ST. CLOUD, Minn. (AP) — The man who collapsed and died following the Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon last weekend has been identified.

St. Cloud Hospital identifies the runner as 35-year-old Paul Melby of Byron. He collapsed after completing the 26.2-mile race Saturday that ran through Holdingford, Avon, Albany and St. Joseph.

Melby was pronounced dead at St. Cloud Hospital. Race director Sharon Hobbs says a medical team was on hand when Melby collapsed. The St. Cloud Times says about 250 runners participating in the marathon.

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Comments (10)
  1. st paul says:

    Yeah, sometimes after running 10 times around a little track I feel like I am about to collapse and croak. I couldn’t fathom running for 26 miles straight… ugh!

  2. markH says:

    I don’t care how well-conditioned an athlete you think you are, the human body cannot take this kind of abuse. I also run, but I know that pushing my heart to do something that it is ill-equipped to handle may result in injury or my death. By all means, exercise. But there is a big difference between exercising the body and cardiovascular system and abusing oneself for purposes of glory or ego. Peace.

    1. Pam says:

      Well said markH. I TOTALLY agree.
      God bless him/Paul and his family during this devastating time.

      1. Nelson says:

        markH and Pam, are you TWO kidding me?! I ran my first marathon last October, I’m only 23 and my longest run ever before the race was only 16 miles. And believe me, I am not a well-trained athlete. I just LOVE to run. It was unfortunate for this runner to have died from running this marathon, but if you two can find a trend of deaths caused by marathons, it’d love to see it. Otherwise, it’s not okay to blame marathon runners for only doing this to boost their ego and to glorify their athleticism. MANY of marathon runners do it for the joy and love of RUNNING!

        Yes, human bodies can be beat up by running marathons or running long distances, but it also knows how to recover from it. Sometimes people don’t know how to listen to their bodies and overdo themselves. Many prepared marathon runners who don’t collapse know how much and how hard to push themselves to the finish line safely.

        1. Rachel says:

          Has anyone heard of Terry Hitchcock? The MN man who ran 75 consecutive marathons in 75 consecutive days, from Saint Paul to Atlanta, GA at the age of 50something! Just to raise awareness for single parents. Prior to this he was not a runner, he trained for 17 months which included a heart attack during his training! I have had the honor of meeting him. He is now a motivational speaker!! Just goes to show that you don’t have to be an athlete or experienced to put your mind to something and overcome the obsticles!!

          What happened to this poor man was unfortunate and not uncommon, sadly. My heart goes out the family. I am sorry for your loss.

    2. Just responding to Morons says:

      All I can say is your a Moron. Have no clue about what your talking about. Go read a comic book.

      1. Just responding to Morons says:

        sorry this comment was for “markH”

      2. :) says:

        *you’re a moron. Just saying.

  3. Old man from Back to the future 3 says:

    Run for fun, what the hell kind of fun is that?

  4. chinwhiskers says:

    They just found out now in SEPTEMBER when it happened in MAY? How does this get listed as current NEWS in September? Do I need to go to another source to find recent happenings?

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