupid people!

  • NOAH

    john wayne taught me that a bad person is a bad person . guns or fist is a good alternate or be beat or killed …what kind of a whish would believe you should not protect your own sorry ass from harm …when your dead your dead. good law . you may understand this when some crazy pulls a gun and I pull mine to sAVE YOUR SOORY ASS.

  • Dino

    Whiners on the left……run and hide. Go cower when someone confronts you with a knife or gun or breaks into your home looking for crack money. As for me I want the right to defend myself when I’m walking down the street and be able to return to my family. As for the police. They are useless and simply come to the scene of a crime, almost never in time to prevent a crime. So we are out here on our own. Maybe the police should start walking the beats again like they used to do. That would prevent crime. Or maybe ride a bike and get rid of that tire around their waists. Way too many fat police officers that cannot participate in a foot pursuit……So let the people defend themselves and let the muggers and robbers think and be afraid that the easy mark may be not only carrying a concealed weapon but does not have to retreat to do so…….More freedom , not less.


    I used to deliver computer tapes to various places around town early in the morning (between midnight and 6 AM). One night I had to go to a site where I had to push a button near the back door to alert the computer operator that I had tapes for them. I could not find the button. There was a guard house nearby so with the tapes in my hand I approached the guard house. The guard came out of the house with a shotgun saying I was trying to break in. With the nose of the gun just inches from my face, this furious guard insisted I was lying to him. Frightened and shaking I asked him why I would be carrying these tapes and why does my truck have that name on its side. He did not care. He told me I had seconds to get back in my truck and leave. He followed me to the truck with the gun in my back. He was drunk, that is what I was told me the next day. The company apologized for the incident. Okay, I can easily see how some fools can do some foolish things with a gun and with the mindset that they have this right to shoot first and ask questions after, somebody is going to get killed. Although it would be certain under many cases of foolish fatal shootings and they would be convicted, that does nothing for the innocent dead person. This bil if made law is a huge mistake.

    • Jason

      You deliver computer tapes for a company to another company. What does that have to do with home invaison? What about a weapon used agaisnt you in a car jacking? My NEIGHBOR was a victim of a home invaison the perps pistol whipped him and beat him severly while the others cleaned out the house. He was unconscious and was continually beaten. You see, for some violence is a drug. Sometimes you need more than others, usually more than the last though.


        No, I used to deliver computer tapes back in the early 80’s. Times have changed since then. The point is that there are going to be those who are not in the proper state of mind and will have the mindset to pull a trigger on somebody for no valid reason. Certainly this guard was not in the position to be guarding this place, nor should he have had access to a gun and ready and willing to use it. The bottom line is that self-defense is a very complicated area of the law, and you can make some broad, general statements about it, but most self-defense cases are very fact-specific. And the only way to determine whether or not there is justification is for the jury to make that determination. That is how Minnesota law works now and I feel it is a good law. The bill that passed the house here is a huge mistake.

        • PJ

          This incident has nothing to do with someone protecting themselves, their home, or family from an intruder. The only specific fact that would matter in that case is that an intruder unlawfully entering a home is an inherent threat to the safety of the homeowner and his family.

          • HUGE MISTAKE

            Well it does PJ. The guard said I was intruding. And I was in the back of the building where people other than deliver people would go. I think most people can see my point PJ.

            • Jason

              No, i dont think most get your point. Your story, dosent relate. Wouldnt want that to happen to me, and glad you came out of that okay.

    • PJ

      What does this law have to do with an armed security guard who was supposedly trained and bonded by his employers?

  • Jason

    Expanding gun laws to law-abiding citizens= good. Simple as that.

  • tuna-free dolphin

    These moronic liberal comments make this a target rich environment. The first comment is especially funny. Now republicans want to control lives? Project much? Liberals are constantly telling us what we can eat, where and whether we can smoke, which words are permissible, whether we have to wear a seat belt, whether we can throw our cans in the garbage, which days we can water, where we can park, who we can hire or not hire, how long our grass can be, and that’s the short list. These new less restricting gun laws have been getting enacted all over the country in recent years and where ever they have the crime rates go down. Personally I don’t care if they do. My right to carry for protection has nothing to do with crime rates. The people who own and carry legally have never been the ones committing crimes.

  • D.L.

    It,s about time ! We get our rights back. There are so many strangers in our neighborhood at night and lines of traffic buzzing down our county road. I keep wondering when they are going to stop at our house
    maybe in the afternoon and try to break in. A homeowner should have the right to protect his family. This bill is right on the money!

  • Innocent Victim

    Does this mean I can pull out a gun and shoot the dumb-ass St. Paul Cop who doesn’t know what’s in the constitution, and assaults me without cause?

    • deal-w-it

      I’m sure you did nothing wrong, your just a great human being who a random police officer decided to single out and beat you.

  • RIII

    This is a step in the right direction. Hard working people need to take back this country from the liberal idiots that protect criminals with “sensible gun laws” and support them with welfare. Citizens should not be punished for protecting their lives or the lives of others. Chiefs of police and prosecutors are our employees and not a special class of citizen that should have more rights than their employer.

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