ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A budget bill that would slice into projected spending on health care and social services programs has cleared the Minnesota Senate.

The Senate voted 36-28 on Wednesday to move the bill to the House, despite opposition from Gov. Mark Dayton.

The Democratic governor says he will reject individual spending bills until he has a budget deal with the Republican-controlled Legislature. They’re still split over taxes and spending with five days left in the regular legislative session.

The health and welfare bill would pare $1.6 billion from projected spending by cutting into services for people with disabilities, welfare supports and health care programs. It would repeal a Medicaid health care expansion for more than 100,000 vulnerable adults that Dayton made a top priority.

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Comments (15)
  1. jimmy says:

    This is the bill that will throw grandma out of the nursing home. Don’t worry though they will GIVE hundreds of millions of dollars to the billionaires that will fill the suites at the new stadium,

  2. Joe says:

    It’s no good to have spending on health care and social services, not when there’s vitally important actions to take, like making an illegal event even more illegal, and making the government into some kind of IUD to control women’s bodies.

  3. Julie says:

    Cut welfare all you want….. Leave the vulnerable adults ALONE!!!!

  4. solly says:

    Fortunately, Dayton will veto all these GOP efforts. Of course, the GOP members never speak about the costs incurred during a special session, while whining about the cost of government. For weeks they’ve been concerned about gays, guns, abortion, and a football stadium, while avoiding major budget issues.

  5. Scott says:

    Poverty plays a huge role in education. If we keep cutting social services, our schools and the quality of education will be impacted. Our government should be adding funds to social services and welfare, not talking them away. The children of Minnesota will suffer, we need to break the poverty cycle.

    1. @Scott says:

      We need to add more money to welfare? Maybe if people would stop having babies they can’t afford that would be a start, Or maybe got a job, yes there are jobs out there but i know its to much to ask for an uneducated person to work for $10 an hour. Scott you’re free to pay in extra to the state for welfare, but i already support dozens of fatherless children every month with my tax riddled paycheck.

      1. james eckard says:

        If you take the total of what we pay towards welfare for children of single mothers it’s maybe around 10%.. The largest percentage by far goes for people in nursing homes.

    2. JB says:

      @Scott you are correct! Continuing the handouts and social services does NOT stop the poverty cycle it only creates a society that is completely reliant on Government!! Which then votes in more officials that will continue their handouts! We as a country need to begin to put responsibility back on the people to create their own futures and lose the mentality of “its not my fault I have 7 children and cant pay for them and oh by the way I’m pregnant too!” It is the churches responsibility to help the needy and special needs groups not the governments!!

      1. ace says:

        I just have to say your thought process borders on stupid and selfish. Saying that all the people on welfare take handouts is just another example of fact less commentary. Although coming from an individual who clearly makes a decent pay wage and wants to keep their money for themselves. Fact is not everyone on welfare is there because they want to be. Most are there because their financial situation has changed so dramatically that they have no choice. Next time you make a baseless comment think about this what if you lose your job and need help. Are you single or do you have children to take care of? Finding a job is not an easy task as you would like to paint it: sure they’re jobs out there but how many people you think applied for that job. So do me a favor and all the people who actually need the help and get off that high horse of yours.

        1. jb says:

          Ace, you are correct there are some people that just need a little boost to get back on their feet! However there needs to be a limit on the Governments contribution to that boost! If someone recieves welfare then they should be subject to lifestye rules like no more children!, no smoking!, no drinking!, no drugs! Very simple, if you want free money then live by some rules and if you cant live by those rules youre on your own.

  6. yep says:

    Throw the cripples and elderly onto the street while giving billionaires a new stadium. FU republican party.

  7. Mel says:

    Cuts across the board, regardless of the program or its supporters. That way the republicans or the democrats can’t cry fowl. We are in a recession, people, and we have to quit living in denial about that. Gas prices are continuing to rise. Money doesn’t grow on trees, oh wait, we can just print more I guess.

  8. wondering says:

    Minneapolis is a sancturary city, our welfare benefits have long attracted migration from other states. I am not sure how these cuts will work, but something needs to be done. Should we be paying benefits for non citizens? For people who came from Michigan to live here because the benefits are better. Perhaps check into trimming the bureaucracy some. BTW…some of us elderly cripples want a stadium. Does my 31K a year private sector job make me a stupid Republican..or the notion that what I make working is what I spend…and not looking for a handout.

  9. Something For Nothing says:

    Im a Republican only because the Democrats swung so far to the nutty left. I agree with most above! It is sick to cut health and welfare benefits. But I also agree with “wondering”. I have worked in manufacturing for over 20 years in MN. And most of those who have worked for me are from every country and every state in the US. ANd yes most receieved aid as manufacturing does not pay well. I watched the Somali news hour on MN Public TV last month. The reporter was interviewing Somalians and asking them why they had come to MN. The all gave the same answer. A friend or family member had told them how nice MN was and how everything was free……and so they come. see if you give it….they will come…..and you and I have to pay for that…..I worked with hundreds of Hmoung a few years back. The company I worked at had great health benefits and it was cheap. But only a handful of Hmoung had it. Becasue they all had MN Care. Why? Its free! See most Hmoung are married by culture only…so in return they are deemed single parents and receive welfare……I believe in helping others if they help themselves. The State needs to investigate welfare fraud and send them to jail. If you saw the Channel 5 news casts on EBT fraud you would have all puked! The EBT card was being used in thousands of locations….NOT IN MIN! Infact it was even used in the Virgin Islands……..I refuse to work myself to death so state union workers can retire at 55 and eat off my taxes…..and so those who see something for nothing can soak the system…I blame the State of MN for not investigating the system….

  10. Get off welfare says:

    Go ahead and cut welfare and do it now. I know people that are perfectly capable of working since they build fences and do heavy lifting, but are considered physically disabled. LOL

    Health care, please leave alone.

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