MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich let his movie on religion in American government do the talking at a gathering of Minnesota social conservatives.

Gingrich interrupted a campaign swing of Iowa on Tuesday for a series of events sponsored by the Minnesota Family Council, including a book signing and screening of a movie he produced, “Rediscovering God in America.”

The former House speaker spoke for about 90 seconds — never mentioning his presidential bid — before airing the film he helps narrate. It stresses references to God and religion in founding documents and monuments throughout Washington.

Gingrich spent much of the screening in a hotel lobby, a cell phone to his ear.

Gingrich was due to give a dinner speech that organizers closed to news media.

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Comments (22)
  1. No No Newt says:

    Newt’s Speech?

    “How to cheat on your current wife, twice, and still have the stones to run as a candidate of the the party of ‘family values'”

    1. No No Obama says:

      You have to ask can we afford obamas spending spree 4 trillion in two yrs,What will it be if he get thet next election, He made a lot of promises that people are still waiting.

    2. Citizen says:

      Is he bringing “Ahnold” with him? They can produce talking points on how to cheat on your wife and not get caught for ten years.

  2. Harvey says:

    It is amazing how the GOP embraces talkers and ignores the actions of the talkers.

    1. mike says:

      Harvey, Wow. The voters embraced Barack last election and he is all talk. NO ACTION!!! He and congress have done nothing but spend money since he was elected and now he’s back on the campaign trail doing his sales thing again. Are we (not me) going to fall for the same stuff again?

      1. Citizen says:

        @mike. Spending money versus committing adultery, lying about it, adulterously fathering children, creating social engineering projects for the rest of us sinnerswhile hypocritically taking the moral high ground. Spending money wins every time for me!

        1. mike says:

          citizen, I forgot to mention that my comments weren’t to mean I’m for Newt. My comments were to bring to light that not only the GOP does some embracing, but enough of the nation embraced our current president last election and look what that got us.

  3. Fun Guy says:

    With neo-cons like this, republicans like me see no differnce between him and Obama

  4. jeff says:

    the neo-cons are really forgiving when it comes to their own. hahah. funny how that works. ugg……..

    1. Tom says:


      The neo-cons have never been right on anything! But yes they do protect one another in their own little world.

  5. Muppets says:

    The pic of him above looks like he is one of the muppets and if I had a choice between Gingrich and Kermit… well who wouldn’t vote for Kermit

  6. James says:

    He’s kinda hot dontcha think? (wink, wink) Why, who wouldn’t cheat with him? When he borrows Limbaugh’s blue pills of happines, he’s good to go. And his cheating is allowed becuase he’s hetero. No Constitutional amendments there.

    1. Tom says:


      I know you are being sarcastic but that is just MAJOR YUCK! LOL

  7. wondering says:

    Not a fan, but citizen says “Spending money wins every time for me!”..I am sorry, if he cheats on his wife he hurts her.the family and we can question his morality, but if he spend money…that hurt me. I see Obama as very moral regarding his marriage but totally immoral regarding the American taxpayer. When his healthcare plan was coming out..it was my way or the highway, despite thousands of taxpayers outsite voicing their concerns.

    1. Citizen says:

      @wondering. You don’t get sarcasm, do you. The GOP is always pushing social engineering instead of sound financial policy, so what choice do voters really get? Spending versus phoney morality. Sad. Too bad we can’t vote “none of the above.”

  8. wondering says:

    If you didn’t know..there was an election last November…and the old guard was told listen to us and lose your job…it was about spending and continues to be. I do get sacasm, but I sure don’t get the head in the sand attitude of most Democratic members of Congress

  9. jeff says:

    doesn’t he share his name with some ugly amphibian? how appropriate.

  10. Gingrich! Is that all the GOP has? says:

    He makes Trump look smart. He is a typical say anything and everything to look good kind of guy without anything of substance. I like the muppet analogy – nothing but an empty head and a wide smile that flaps..

  11. Tom says:

    I would love too be a fly on the wall at this event. But I would fall of the wall from laughing so hard!

  12. Robert says:

    The crop of GOPers for 2012 is a joke and nothing else. It’s worse than the 2008 jokers.

  13. Johnson says:

    Gingrich and Arnold are the type of people that need to go away…

    Such Hypocrites… making hidden children and cheatin’ on your wife… good ol Christian Values… Right?

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