DULUTH, Minn. (AP) — A Great Lakes freighter has been renamed the Hon. James L. Oberstar, honoring the former Minnesota congressman who spent decades as a leading player in U.S. transportation policy.

His wife formally rechristened the 806-foot ore carrier in the Duluth harbor Tuesday by smashing a ceremonial champagne bottle across its bow.

The carrier is owned by Interlake Steamship Co. Company officials say Oberstar deserves to be recognized because he made the Great Lakes a priority during his entire congressional career.

The 76-year-old Oberstar says he’s humbled by the honor. He says he never imagined having his name on a vessel of this significance.

The Duluth News Tribune report says the ship has been used most recently to shuttle taconite pellets from Minnesota to steel mills near Detroit and Chicago.

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Comments (8)
  1. PS says:

    congratulations Mr. Oberstar we really miss you as our U.S. Congressman

  2. ummm says:

    His wife formally, or his former wife?

  3. Mike Merker says:

    it should be named the porker!

  4. Honest says:

    An early sinking would be deseireable and welcome. When did we start naming ships for Progressive Communists?

    1. Steve says:

      This is why you’ll lose in 2012…because your stupid…hateful…and have no life…just like the rest of your ilk…

  5. Kevin says:

    What did they name it, the Overboard?

  6. tuna-free dolphin says:

    How about The U.S.S Uberspend? That has a nice ring to it. Blub-blub-blub. Gordon Lightfoot better start writing another song. How the uber-spending liberals sunk the U.S. “liberals they said never give up your bread when the elections of november come early”.

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