No More Chocolate Milk In Minneapolis Schools

By Susie Jones, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis School officials are trying to help students become healthier by reducing the sugar consumption in meals, and that means no more chocolate milk.

Starting next year, chocolate milk will not be offered, but that has some at the Midwest Dairy Council upset.

Carolyn Hudson is a registered dietitian, and says the milk that the schools offer, even chocolate, is re-formulated with less sugar.

“And we are talking about 28 more calories, so this is not a lot. So we believe there are better ways to trim the fat and calories and added sugar from the school lunch program,” Hudson said.

School officials say there is some concern about the move, because chocolate milk makes up 60 percent of the district’s overall milk sales.

They have taken many steps over the past several years to offer students healthier choices, such as offering fresh fruit and removing French fries from the menu.

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  • ?

    awww too bad kiddies

    • Lemo

      Let em have it one day a week. At least that way they will drink milk. Just because some kids drink chocolate milk every day, doesnt mean you have to punish the rest of the kids. Not all of us are bad parents. The school district is playing God.

    • Private School Parent

      They are saying “NO” to Chocolate Milk to make room for “Obama Kool Aid”.
      That will be the only choice from now on.

  • M

    I can’t believe this is an issue. There are much more important things to focus on. Have we really lost sight as to what is most important.

    • M

      Why don’t they just make gym class a bit longer or more strenuous. Oh wait that would be child neglect. LOL

      • swmnguy

        What gym class? They cut gym class to free up more money to spend on testing consultants to satisfy the politicians.

        • anna

          Yep the children at my school go to Physical Education class one day a week!

    • Mike


      Childhood obesity is as serious as a heart attack.

  • mpls sux

    Liberals controlling your choices…

    Why not have the parents vote on that?

    Liberals always seem to think they know best…

    • JamieinMN

      And YOU think you know best?!?!!? Ha, ha!

      • Phid

        Better the individual makes up his or her own mind than some bureaucrats in Minneapolis!

    • Duh

      Yeah…and the conservatives don’t control your choices at all… especially when it comes to gay marriage and abortion…

      • mpls sux

        Always playing that gay card … why not bring up the race card while you are at it… whining babies.

        • really

          DUH is right…the conservatives want to control a women’s right to choose and what the doctor is supposed to say BEFORE a woman chooses….who the heck do they think they are.

          • Charlie

            What the heck??? A story about chocolate milk turns to this???
            And you accuse Tea Party people out of line? Give us a break!

        • James

          ok, chocolate milk is being banned due to it’s color. how’s that? whiner yourself.

    • Chuck Bass

      It has been up to the parents up til now and we have the fattest kids in the world. Nice work parents. Something needs to be done to change the way kids and adults look at food and nutrition. Chocolate milk is a small dent overall, but we have to start somewhere and even getting kids to realize adding even a little sugar will add up over time and result in being overweight.

      • csuzeq

        Ya know, Chuck, maybe if the schools stopped wasting their time teaching kids how socialism is great and Capitalism is evil and about how to use a condom in preschool and how great it is to live in Cuba (yes, my son came home telling me all about these things) and the schools actually allowed more than 20 minutes for lunch so that a child doesn’t have to wolf down what they can after waiting in line and go home and pig out before dinner because the school has starved them to death all day and the schools go back to making phy ed a daily activity again so students aren’t just sitting on their butts for hours a day, well, maybe then there wouldn’t be such a weight problem!!!!

        Do you have children in school or do you just spew sh-t out your as- all day???

      • dmedic69

        Our kids are fat from fast food and junk food. Also the video game machines in your house. Make your kids go outside in the real world and play and interact with other kids….. while your at run your ass around with them. That is what will make it so our kids aren’t fat anymore

    • Good Ol Boy

      The article didn’t mention liberals. Sorry. Your comment is disregarded.

  • Coca Cola King

    drink my pop instead

  • Sarah in Outstate MN

    When I was growing up chocolate milk wasn’t even an option on the menu. Now my kids are in school and they are allowed to have 1 container of chocolate milk per week at school if they’ve been good which is determined by the teacher. Going without chocolate milk isn’t difficult.

    • Chuck

      So why ban it though? Is that necessary???

    • Good Ol Boy

      Wait til they tell you that you can’t give it to your kids in your own kitchen either.

      Social engineering has no limits. Only things that haven’t been banned yet.

  • rich

    mpls is the worst run district in the state. first they will hire consultants, then a assosiate superintendent, and a assistant assosiate superintendent and entire staff to look into the chocolet milk issue. and to pay for all this they will lay off teachers, cut programs for kids, raise taxes. really look at how top heavey ssd#1 is

  • JamieinMN

    Good. They don’t NEED chocolate milk. They can get it at home if their parents allow it. This is a HUGE issue, not just milk but what the schools are feeding these children.

    • Claire

      No kidding. When I see Mozzeralla sticks as a main course I have to cringe!

      • JamieinMN

        Oh my god…….that shocks me. That is just gross. These are growing children. Right now is the time they NEED nutritional food.

    • Sangelia

      many kids are not able to have milk at home. many kids are below the poverty line. and milk in many cases is not affordable. it is nearly $4 a for a gallon of milk. and many folks can not afford that for their kids.
      for many kids. being able to have milk be it white or chocolate at school IS the only time they get milk in the day.
      my man and I are luckly we can afford it for our girl. but chocolate syrup and or powder is not cheap. and for our girl. chocolate milk is more of a treat than a regular item.
      plus they forget that chocolate helps to fight some forms of cholesterol.

  • Larry L. Potter

    If you think this is bad wait until the First Lady puts her program in place. The kids won’t have any choices but Fruit and Fresh vegetables and when I say fresh vegetables that isn’t frozen or canned, it means fresh as from the garden.

    • Brandon

      Yeah. That sounds terrible.

    • JamieinMN

      Better than what they’re getting now! Cheeseburgers and pizzas covered in PLASTIC being MICROWAVED!

      • Sangelia

        that plastic if you check snopes is food and microwave safe.
        but they should instead of removing the chocolate milk. could remove things like breaded fried fish and corndogs from the menu. those have a ton of salt and fats in them.
        thing is, kids do need some fats to grow. and carbs for brain power.

    • Claire

      The problem with the first lady proposal is that kids wont eat it. Our school currently offers fresh fruit and veggies. They are required to take it but it ends up in the garbage. The schools need to start preparing real meals like they used to. All this pre-made junk is stoked full of salt and fat.

      • Chuck Bass

        That might be true for a while, but think about the 1st grader coming in and only getting nutritious food. That kids won’t know the difference. Think of how much healthier that generation will be. You have to start somewhere. Not doing things because they are hard is idiotic and a terrible example for kids.

        • dmedic69

          read the studies on chocolate milk theres not much sugar in it and the body turns those sugars to fuel. I think people should be more worried about their childs education rather then if they drink white or chocolate milk. People are fat due to the fact that every where you turn is 10 different fast food places. As long as the kids drink milk which they need for their brain to grow and develop as they why should it matter to YOU. Police your own children people not mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kiretwin

    That god I don’t need to parent any more. The school can do it for me. I don’t even have to tell them no.

  • yep

    A lot of kids will not drink regular milk which means now they just won’t drink anything at lunch. I would rather my child drink chocolate milk for the calcium than nothing. Chocolate skim milk isn’t that bad for you if the rest of your meal is balanced.

    • JamieinMN

      It’s FULL of sugar. Why do you think 25.8 million children and adults (and counting) in the United States, 8.3% of the population have diabetes?!!?!?

      • mpls sux

        Because parents over feed their kids, and they grow up to be lazy liberals like yourself who sit around and complain and never get off the couch and need to watch things like American Idol.

        • 'cco needs a like button

          If there was a “like” button I’d push it. Seriously JamieinMN, stop Googling random things to make yourself sound smart.

      • gerrymn

        That’s right, the ONLY way to get biabetes is by drinking chocolate milk. Get real.

        • gerrymn

          Okay, before some jumps on me, it’s diabetes not biabetes.

      • GetAClue

        JamieinMN…you really think that kids drinking choc milk ONCE A DAY at school is contributing to them being over weight? I DON’T THINK SO! Kids get more of their meals and fats at home because their parents buy them whatever they want and don’t make the choices for them. IT’S NOT THE SCHOOL’S FAULT THAT KIDS ARE FAT!

      • Charlie

        Well it definitely isn’t the choc milk in half pint containers at school!
        Get a grip already on what really drives the obesity… not by limiting/banning it to all because some cannot manage themselves… must be raising future liberals!

      • Good Ol Boy

        Because of the 28 calories extra in school chocolate milk? You’re staking that claim, JamieinMN?

      • dmedic69

        Diabetes is not caused by eating or drinking sugar obesity is stupid. Diabeties is a disease so many miss informed people who beleive everything they hear on TV or read on the net.

      • IntheMidwest

        Perhaps, Jamie, our children and adults are so obese because our meat industry pumps the cattle, hogs, and poultry full of steroids to make them grow faster and create more profit? Just a thought.

    • JamieinMN

      Maybe YOUR kid won’t drink regular milk because you constantly give them chocolate in their milk and you obviously can’t say no.

      • yep

        My son is 2 and drinks milk just fine. I know of others who do not. You obviously either have an easy kid or do not have kids if you think you can make them drink something they don’t want to, especially when you aren’t present.

        • Good Ol Boy

          Hilarious. There are people whose kids have them so trained that they will refuse regular milk, only accept chocolate milk, and the parents have to go by the kids’ rules?


    • mplsmom

      I agree with the statement above! If chocolate milk is the only way a kid gets calcium then let them have some chocolate milk! I say leave the chocolate milk and get rid of the fries and other foods that don’t add value to their diets.

      • Good Ol Boy

        If you think giving your kid chocolate milk is the only way for your kid to get calcium, you aren’t paying attention.

  • Milton

    It’s not just liberals who control choices. Conservatives and liberals both are in positions on power and I don’t exactly see many choices in various areas of my life. Besides, if it’s known that excess sugar leads to diabetes and adhd-like symptoms, why would we let our kids harm themselves? Cows don’t eat sugar-why is there such a high content though? I choose to have NO sugar added to my milk, oh wait that’s not a choice either.

  • Eric Toth

    Leave it to conservative whiners to sq1ueal abotu thos emean old liberals controlling choices. When they are the ones who want govt to control what women do to their bodies, the Fla GOP passed a bill to restrict pediatricians from talking to inner city kids about gun violence and the conservative hypocrites are the ones who restrict an individual’s right to die with dignity when faced with terminal illness.

    But they’ll fight to the death the right to buy the lightbulb of their choice and feed children sugary snacksw that make them fat and give them ADD.

    If you are a conservative, you are a moron!


    One little thing at a time. Year after year government invades our freedom’s. Libs plan at work. Wake up America, find some pride, and be a parent to your children not a friend. Chocolate milk is not the problem. More like TV, computers, and video games. Worthless parents have caused this. JamieinMN, I hope to God, that you do not have children.

    What’s the main difference between a lib and a conservative?

    If a lib doesn’t like chocolate milk, then no one should have it.

    If a conservative doesn’t like chocolate milk, then just he doesn’t have it.

    • JamieinMN

      ENOUGH with the politics. Ya’ll are making yourselves look like idiots.

      • Eric

        i love that u call everyone idiots when i can honestly say that pretty much say everyone who has read your comments knows you are a total idiot.

    • LadyJane

      I do not follow your reasoning. Our current state legislature is conservative. They are trying to dictate what religious beliefs that all residents of the state will be forced to follow by trying to amend the state constitution.

      Liberals allow a person to have their own beliefs and standards but don’t want then forced on them. nor do they force their beliefs and standards on others.

      Sugar does not cause diabetes. The easy explanation is that the body is no longer producing and/or able to use insulin. Carbs cause the rise in blood sugar, a category sugar is included in.

    • Chris

      Thanks.. we loved that one!

      Make it a great (choc milk) day!!!

    • Good Ol Boy

      And if a conservative believes his bible says gays are evil, then no gays get equal rights, because then the evil gays will marry animals and your own marriage will fail somehow.

  • Nancy Aleshire

    Not everyone likes the taste of plain milk. My brother used to drink chocolate milk for that reason and my parents always provided it for him. Milk has its calcium and vitamin D no matter what flavorings you put in them. We used to buy Nestle’s quik, Hershey’s Instant, and there was actually a thing called Chocolate Straws that flavored the milk–that dates me–grew up in the fifties and sixties. And what about Ovaltine. Rather have my kids drink chocolate milk than pop anyday. Get a life school district and make sure your first graders learn how to read!!!!!!!!

    • Good Ol Boy

      If you believe your kid won’t drink plain milk and will only drink chocolate milk, then you are the one with the problem and need some help with your parenting skills which are sorely lacking.

  • Doug

    When it comes to the Minneapolis school system, this should NOT even be a concern, don’t they have more important issues to worry about?

    JamieinMN… about you raise/feed your children, if you have any, in a way that you think is best and let others raise/feed their children the way they see best. People like you and the government need to Quit pushing your beliefs down everyone elses throat. GO AWAY

    • JamieinMN

      YOU can go ahead and give your child 25 less years of life….I sure won’t.

      • Chuck

        What color is the sky in your world???

        And where do you come up with such outrageous statements?

        Please spare us and go ahead and give your kids such sound advice…

        Because we do not buy any of your BS!

  • JB

    GET REAL!!! I wonder how much of our tax dollars went to pay some group of administrative officials sitting in an office (not a school) to make that decision? Really, worry about feeding the brains of our children. Not, the pocketbooks of those who don’t even teach. Repression!!!

  • Sheesh

    Maybe people just need to start taking more responsibility. It’s all about making smart ideas. You know McDonald’s, high sugar content, processed foods isn’t good for you… yet people eat them and wonder why they’re fat and/or diabetic. Make your own food choices, but I’m not paying for your medical expenses.

    And maybe kids wouldn’t be having the health problems they’re having, if a lot more parents started taking responsibility for what their kids eat and drink. No one is going to raise your children for you.

    • 'cco needs a like button

      Good point.

    • dmedic69

      that is only a small portion turn off the TV Computer and Video games and go outside that is what will prevent health problems. You obviously don’t have kids

  • Laura

    Well, you don’t really need MILK at all, as any vegan would tell you, you can get plenty of calcium and vitamin D from other sources. That children need cows milk to thrive is a lie.
    And if your kid won’t drink milk that’s not full of flavoring and sugar, then water should be available. If the balance of power is so twisted in your parenting style that junior’s every dietary demand is met lest he have a tantrum, then the availability of chocolate milk or any food item provided at schools is not going to make one bit of difference.

  • calcium strong

    I drank chocolate milk EVERY day in school. I drink a TON of Mt Dew in HS.
    I am 31 now, and have never been more sexier than ever!
    I have a massive package too that I love to look at every morning when I get out of the shower btw…

    • Heather

      yeah right…………little sizzler

  • Paula

    What next all those processed chicken sandwiches, nuggets?

  • James

    what about strawberry milk? this ought to be taken to “the people” to decide. chocolate milk is so gay (sic) and it ought to be banned in the constitution. after all, a full integration of chocolate and white milk being together on the shelves is just plain wrong. no special rights for chocolate milk!

    • Krusty

      Amen and thanks to baby Jesus!

  • DC

    mmm chololate milk!!

  • Dave

    One cup (1/2 pint) of chocolate milk, five times a week for 36 weeks a year is not going to significantly affect the health of a growing child.
    There is more sugar (in the form of fructose) in 100% apple juice than there is in chocolate milk.

    My children get chocolate milk in school once a day. They drink only “white” milk at home and when we go out to eat. They don’t get chocolate milk during summer vacation. We also limit their intake of “junk foods,” and get as much excercise as we can.
    We are not tree-hugging liberal vegetarians and we are not gun-toting ultra conservatives. We are loving parents who take an active role in raising our children. We also realize that there is room for occasional treats and frolics and still be able to achieve good health.

  • mnsotamama

    It’s about time! Offerring chocolate milk is like offerring MT Dew and a vitamin supplement.

    • Chuck

      Give it up already… the exaggerations are killing me….

      BTW, has Mpls slowed the killings on the streets yet?

      No, that would actually take something, they would rather focus on bogus issues like this…

  • Jude

    If you could see the food our kids throw away from their school lunches you would be horrified! I’ve worked in a school kitchen so I know. Full cartons of milk that have never been opened, main entres that were never touched and fruit without one bite, and why? They are required to take those items in order to get that malt or FF that they really wanted.

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