Minneapolis Council Extends Disaster Declaration

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minneapolis City Council has voted to approve and extend a local disaster declaration, which allows the city to use previously restricted money to pay costs associated with tornado damage.

The tornado ripped through the city’s north side on Sunday, damaging hundreds of buildings and causing at least $166 million in damage. Two people died in the storm and its aftermath and dozens were hurt.

Council President Barb Johnson called for a moment of silence during the meeting Tuesday to remember those killed by the storm.

Councilman Don Samuels remembered one of the victims, 53-year-old Rob MacIntyre, as a friend. MacIntyre collapsed about 6 p.m. Sunday, shortly after he finished chain-sawing a tree blocking a street a block from his house.

Samuels says MacIntyre died “a hero’s death.”

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  • Dale Gribble

    Beware! This declaration suspends civil law and places the affected area under the direct, unelected government of the 7 County Metropolitan Council. Your liberties are at stake.

  • st paul

    He didn’t die from the tornado… so how do they rule that as a 2nd death?

  • Dale Gribble

    They get more Federal tax dollars for additonal deaths. Many of those shot dead while looting will also eventually be “discovered” as storm victims.

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