Dayton, Lawmakers To Meet With NFL Commissioner

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton and state lawmakers sponsoring a Vikings stadium bill have plans to meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to talk about the project.

Rep. Morrie Lanning says Monday the meeting is scheduled for Tuesday morning at the governor’s residence. He says he and Sen. Julie Rosen, his fellow lead sponsor of the stadium proposal, will join Dayton and Goodell.

Lanning says he’ll ask what financial commitment the league might for the stadium construction. The Vikings want backing from lawmakers to help build a $1.1 billion stadium at a suburban site in Ramsey County that would be funded by the team and state and county taxpayers.

Lanning says there is still not a universally accepted figure for how much it will cost to fix roads near the stadium site. That has slowed progress on stadium talks.

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  • Line In The Sand

    Ziggy drew a line in the sand and said he Must have a new stadium. It is time taxpayers call Ziggy’s bluff and tell him if he wants a new stadium, Ziggy must pay for it.

    • Tailgunner

      Why Should he? The Crooked U of M and Pollad didn’t pay for theirs……………

      • tom

        twins play more games here so there is more revenue from them, so they matter

  • Inclusive

    When does Dayton+Lawmakers meet with average Joe taxpayers about this proposed waste of tax money on million an billionaire’s ? When is Dayton+Lawmakers going to be inclusive?

  • Here we go

    Now it’s $1.1 billion

  • Cache

    Is it just losers who run for office or is everyone a loser. Government has to change they are the worst thieves on the earth. They steal our money run us broke to give to others. How did we get to this point. Slugs have no right to others money. I have no obligation to bail other out of the hole they have dug for themselves. Politicians and liberal believe they have the right to steal others money…and give the ones who gleefully take it. it has to stop! Losers Dayton and legislaters have to get out of my pocket and the fruits of my labor. If the slugs want Let them work for like us workers!

  • Me

    It’s amazing how ignorant so many of you are! The Vikings are big business. The state makes millions of dollars off them- just as the Vikings do us. Losing a major professional sports franchise would be a major blow to MInnesota’s economy. It’d be no dofferent than Best Buy, 3M, Medtronic etc picking up and moving their headquarters out of MN. It’d be a huge hit to Minnesota’s economy. The ironic part about the people who are against this is you don’t even realize you’ll feel more of a direct economic impact if the team leaves than if they stayed and got the proposed stadium. Morons! IF the state loses the hundreds of millions of dollars of tax and other revenues they make off the Vikings, where do you think they are going to make that up? We’re going to pay either way, so we may as well keep the damn team.

    • len

      1.1 Billion divided by 10 million per year revenue = 110 years to break even. I’ll be dead by then.

      • Not true

        They said that about the Metrodome and it was paid for AND we got money back didn’t we?

        • That's right

          That’s right. The Minneapolis Metrodome was fincanced by a hotel and liquor tax in the city of Minneapolis. The tax was removed in the early 1990s, when the debt on the dome was paid off.

          • Helsing

            ‘That’s right’ and ‘me’ are right on. Now, how many “Go to LA” and “get yer hands out of my pockets” and “no public funding” whiners are gonna leave comments after this. They just say the same tag lines over and over without realizing the real impact that losing the Vikings would have on us. How do you think the state is gonna make up for that lost revenue?

            • tom

              wouldn’t have an impact on me, they can move to LA. after all, they would be moving closer to my home and I do not need the added traffic

    • tom

      the state isn’t getting hundreds of millions of dollars from tax revenue from the vikings. quit using liberal math

  • Ruth

    The State of Minnesota is broke and yet the politicians, headed by the new governor, are pushing for a new Vikings stadium, courtesy of the taxpayers. Politicians: get your priorities straight and get the budget balanced before spending money for something that is NOT necessary. What is wrong with the Metrodome? It is paid for and being repaired at a hefty price tag and should be used by the Vikings until is completely falls apart. The Vikings will cointinue to make multi-millions of dollars courtesy of their fans.

    • The Metrodome is history

      I did not see any reason that they stopped making BETAMAX video recorders. I don’t like the sound of MP3 players – kind of shallow sound as if it is missing something. And I liked shopping at Knox. Times change and we have little choice but follow. The Metrodome is history or soon will be. The Vikings in a strange way are offering local and state goverment profit at a price. Northwest airlines did pretty much the same thing. I think the day is here to use tax money for a new stadium.

  • tom

    no taxes for stadium, tell ziggy it is his business and if he wants a stadium then he pays for it or else we can help him pack and load the truck for him for his trip to LA

    • Helsing

      Yep, first whiner. Way to go, tom.

  • just an Average Joe

    If a stadium is such a ‘Good Investment’ then Warren Buffet would be telling everyone to invest in a stadium. He would have a dozen stadiums in his personal portfolio. But, if you notice, he has done neither. What should that tell the rest of us? A stadium is NOT a good investment.

    If Zig and the Vikings think the stadium is such a good investment then why don’t they invest some of their own money in it. Again, they also know it isn’t a good investment. They want someone else to shoulder the financial burden, and all the problems that will follow.

    So if all these people that have the money don’t want to put their own money into the stadium, then how can you believe this to be a good investment for the Government and its taxpayers?

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