LA CROSSE, Wis. (AP) — State aid is expected to help La Crosse recover from the tornado that ravaged the city’s south side Sunday. But a La Crosse County emergency government official says the destruction is unlikely to reach the threshold for federal disaster aid.

The tornado, with winds of up to 120 mph, was on the ground for 4 minutes Sunday afternoon, cutting a 2-mile path of destruction through La Crosse . The twister destroyed houses and buildings, snapped trees and knocked down power lines. No one was seriously injured.

Emergency Management Coordinator Keith Butler says the damage is “on the low end” of what can happen when a tornado moves through a community.

The La Crosse Tribune says the 150-yard wide tornado is the first to hit the city in 50 years.

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Comments (8)
  1. lefty says:

    they should not get any aid their governor does not want government to interfere with the state how he runs the state so lets stay out of Wisc. business leave them on their own

    1. Michael says:

      Yeah…because the people should suffer for the political views of the few…makes total sense.

      1. Brandon says:

        This occurs in our country on a daily basis. The majority suffering because of the decisions and political views of a few. Maybe you missed that…..but when a state governer makes decisions and thumbs his nose at the Federal Government….yes…..they should be held to that request. Same as when a governer makes any other decision with the best interests of the people he represents in mind……..

  2. Scott says:

    what – no Federal aid for the roller-derby team!? Where will the ladies play? I couldn’t belive that story yesterday! How could CCO post that?

    1. Randy says:

      you mean this story…………………….LOL

      La Crosse Tornado Damages 200 Homes, Businesses

      A La Crosse roller derby league is looking for a new practice space after the tornado damaged one of their practice facilities.
      Amanda Boucher, a spokeswoman for the Mississippi Valley Mayhem, says the tornado came through Sunday not long before their practice would have started at the Green Island Ice Arena.
      She says some skaters arrive early and might have been there but were competing in the Milwaukee area.
      Parks’ superintendent, Gar Amunson, says the building had an estimated $175,000 of damage. Officials say at least 200 area homes and businesses were damaged.
      Boucher says they also practice at a roller rink and are unsure if that was also damaged. She says they have to find some place this week to practice for a Saturday bout.

      Breaking News!

    2. Brian says:

      Yeah, but If it were football, I’m sure you’d be making noise, Scott.

  3. Anne says:

    Don’t you remember we sent all the federal money to Egypt, all the Palestinian countries, sending the entourage of how many people to take care of the Obamas in England, Ireland and whoever knows where else this week? Let’s take care of the world but not our own people right? Sick!!

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