Wis. Woman Dies After Getting Marriage License

PORTAGE, Wis. (AP) — A 22-year-old woman who had just purchased her marriage license with her fiance was killed when her sport utility vehicle crossed the center line and hit a semitrailer.

Karin Bussian’s fiance, 21-year-old Sam Marwitz, was driving behind her and saw the crash on Highway 51 Tuesday afternoon. Marwitz, who is a volunteer firefighter, tried to help her. She died at the scene.

“There was nothing he could do. It was tough,” said Duwane Marwitz, Sam’s father and Dalton’s fire chief, who went to the scene.

The Portage Daily Register reports that the two were traveling in separate vehicles from purchasing the license in Portage and were heading to Bussian’s rural DeForest home.

They had been dating for seven years and their wedding date was set for June 10. The wedding preparations were the next step for the couple after Marwitz’s graduation this month from Madison Area Technical College, where he had studied diesel tech as well as business and entrepreneurship.

Bussian worked in the flooring and plumbing departments of Menards in Beaver Dam. She hoped to start a photo studio and had a photography business, KEB Photography.

The couple met as teenagers at the Columbia County Fair.

“It was cute; there were three or four girls ‘oogling’ over him,” Duwane Marwitz said of his son. “Of course, Sam wasn’t interested at all.”

He was interested in Karin and they later became inseparable, he said.

Duwane Marwitz said he was looking forward to having a daughter-in-law.

“We were planning a wedding,” he said. “Now we’re planning a funeral.”

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  • yep

    Damn. My wishes go out to them.

  • JamieinMN

    Oh that is just so sad and extremely unfortunate :-(

  • AmandaJeanne

    I am so sorry to hear this, how increadibly sad.

  • stewart nickaboine


  • Heather

    This is just such a tragic story :(

  • Michele

    There are no words that can comfort except to say how sorry I am for the tragic loss of your beloved fiance, sister, daughter, granddaughter, friend.
    Prayers for the entire family.

  • Larry

    Nothing in this world would be worse than actually seeing the love of your life die like that… Horrible..

  • http://comfyslippers.wordpress.com comfyslippers

    Oh my goodness – there are no words to express the hurt in heart. My prayers are with all of thiose involved: family, friends, rescue personnel, the semi driver.
    I’m sorry for this horrible, tragic accident.

  • ?

    ouch How sad what was she ding that caused her to cross the center line?

  • eastside_evil

    I sure hope she wasn’t distracted by a cell phone.

    I’m not saying she was nor am I accusing her, and I’m not judging her in any case. What a tragedy.

    • john0990

      If you’re not saying she was, accusing her, or judging her, then why did you bother saying that?

      • eastside_evil

        You tell me, John. You know everything and are here to judge me instead of reading the article and commenting. Way to go, douchebag.

      • eastside_evil

        Why didn’t you ask the guy above me actually posed the question directly?

  • Jeepneasy

    Nice sensationalistic head line.
    CBS, you should be ashamed.
    Have some respect for the families involved in this tragedy.
    My condolences to both families.

    • Chris

      And what do you think the headline should have been???

      Cool it a bit already…

      It is a tragedy and they are just reporters.

  • Gloria

    My condolences.

  • jade

    How tragic and heartbreaking, her poor fiance had to witness the whole thing. I couldn’t even imagine. Condolences to family & friends.

  • K

    This is incredibly heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers go out to both of their families.

  • Dave

    Sigh. She was also the love of my life

  • kim

    How sad, my heart goes out to him and there families as well.

  • Chuck

    Jed, You lost us on what your point was…

    10 years, I thought they dated for 7… and what difference does that make???

    They were young people (21 and 22), so why go on a tangent with us?

    Prayers for them and their families…

  • MarkHT

    Let us pray for the families involved in this tragedy. One day our Lord will raise up all believers in the same bodies they died in and they will go up in Heaven to be with baby Jesus to sing his praises. As Christians, we know that even tragedies like this are all part of God’s big plan.

    • NOT

      uh…. yep…. sure thing….

  • The Rifleman

    How heartbreaking! Our prayers go out to him and the families…

  • blp


  • I hate heartless people

    Wow how cruel. Us younger generation take our time and really get to know our significant others that way it doesn’t end in a court battle over houses and children. I am getting married next year as well and we have been together for the last 10 years .. And I can confidently say our relationship won’t dissolve in divorce.
    This more man is dealing with enough and he nor his family need to be reading comments posted by some low life heartless P.O.S . My heart breaks for all involved . My condolences and prayers go out to all involved. I hope peace comes swiftly .

  • reedbooksmore

    Your brain should catch a bullet.

  • Bill

    Think I’ll stay single!

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