By Bill Hudson, WCCO-TV

NEW ULM, Minn. (WCCO) — When Marcella Sommers decided she needed to re-side her New Ulm home, she made a call to a Twin Cities area contractor — Schmidt roofing company.

“Why did I need new siding? Because of a hailstorm that did a lot of damage,” she said.

Work was set to begin last week on the quaint bungalow at that sits on 210 N. Franklin St. in New Ulm.

“I was laughing, I thought it was funny,” she said, upon learning that workers went to the wrong house.

But fellow New Ulm homeowner Jim Meyer didn’t find the humor. Imagine his wife’s surprise when she came home from work last week only to discover the crews ripping siding off their home instead.

“I got a phone call from my wife when I was at work, and she said, ‘Come home now.’ I was like why? ‘People are stealing our siding,'” Meyer said.

The Meyer’s home is at 210 S. Franklin. It’s the same address along the same street, but a mere four blocks away. You guessed right — the siding crew had stopped at the wrong house. Problem is, they didn’t discover the mistake until five hours into the job.

“They were supposed to go to 210 North,” Sommers said.

It’s easy to see how this mix-up happened. Sommers said she gets the wrong mail all the time. As a matter of fact, strangers often stop by and knock on her front door, expecting to find the Meyer’s.

Meyer understands, adding, “it’s happened a couple of times to us. Our friends go to her house, and they are quite surprised to find her instead of us.”

Now, crews with Schmidt Roofing are putting the finishing touches on their “original” siding job. Sommers is quite pleased with the work they’ve done.

Down the street, at 210 S. Franklin St., the Meyer’s “mistaken” home is prepped for a siding job they never ordered.

In contractor language you might just call it a two-for-one — a way to make good on a costly mistake.

“Everybody feels bad, it’s an honest mistake, I guess,” Meyer said.

Comments (39)
  1. Dave Seavy says:

    Perhaps it’s news because many of us can see the humor in it. With all the people being killed in storms; gang violence; pedophiles being arrested, it’s a nice humor break. It’s such a shame that your life is such that you can’t find something to giggle about. I hope things get better for you.

  2. Mike says:


    This story is newsworthy, and everyone is a winner, including the Schmidt Roofing company who got free advertising. I am going to be residing my home soon and will now consider this company in the bidding process because they are following through with their mistake! Finding good contractors who take responsibility is hard to find these days and the Schmidt Roofing company looks like a top of the line service provider.

  3. Johnboy says:

    I dont think you got the point of what Jackie was saying, People get on here and complain that other stories the the news reports on shouldn’t make headlines. and this is one of them. Think of how much it did cost them to drive close to 2hours just for this story. and thats just one way. It might be news worthy for some, but Not HEADLINE… And what makes you think it’s ok to just start bashing people and their lives? Is kinda sad that you have to try to publicly talk down to a person that you dont know. maybe she is going through a hard time. maybe her house was hit in the tornado. maybe she feels like she has nothing or no one. but you keep putting people down.I’m sure it helps I’m sure you will now try to do the same to me. But then again, WHAT DO YOU CARE? YOU DONT,,,,, SO WHY SAY ANYTHING AT ALL?

    1. MM says:

      What makes this story not “newsworthy”? Why shouldn’t it be a headline? What do care how much money they spent to drive to do the story?

      There’s nothing wrong with a humerous “fluff” article. It’s a nice change.

      I get what she’s saying. I just disagree, regardless of what’s going on in her life.

  4. KeKe says:

    If this story is such a waste of time, why did you bother reading it and then writing about it. I think you actually enjoyed the story – but just like to complain.

    1. ZAC says:

      KeKe, You are so correct. Thanks for making me laugh.

  5. Phil Mcrackin says:

    Sounds like the company is doing the honorable thing by fixing their mistake, what else can they do?.

  6. Brad says:

    It’s nice to hear a funny story every once in a while instead of the first 5 stories being about people dying. That’s why it’s news.

  7. Minnesotatwinsfan says:

    I live in the cities, but am from the New Ulm area. I know people that work for Schmidt, and frankly, I don’t see why this story isn’t newsworthy. WCCO is about Minnesota, not just the cities. People live outside the metro area, shocking to a city slicker, I know….

  8. v says:

    Why did you end a statement with a question mark?
    (I think news stations need to figure out and decide what NEWS really is?)

    How much money did your parents spend in gas taking you to elementary school every day?

  9. YoMaMJ says:

    I liked reading about this news. It is nice seeing news that is not about crime, politics or scandals.

  10. questioning says:

    The construction company is more than generous. Why are there 2 of the same address? why didn’t the person make sure they knew that and make sure it was the right house. Sounds like the owner wasn’t very nice not to make sure this didn’t happen.

    1. djp says:

      The consumer should only have to give them the correct address and if they hire people that cannot follow directions (OR read English), the company needs to follow through and make it right!

    2. HP says:

      The addresses are similar because you have one that is 210 North Franklin and one that is 210 South Franklin.

    3. tom says:

      not the same address, one is north and the other is south, as a exdriver now dispatcher I know this, common mistake for people who do not understand how city streets are set up.

  11. YYY says:

    I think that is wonderful that WCCO reports on the GOOD and NICE things that folks do in life, rather than just he mean and ugly things in life.

    A simple mistake was made. The company stood behind its folks and came up with the cost to rectify the mistake and make everyione happy.

    A Wonderful story.

  12. Anthony Jones says:

    “Questioning” made an ignorant comment and said: “Sounds like the owner wasn’t very nice not to make sure this didn’t happen”.

    Are you for real? The contractor come out to THE house to measure the house for an estimate. And, then same contractor come out to THE Same house AGAIN to sign a Contract isn’t enough hand holding for you?

    How many times do you want a contractor to come out to your house before you need to make sure he is at the right house?

    You blame the HomeOwner for assuming that the Contractor would be smart enough to know where you live after he has ALREADY been at your house at least 2 times?

    1. HP says:

      The estimator who would come to the house, and the crew who would install are more often that not, not the same people.

    2. marcus says:

      first the person that quoted , ie measured and got the order may not be the same as who actually went out and did the work… if the company is large enough to have several jobs going on at the same time… just a crew went out and then maybe the paperwork was incorrect or they misread it…

  13. William says:

    Mayeb if the roofing companies hired something besides Illegal Mexicans they would have someone on the crew that could actually read an address.

  14. TWeber says:

    @ Anthony Jones… Often the estimator isn’t the project manager. Quite possible the estimator was hours away when the crew showed up to the wrong address.

    This was an honest mistake, and Schmidt Roofing Company made it right. Sounds like a stand up company to me.

    Lastly, I enjoyed the story. Kudos to WCCO for the best story I’ve read today.

  15. Anthony Jones says:

    TWeber I Agree with you that the Company did the right thing after their mistake. I directed my comment to the other person who said that the Home Owner was at fault.

    In no way was the homeowner at fault. It is the Company’s fault if their estimators and project managers don’t communicate properly to ensure that they are at the correct address.

    It is not the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that the company’s internal communication systems are working.

    The company made a mistake because of poor internal controls. They ended up fixing their damage without issues, which is a good thing.

    Hopefully after paying for this mistake the company will ensure that proper procedures are put in place to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

  16. DJP says:

    Because it is funny and we need some laughter in our lives!!

  17. Beau H says:

    I actually worked with Schmidt Roofing as a part-time sales rep for a few years and had to laugh when I heard this on the radio…but I’m not surprised they stepped up and took care of it, they run a solid family business and whenever there was a problem or issue with a job, they made sure we took care of it. Sorry Clint and Corey, but I got a good laugh out of this…keep up the good work, just on the right house 🙂

  18. KL says:

    What do you consider news then? Is it only news if it’s about a subject you are interested in? Is it only news if it’s about war or destruction?

    Most people have the ability to read articles about more then one subject in a day. I found this one amusing.

    Get over yourself

  19. Just a citizen says:

    Enough with the negative comments people. It’s as if you are dissapointed that some wasn’t sued or shot over this. The company made a mistake, and made it right by both homeowners. The homeowners were civil, and everyones happy. That is the way the world is SUPPOSED to work! If they weren’t so far away I’d hire Schmidt Roofing, just because of their business ethic, and I don’t even need siding or a roof!

    1. tom says:

      “just a citizen”
      you are so right, besides, the good will and publicity Schmidt Roofing is getting from this is well worth the cost they’re eating on the siding job; you can’t buy that kind of public goodwill. I’ll bet you their sales definitely spike as a result of this.

  20. me says:

    …SH****T that happens, no big deal

  21. here says:

    Mexicans speak no English, read no English, and understand no English.

    1. Educated Mexican says:

      Wow, some people are full of hate. Hope life turns around for you and you lose some of the hate and ignorance.

  22. Bob says:

    The way I read the story the contractor stopped work on the wrong house and went to work on the right house. The article ends with the wrong house only being prepped – not finished.

  23. Chris says:

    This is a very true and honest to life story. Try coming home one day and you realize that you were pulled into a civil suit over actions that you had no knowledge of for the past 2-3 years. The family at 210 S. Franklin St could be sued for unjust enrichment if they didn’t pay for the services on their house and the company still wanted their money. I see that nothing like this has ever affected you, turning your life upside down. Live a life.

  24. George Steed says:

    I like the coimments better than the story…

  25. Eddie H. says:

    If all of you want laughter in your lives look into the mirror. I for one do not consider this a laughing matter. In fact I find this one of those situations, where it shows peoples incompetence to the highest degree. I for one WOULD never have this company work on my house or business, granted they did fix their mistake, but it is a mistake that should have never made. If these people can’t find the correct address and start working on the wrong house instead, why in the world would I ever want them working on my roof or siding….

  26. dbo says:

    As a retired carpenter I find this story hilarious, if you can’t laugh at this you can’t laugh. Fact is I’m surprised this does’nt happen more often.

    1. marcus says:

      yup… don’t know the size of the company… but sales etc may of written up the order… crew went to the job… maybe address was not totally correct on the order… most likely someone will end up paying at least in docked time etc.

  27. marcus says:

    Eddie H…. people never make mistakes in a perfect world… yup… sure don’t… at least in your world… maybe your world includes one’s first consideration in situations like this to cover their ##@… which is a exceedingly wide spread and firmly believed behavior by our govt and professionals … maybe if more would admit and even learn from mistakes it would be a better world… would you not agree.

    1. marcus says:

      what do we consider a better virtue? not making a mistake or being forthright and honest?

  28. Nicole says:

    Um. This was written by a PROFESSIONAL journalist? Do they not know the rules about apostrophes? I’d be so utterly embarrassed to be this writer.

    Other than that, as long as the siding company fixed the Meyers’ siding, then there really isn’t an issue here.

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