Former Minn. Counselor Gets Probation For Texts

ROSEVILLE, Minn. (AP) — A former Roseville High School counselor who pleaded guilty to sending inappropriate text messages to a female student has been sentenced to a year of probation.

As part of a plea agreement Wednesday, prosecutors dropped two other charges against 56-year-old Steven Bloom. Those charges accused the St. Paul man of buying lingerie for a former student and texting girls about their reproductive health.

Bloom resigned from the school district in March 2010 after police got a search warrant for his office.

Prosecutors say Bloom texted one sophomore about 50 times a month, often asking about her feminine health issues.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press report quotes Bloom’s attorney as saying her client’s conduct crossed a communications boundary, but he was never physically inappropriate with any student.

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  • L

    they better watch this guy he’s sick

  • yep

    It was obviously a back and forth between a 16 year old, who is old enough to marry in many societies, and this guy. I agree it is inappropriate but it isn’t like it was a one way street.

  • momof5

    to yep… You obviously don’t have daughters, I have 3 and I don’t care how old they are and if it was mutual or not a 56 year old has nothing in commmon with a 16 year old girl or boy for that matter. At 16 no one is fully aware of what they want out of life and what they think their life will be like in 10 years. A 16 year old is full of dreams and her/his world. I know that when I was 16 my life revolved around me and my friends, I thought I was going to be some rich executive living in New York, or LA and being a yuppie, never getting married and definately not having kids. Guess what I am now almost 40 living in my hometown, married, and have 5 children, and I wouldn’t change that for the world but at 16 I never would have imagined that would be my life. This man is sick I hope he doesn’t harm someone, he obviously is interested in young girls and what happens the next time it isn’t so mutual as you say it was.

  • Wendy

    The decisions I made as a teenager, with limited experience, are hardly the decisions I would make now, or even in my twenties. Would you agree “yep”? As young adults we do not see past “right now” and the complications or effects of our actions. A man in his position of authority is a predator, preying on innocent children. I am not sure how old you are, seemingly young, based on your thoughts, but what if this were your child? Just a thought….

  • Jenny 4 daughters parent

    Get involved, raise your kids to know what is good and bad. Your problems will be minimal. Wierdos will always be out there. The solution starts and home friends.

  • Victim Du Jour

    The girl was 18 at the time, and no longer a Student. And a Store clerk called the Police when she saw a school insignia on his suit at a lingerie store.

    I have mixed feelings, because DFL Schools are worse than the Catholic Church on the Sex Abuse scale.

    • K.

      I am going to ignore Victim Du Jour’s comment because he/she is not in this reality.

      What gets me is that this guy’s attorney said that since it was only text messages and not physical contact, then no harm has been done. Really? And that makes everything OK? What a load of BS!

  • Rosalie Hansen

    Why don’t you look up “Enticing a Federal Agent acting as a Minor” 18 U.S.C. 2422 that would be 5 plus years if it was internet chat. A doctor in Boston just took 20 year plea for chats. What is the difference? State and Federal? Money.

  • Rosalie Hansen

    Oh don’t forget Mark Foley, former Congressman. Chating with fellow pages at work.

  • Victim du Jure

    My problems all started when I read the book, “How to reaar your children” Jordan, MN Edition. Poor kids, things have never been the same for them.

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