ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO/AP) — NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says he’ll reveal details in the next few days about the league’s contribution toward a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings.

Goodell met Tuesday in St. Paul with Gov. Mark Dayton and the legislators sponsoring a stadium bill. Dayton called the meeting “constructive.”

“I believe we have an agreement,” he said.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Edgar Linares Reports

The Vikings prefer a $1.1 billion stadium in Arden Hills, but there’s dispute over how much it will cost to build roads to the site and who will pay for them. Dayton and some legislators say the state won’t pay any more than $300 million for a stadium project.

“My view is that $300 million will include the state highway construction cost,” said Dayton. “That is the limit on what the state can put into this deal.”

MnDOT Commissioner Tom Sorel is now working with Ramsey County to get definitive numbers on how much it will cost improve the roads. He expects to have an answer by Wednesday.

“Our goal is to sit down with the Ramsey County people and look at it from a technical standpoint and come to some agreement on what that number would look like,” Sorel said.

Right now, Sorel estimates it will cost around $175 million to improve the roads around the former Army ammunitions plant.

“This is a new level of investment,” Sorel said. “Those projects aren’t on the books at this point and time.”

Goodell, when asked if he could envision a scenario in which the team would leave Minnesota, said he thought the commitment was there to get something done and that he thinks that will ensure the success of the Vikings.

“We do contribute to stadiums through various programs and we’re prepared to do that,” Goodell said. “We want the Vikings to be here. I think everybody wants the Vikings to be here, I know the Wilf’s do.”

Dayton said he has come to an agreement with authors of the bill — Sen. Julie Rosen and State Rep. Morrie Lanning.

He said they’ll use revenue streams necessary from users of the stadium so no general fund dollars will be used. Depending on that number, if there’s a gap in the financing they’ll approach the owners of the Vikings to make up the difference.

“We’re going to proceed with the assumption that we can get a bill put together by next Monday so we can move ahead,” Dayton said.

Authors of the stadium bill in the House and the Senate say there are no hearings scheduled at this point. That means, no bill yet.

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Comments (90)
  1. wondering says:

    What happens if they find something there from that site that needs special cleanup or something that will cost more.. Who will Pay for that?

    1. CAM says:

      Wondering, check your facts,

      The TC Arsenal site has subject to extensive and ongoing environmental review by both the MN EPA and the US EPA for over 20 years, and granted, it does have some known contamination, it been localized, and in some cases already removed or neutralized. This site is probably safer than the Metro Dome site.

      1. Brian says:

        Cam, check YOUR facts. The EPA has said the water at this site is expected to be undrinkable due to contamination for another 30-40 years. That means this contamination is quite deep into the ground and is affecting the water table. That doesn’t sound very localized to me.

        I think “wondering” makes a very good point. It is possible there is contamination that no one has found yet (deeper underground) and it is a fair question to ask exactly how much this will cost to cleaup. Notice no one has provided figures on that yet…?

        1. M B says:

          Does anyone know if they made and tested the depleted uranium ordinance there? I honestly don’t know. If they did and tested it there, they may have a lot more dangerous contamination than anyone realizes.

          1. Dave says:

            they should have the responsible party (PRP) help pay for the clenaup…OH wait… it’s the federal governement…Why should the Vikings have to pay for the cleanup?

    2. really? says:

      Deer in the headlights Dayton doesn’t care. He’s on a spending spree and will not stop until he’s satisfied all his little rich friends!!!

  2. The Crux of the Biscuit says:

    No food, shelter and health care for the poor, no stadium for the rich. Seems fair.

    1. hoskerdoo says:

      Fair? How so? There is plenty of money for the sick and homeless and poor. There just isn’t enough for the low lifes that seem to make a career out of living on public assistance. The good people of Minnesota probably are one of the highest contributors to chairitable organizations (united way, etc.) – no one ever mentions the millions that those organizations spend to support the needy while the lazy ones just sit back and collect. Build a stadium and put construction people to work that will buy goods and services and add to the tax caufers. then when it is built and the neighboring resteraunts and hotels hire workers there will be more tax dollers. I know most stadium employees are just part time, but that money is probably the differance in some families getting by and needing more assistance. As a taxpayer I see much better return on investment in building a stadium than there is just handing the money out to everyone that doesn’t feel like being productive and contributing to the cause.

  3. The Crux of the Biscuit says:

    Here is a link that explains all about this wonderful site.

    It’s a government site AND it’s science so it’s o.k. if all you republicans don’t believe it.

    1. Just responding to Morons says:

      Don’t understand the comment about republicans? What does that have to do with the NFL to contribute money to the stadium. Why is your wife so big???

      1. Jim says:

        Republicans don’t believe science. I thought everyone knew that. Are you a Republican?

    2. really? says:

      Nobody spends money like a dimocrat and in case you haven’t noticed this is all “deer in the headlights” Dayton’s baby!! No money for the poor or homeless but plenty for poor little rich boy’s friends!

  4. The Crux of the Biscuit says:

    Just GOOGLE ‘SUPER-FUND SITES’ and dig a bit.

  5. JB says:

    Wow, the attack dogs are out early today. The dome made money for the state and will continuie ot do so, as I highly suspect this ne wfacility will as well. So, what is the problem? not into long term investments?

    1. k says:

      You’re right. Ziggy is not into long term investments. The dome is fine. Let’s continue to use it – for the long term.

      1. Jim says:

        I agree. Fix the roof and stay in the Dome. The Vikings will continue to make money and the state will continue to collect taxes. Win/win.

        1. Just me says:

          Plus, it’s on the light rail route.

        2. N3Wschool says:


        3. really? says:

          Deer in the headlights Dayton is on a spending spree so get out of the way!!

  6. Phil Mcrackin says:

    Lets all of us who are successful bend over for the poor stupid lazy people, it’s the Obama way dang worthless liberals.

    1. Phil's Friend says:

      Ding ding! You’re exactly right Phil. Let the people who make money and pay taxes bend over and give their money to the poor and helpless and sometimes worthless so we can all be on the same level.

      This is the direction the US is heading. Take away peoples’ motivation to make money by stealing it from them to help the poor and sometimes lazy.

      1. eastside_evil says:


        Minor detail: None of that is happening. Might want to stop shrieking into the wind about it.

    2. Jim says:

      And this has what to do with the Vikings stadium? You posted in the wrong topic. Seriously. Check the article above.

      1. Lorenz says:

        Can’t have it both ways, Jim. You attacked outside the box, too. BTW, Repubs do believe in science. Geez, how self-righteous can you get?

        1. Jim says:

          Both ways? What are you talking about?

          No, Republicans don’t believe in science. How is that self-righteous? It’s a fact.

          1. Realist04 says:

            Jim, I am a Republican and I believe in Science. Don’t let “facts” be confussed with beliefs or the truth!

            1. Jim says:

              Your party doesn’t. This is a fact. I don’t care what you or any Republican says about science, the proof is in the pudding, as they say.

              “Don’t let “facts” be confussed with beliefs or the truth!” How ironic.

              1. Chris says:

                Jim, you are really out there…

                We should have a special place for you to post your heart out…

                Then the rest of us (without you) can debate in a reasonable fashion!

                1. Jim says:

                  Chris, look back and you’ll see that I didn’t start the posts about Republicans and science, I just responded to an ongoing discussion. And while my posts are obviously hyperbole and use ridiculous stereotypes, there is certainly a movement within the Republican party (and probably the Democratic Party, too) that seeks to invalidate any science they disagree with.

                  As for this “debate,” there is really no debate at all. Our elected officials are going to spend taxpayer money on the new Vikings stadium. It’s a done deal, they’re just arguing about the specifics now. So forgive me for not taking this debate as seriously as some.

          2. Tea hates Mike "fatty" Moore says:

            Republicans DO believe in science! That’s how we KNOW GLOBAL WARMING is BS!!!! Because of the science!

            That’s the diff between Repup’s and Dem’s….

            Republicans look at the facts……and make their OWN minds up…

            Dem’s listen to other Dem’s no matter HOW STUPID or unfounded they are (Read Michael Moore) and think they are telling us the truth!

            1. Jim says:

              Most scientists think global warming is real, the debate is over the cause.

              I’ve never seen a Michael Moore movie. I saw him on Larry King once but could only watch a couple minutes before I got bored.

              1. tea leaves says:

                So…..if your a scientist… have to be a dem?

                Sorry Jim….I just can’t back anyone (left or right) on this one…

                You did jump a point on my list with the fact you have never seen a Michael Moore film! THANK GOD! He’s terrible!

                1. Jim says:

                  “So…..if your a scientist… have to be a dem?” No. See my post above to Chris. I do think there are people in both parties who would ignore any scientific finding they disagree with for ideological reasons, and I think that’s dangerous.

                  I usually vote for Democrats, but I think the extremes on both sides are dangerous, such as Michael Moore on the left and Glenn Beck on the right. Neither of those people look at facts objectively, in my opinion. Everything is about scoring political points.

    3. Bud says:

      Absolutely Mcrackin….. The poor, stupid and lazy are there by there choosing… When is the last time you saw a skinny women on Welfare….. I’m tired of supporting them!!!!!!

      1. Jim says:

        “The poor, stupid and lazy are there by there choosing…” = irony. Look into it.

      2. Tou says:

        Funny….maybe they are on CRACK

    4. Jim says:

      Thanks for the advice, random internet poster. Here’s some for you: posting in all CAPS doesn’t help your argument. Can you point me to your worthy contributions to this discussion? I must be overlooking them. Thanks.

  7. Drew says:

    Trust me.. the site has asbestos in many of the buildings.

    The military does NOT use any of the 15+ big buildings that are located where the stadium would be built. I was driving around their for my National Guard drill the other day and thought about the mess it would be to clean up. Lots of un-powered telephone poles every which way and underground unexploded ordinances in some areas. “Marked by signs on fences”.

    It looks like a ghost town in much of the area and considering they have underground bunkers in the area too no clue what is in those.

  8. Sunshine says:

    I don’t have a problem helping the poor and down trodden, Everyone could use a hand up a sometime or another. What I do have a problem with is the lazy always looking for a handout. They make it harder for the ppl that truly do need help to receive it.

    1. Jim says:

      How do you tell the lazy from those truly in need? If there is some kind of character test people can take I’d be all for it, but unfortunately this is the real world.

      1. really? says:

        Yeah Jim. It’s called drug testing!!!

        1. Jim says:

          All lazy people are on drugs? Is this more of that “Republican science” I keep reading about here? You’re OK with some perfectly healthy guy laying around doing nothing for his entire life but collect his welfare check as long as he doesn’t do drugs?

          1. Smoke tea leaves says:

            I agree with both of you here….I have to say…drug testing is the FIRST thing we should do to ANYONE on govt assistance! (welfare/med aid/unemployment) BUT… doesn;t mean someone is lazy….

  9. I suggest the state hold a "common sense" meeting. says:

    I see all the “experts” are already weighing in. WRONG!

    1. This has nothing to do with GOP or DFL. It has to do with MONEY.


    3. Our politicians, from the Governor all the way down to the dogcatcher, are taking up sides and positions that THEY WANT, which is likely NOT to be what the majority of THEIR CONSTITUENTS WANT.

    Our legislators (political affiliation doesn’t matter) are doing everything BUT working to resolve the state’s $5 billion deficit. Everybody is posturing to point the finger of blame at somebody else.

    NOBODY is going to come away from this session happy, especially not the taxpayers or MN.

    I’m all for keeping the Vikings in MN (their 50 years of not winning a Super Bowl notwithstanding), but at what price? Why should anybody, rich or poor, get a new home for “67% off market price?” – especially when that 67% “discount” comes from the public (which it DOES, in one form or another) and the trade-off is to cut spending for “x” number of programs to support ONE private enterprise?

    Put more crudely, do you want your tax dollars spent so a small but very vocal percentage of the population can tailgate a half dozen times a year or do you want your tax dollars spent to benefit a much larger percentage of the population?

    1. M B says:

      That’s a unique and intriguing position. Welfare for the rich. If all those that are so against giving money to the poor on the excuse that they’re just leeching off the system, isn’t this exactly the same? Hmmm… Worth some thought.

  10. DB says:

    “Common Sense” You’re talking about Legislators here!! The State of Minnesota is the number one employer in the state! What raise taxes? Most companies reduce jobs in tough times I don’t see the state reducing jobs nor do I see them cutting taxes. The stadium deal will go through at all of our expense. I’m for a pay as you go tax. Same with the stadium; pay as you go!! One billion dollars divided by 160 games or 8 games per year for 20 years is $6,250,000.00 per game no other added costs calculated in this number such as taxes, untilities, maintenance, etc., etc.

    1. DB is DUMB says:

      DB you must have no accounting skills. What about the time value of money?
      Also, additional events. What about high school football? What about concerts? What about Twins Fest?

  11. Mike D says:

    Whoa whoa whoa.. I thought people in this nation LOVED hand-outs, yet there is still a lot of negativity of this article.

  12. hmm says:

    I am ashamed of our state.

  13. Harleymanmn says:

    Whether a stadium is located at this site is irrelevant to whom pays for cleanup of any contamination. It was polluted under the guise of national defense or for the public good and any additional cleanup will be paid for by the taxpayer irregardless of the stadium, so that is the end of that arguement. And the choice is not between feeding, housing or caring for the poor or a stadium. Two different issues and different discussions. Let’s have a intelliegent discussion about the merits of the location and how we fund it and leave the party affiliations out of it, make your case on merits alone.

    1. Sister Mary Francine would roll over in her grave at this one! says:

      And perhaps take an English grammar class.

  14. TiredOfWhiners says:

    I couldn’t agree with Harleymanmn more! Get a grip, people! The dome sight sucked when it was built 30 years ago, and it still sucks now. The dome was lackluster when it was built 30 years ago, and it’s worse now. It’s time to do it right!

    1. jon says:

      And a site that has no infrastructure to handle the new stadium is any better?

      1. TiredOfWhiners says:

        Much better! It can be built to suit! No mare making due with the surrounding neighborhood. Like I said before … an opportunity to do it right!

        1. Tax money is FREE ... la, la, la says:

          Let’s not forget that this is an opportunity for none other than Mr. Ziggy to develop the entire enchilada and make even more money off the good people of Minnesota.

          It’s interesting to speculate but I’d bet more than donut holes that the majority of the supporters contribute the least in amount in taxes. They sure seem to think either money grows on trees or tax dollars drop into the treasury from the sky.

          1. TiredOfWhiners says:

            to Tax Money;

            I pay my fair share of taxes. I have a job that I go to everyday, I pay my taxes on time, and I don’t complain about it. My money doesn’t grow on trees, either. Just like me you need to earn it! Then, invest it in something that will garner a return. Not waste it on a government subsidy with NO return. A new stadium WILL produce a return to the state of Minnesota as much as it will Mr. Wilf, maybe more. The 300 million the state is putting towards this deal would have most likely been spent for exactly the same thing, anyway … road construction! The .5% sales tax increase is not unprecidented, either. It’s been done before, and it will be done again. If you don’t like to pay that increase move outstate where you’ll need to travel many miles to enjoy the benefits the increase will buy.

  15. Ignorance is bliss says:

    Some of you nay sayers ned to get your facts straight. You act as though we’d be building a stadium for Ziggy and handing him the keys the castle. If you’d read your facts, you’d know that is not the case. The state would own the stadium. The Vikes would lease it just as they currently do with the Dome. So the Wilf’s are actually offering to pay $400+ million towards a stadium they won’t even own. Get your facts straight people before mouthing off on your political cause of the day to try to sound intelligent. You come across as ignorant as obviously do not understand economics. Projects like this are vital to the state’s economy. A professional sports franchise such as the Viking are vital to Minnesota’s economy. Whether you are a sports fan or not is moot. Building a new stadium is a win / win for all sides. It’s pathetic how EVERYTHING is politicized these days. This has nothing to do with politics. It’s simple economics. Having an NFL team in MN makes and saves you ALL money whether you realize it or not. Losing the team would cost you money and be a blow to Minnesota’s economy.

    1. Just responding to Morons says:

      Well said!!

      1. You happy now? says:

        Well said? I don’t know about that. But it is erroneously said.

        Ignorance is bliss must be a very happy person.

  16. hmm says:

    So if the Viqueens stay the NFL chips in but if they leave the NFL wouldn’t have to chip in like in LA or wherever? Yeah, the Vikes aren’t going anywhere without a stadium or the NFL wouldn’t be willing to provide money for one at this location. They would simply tell them to pack up and move out.

    1. MARK says:

      The Vikings are not going anywhere, new stadium or not. Don’t let them lie to us. They should just stay in the Metrodome. The only problem with that building is the Wilf’s don’t make as much money as they’d like, which isn’t really a problem for me and five million other Minnesotans.

      1. paulc says:

        Are you ON something? Vikings would be welcome in other places and a stadium would be provided.

        “They should just stay in the Metrodome” is your opinion but is beyond your capability to bring to fruition.

        1. So leave already says:

          Well then, why don’t they go where they’re welcome? We could help them pack.

          1. eastside_evil says:

            They’re welcome here.

        2. MARK says:

          paulc, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Where would they go? Los Angeles? Have you ever asked yourself why there isn’t already a team there? The Chargers, Bills, and Jaguars are all more likely to move to LA than the Vikings. Those teams have stadium issues AND fan base issues. The Jaguars have blacked out TV coverage of every home game on their schedule the last two seasons.

          You’re just falling for the propaganda from the team and the NFL. They want to use some of your hard-earned money to build themselves a new stadium here, and you seem ready to open your wallet. That’s fine with me if that’s what you want to do, but don’t try to tell me they have other options. They don’t.

          1. Mark Labine says:

            Sir Mark gets it. Too bad your last name ain’t DAYTON.

            1. tea-Dea says:

              I agree Mark and Mark…..but isn’t this good news? I think having the Vikes here in the LONG RUN is a GOOD THING!

              We are keeping a draw here in MN

              We are fixing up land that may otherwise just sit there

              And though my taxes will go up……for the majority of the population…isn’t it only like $100 a year?

              I was so against this in the beginning…..but let’s use this to the tax payers advantage!

              Let’s vote YES on a state run casino!

              Let’s vote to reform Govt pay and our welfare system

              and in turn…let’s vote YES to keep the vikes here! works for me…

  17. Jessica says:


    1. M Labine says:

      I’m picturing a big gob of chew spit dribbling out of the corner of your mouth when you say that.

  18. Dennis says:

    @TiredofWhiners I totally agree with you, the metrodome was built on the cheap (55 million) back in 1982. So cheap in my opinion the thing was practically obsolete before it even opened. Anybody who thinks major marquee events like the Final Four, Super Bowl, World Cup Soccer, or other major political / international events would ever consider coming back to the Dome after comparing it to the brand new facilities in Detroit and Indy- well lets just say they are completely lying to themselves. The Dome sucks- always has- it’s time to do it right and build a new state of the art multi-purpose facility.

    1. J Knoll says:

      All these fantastic umm… “sporting events” could be held at Target Center or Excel. You are either a paid shill or clueless. If people don’t spend their money on the vikings they will spend entertainment dollars somewhere else. Might be a good thing to spread that around the community instead of sending it to the players, owners, and television stations.

      1. eastside_evil says:

        Target Center? Excel?

        You know a soccer field is 120 yards long, right?

        You know the Super Bowl wouldn’t fit in Xcel Energy Center, right?

        Who is spreading our money around to players, owners and television stations? What the heck are you even talking about??

    2. TiredOfWhiners says:

      With Parking!

  19. Mark Davidson says:

    Settle down, Francis.

    1. eastside_evil says:

      I believe the phrase was “Lighten up, Francis.”

  20. Really people? says:

    Fact- the Vikings generate over $10 million dollars for various businesses EVERY single game day. That is a FACT! That’s $160,000,000 in revenues for business owners in this state every year because the NFL is here. Who do you think will make up for the revenue those businesses would lose? Who do you think would make up for the hundreds of millions of dollars of tax revenue the state would be missing out on? The money fairy? I will, and you will! You think because you are not football fan that the Vikings mean nothing to you? Think again! You can kick in a quarter for a stadium, or pay much more than that with your near sited thinking. Fan or not, I think it’s hilarious so many people believe we don’t owe our professional sports franchises anything. They benfit you more than you know and give more economcally to the state than they will ever recieve. Law makers know this is a no brainer, they just can’t say it because they fear upsetting their idiot constituents who don’t know any better. Thankfully, this deal will get done and this is one case where the government will save much of the public from their ignorance.

  21. Tea says this is GOOD news! says:

    “Fact- the Vikings generate over $10 million dollars for various businesses EVERY single game day” WHAT? WOW! Can you PLEASE show proof of that statment? your telling me the Vikings generate 3.65 TRILLION $’s to MN?

    WOW! someone has you snowed…..

    The bottom line is this is good news! If the NFL HELPS pay for this…it’s LESS on our backs! The area needed to be cleaned up anyway…and this is a win/win if you ask me!

    I was NOT for this new stadium at the begining…..but with the owners pitching in…the NFL…..and it’s NOT raising taxes in my county….and if it does a SMALL amount (Say $100 or LESS) I have NO problem with this!

    BUT….trust me….if Dayton can back spending money on this….he BETTER be open to Welfare reform or govt pay reform!

    It’s give and take!!!!

    Let’s open a state run casino, or better yet…allow Shakopee to open one at the horse track!

    VOTE YES for the Vikings and vote YES for a casino/racino bill!!!! Sounds fair to me!

    1. Tea's fault! says:

      OOPS….You said GAME DAY!!!! 100% my bad! Sorry!!!

  22. sean says:

    I love it. It won’t be long now. It’s clear this is something noone can stop even with all the people that think it’s a bad idea to build it. It’s clearly a good idea and I’m sorry for the people who can’t see that. Cya Metrodome.

    1. t says:

      Not so fast. It’s never going to happen.

  23. Skip says:

    Ya know, I do not mean to be a stick in the mud, and I do enjoy watching football as often as I can (Usually every Sunday), But I think my tax dollars should not go towards a stadium for any sport. Nobody builds 3M, or any other Minnesota company buildings. Sports is a business. I think the owners and the NFL should build it. I think that they certainly can ask for loans, but My nickle is being stretched way to thin. There are loads of other things we need to spend it on. I mean I practically bleed purple, but those guys are getting rich off us and making us pay for their stadium. Wish I could get a deal like that.

    1. eastside_evil says:

      Minnesota will own the stadium. So what are you talking about?

  24. zee the reporter says:

    Lets get this done!~ zee reporting in!

  25. foge1 says:

    I say go with the MInneapolis Stadium Plan. That way the T-Wolves get their make over. We will then not have to deal with the stadium issue in my lifetime for any of the teams. The Arden Hills plan has too many unknowns, too many variables, such as hazardous waste clean up. Ooops we found something new that needs to be cleaned up, 120 million more to get it cleaned up… No thanks….. Minneapolis already has the infastructure. Arden Hills will definitely cost more than proposed.

  26. responding to Skip says:

    Responding to skip….

    Skip, you are dead wrong. The Terget,s 3M’s, Best Buy’s, Medtronic’s and other large corporations based in MN get all kinds of money and subsidzations from the state.Your tax dollars go to them and you don’t even know it. They get it because they are vital to our local economy and we need them here. The Vikings fit into that group as well.

  27. Golly Mr. Carter, can we tailgate now? says:

    Interesting to note that none of you experts who keep tossing facts and figures around like cheese curds cannot support your “data” with any source references and certainly no proof of your claims.

    Do you think by continually regurgitating the same INCORRECT and INACCURATE numbers again and again, they will magically come true?

    You’re (collectively) probably in the same gene pool as the fans who have to tailgate like it’s something important and get drunk and yell and holler and act stupidly because it’s “game day.”

    I don’t care to support you with my tax dollars. Losers.

    1. Me says:

      Mr. Carter,

      Actually, thosenumbers are fact and have been reported many times. I’m not writing a term paper. Do you want a flippin bibliography? I did my Masters thesis on the impacts of professional sports franchises on local economies. They generate hundreds of millions of dollars for local economies. Do a little research idiot. Wait, you are probably incapable of doing so. So, for a visual, I suggest you walk into a bar or restaurant during a Vikings game and sit down. Wait, you can’t because there’s no spots. It’s so busy wit all the customers there to watch a game. Or order a pizza during a Vikings game. What, 60 to 90 minutes for delivery?? It usually oly takes 30. Hmmmmm…I wonder if it’s because their business triples during a game. Those are just 2 out of 100 examples of how the Vikings pump money into our local business and economy. And, oh…since you obviously don’t understand economics- those businesses pay taxes to the state. The ore they make, the more taxes they pay. Get the picture now, Moron!

      1. la, la, la ... let's tailgate says:

        Oh pshaw. Once again you’re squirting “facts” like you’re spreading your DNA. All incorrect generalizations. I declare, most gnats have more horsepower in the brain department than you’re exhibiting.

        Go have another beer and calm down.

  28. kfz versicherung vergleich anonym says:

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