ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton has vetoed bills that would have banned public funding of abortions and outlawed the procedure starting at 20 weeks after conception.

The Democratic governor and longtime abortion rights supporter vetoed the bills on Wednesday. He says in veto letters that the bills “infringe upon a woman’s basic right to health and safety.”

Both bills easily cleared the Legislature. It showed a stark change in the political landscape for abortion opponents.

Until Republicans took over both legislative chambers in January, the Democratic-controlled Senate had blocked abortion restrictions even when the GOP held other seats of power.

The bill prohibiting abortions at 20 weeks would have allowed exceptions to save the mother’s life or prevent irreversible physical harm, but not for rape, incest or mental health conditions.

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Comments (93)
  1. Common Sense says:

    Republican social engineering derailed. Constitutional rights of women protected.

    Well done, Governor.

    1. Tom says:

      Common Sense

      I agree!

      1. Cerin St.James says:

        Can you please direct me to the section of the Constitution that pertains to abortion?

        1. Allan says:

          Its in there right between the right to have your neighbor’s pay for your health care and that part about the free house.

          1. Sgt. Johnson says:

            Yeah we should kill babies if we want to right folks….its fun and we dont care so kill your baby at any time because nobody should tell you that at 5 months in it still isnt murder. Murder is fun isnt it folks….gosh it sure is convenient.

    2. @com says:

      What kind of trash can’t decide by 5 months in, You people are not human beings.

      1. JBB says:

        Exactly. The whole point of setting the cut-off at 5 months is because ample evidence shows that the baby feels pain in the womb by then. What’s more, there’s a provision that still protects the mother’s physical health. Only a sicko would be against this bill. If opponents would just spend one hour in an Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit where doctors and nurses are trying to save premature children, they would have a change of heart–unless they have no heart.

  2. Putz says:

    Why do constitional rights = taxpayer funding?

    1. Me2 says:

      Putz…..agree with you 100%. I don’t care if someone has an abortion, but let them have it at their own expense, not mine.

    2. Hello! says:

      Public funding does not mean taxpayer funding. Learn your facts Putz

      1. @hello says:

        What do you think public funding means? You may be the least intelligent person ever

  3. Ben says:

    Democratic social engineering on track. Constitutional rights of babies slaughtered.

    Well done, Governor.

    1. Fact says:

      Mark Dayton hates the poor and babies, especially poor babies!

      1. Good Ol Boy says:


        Probably the most uneducated, irresponsible comment of the day. Well done, sir.

    2. Tom says:


      Do you want gov’t involved in your medical decisions? I think your anwer would be no! You cant have it both ways!

      1. Ben says:

        Frankly, I don’t want the government involved in any of my personal decisions. I don’t see the “other way”.

  4. kevin says:

    Thank Mr Dayton for not protecting the most vunerable of our society. Who’s next senior citizens.

    1. Tom says:


      Same question i posed to Ben i ask of you!

  5. heather says:

    Mr Dayton how can you live with yourself. the lives of these innocent babies are on your hands!

    1. ALS says:

      Go back to debating marriage, Heather.

      1. Tom says:


        These conservatives are the biggest hyprocrits ever!

        1. @tom says:

          Tom, So you think 5 months isn’t adequate time to decide, this was not a bill to infringe on your rights it was a bill on human decency. I know your kind would like to allow abortion up until 1 minute b4 birth, maybe even after birth

    2. Good Ol Boy says:

      Mark Dayton is not performing any abortions or advising anybody to have an abortion.

      Unless I misread the article and misunderstood the situation. Are you able to correct me on those points or not?

  6. URCLUELESS says:

    Get a clue. Read the veto letter and you’ll see that he is protecting thousands of Senior citizens from being thrown into nursing homes too!

  7. SD says:

    Disappointed but not suprised.

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      Why disappointed?

      1. SD says:

        Because as a Pro-Lifer I would like things to be different. Unfortunately to change things when it comes to views on abortion we would have to go back to the beginning of time and try again to impress upon the past the importance of valuing ALL life.
        Each one of us has to form their own opinions. I can’t expect my views as a Christian to be easily accepted by a non-Christian world. As humans we have free will, each of us must reconcile on our own where we stand in these matters. Personally, I will continue to be a Pro-Life, Christian woman. I will also continue to love those around me. I may not agree with you or with choices you make, but I will accept that it is your God given right (aka Free Will) to make those choices and hold differing opinions.

        1. Good Ol Boy says:

          Different how exactly?

          You’d obviously like nobody to have an abortion, but let’s examine your viewpoint a bit further.

          Would you then also agree that you want abortions to be illegal, and those having, performing, or soliciting an abortion should be charged with a crime and punished?

          What crime would you charge them with? What would be the punishment. Would abortion then cease to happen?

          I understand your emotional argument against abortion, but why should the entire country be subjected to laws based on your religious convictions?

          1. SD says:

            Yes, in my view of an ideal world, abortion would not only be illegal it wouldn’t even be something that was thought about. I also an old enough to know that we are not in a position to make it illegal with out a radical change of behavior and views.
            For me my my feelings on abortion and especiallt those after 20 weeks is an emotional argument. I held my baby who was born at 23 weeks in my arms as she took her first and last breaths. 1 or 2 more weeks and she would have had a chance to survive. I cannot fathom making a decision to end the life of a child. I feel for those who have to face that decision. I don’t agree with the act of abortion, but if my friend were to come to me and say that they are going to have one I would love them through it. But believe me I would ask that they consider all options before they have the abortion done. I will never 100% agree with the choices of those around me and I accept that, I however will continue to hold on to my beliefs and respect the opinion of others. All I want in return is the same respect.

            1. Good Ol Boy says:

              Thanks for responding.

              Now would you actually answer my questions please?

              1. SD says:

                Would you then also agree that you want abortions to be illegal, and those having, performing, or soliciting an abortion should be charged with a crime and punished? Yes – In my ideal world abortion would be illegal. If it were illegal then, yes, as with any crime the criminal would have to be punished.

                What crime would you charge them with? Murder

                What would be the punishment? Life in prison

                Would abortion then cease to happen? In an ideal world, yes. In reality, No.

                Does any of it sound plausible? No. I understand that fully. I understand that by saying we should end abortion it would be stomping on someone else’s personal freedom. Believe me, I struggle with that everyday. Sometimes though you have to take a stand and state an opinion. Even when it doesn’t make you popular.

                1. Good Ol Boy says:

                  I understand that’s your opinion.

                  But are you saying it SHOULD be illegal in the U.S. or even just MN? You sayin a perfect world. I’m saying in this one.

                  And you think in a perfect world a 16 year old girl who intentionally took a bunch of pills and had a miscarriage would be charged with murder and imprisoned for life.


                  So, if it’s not plausible to end abortions, why not just have the opinion that others can do what they want, but it isn’t a decision YOU would make, and let it be at that? Why say it should be illegal if it won’t stop abortions and will only put more girls and women in prison? Would you be saving the population of earth and MN and the US by imprisoning girls for having abortions?

                  USE THAT THING BETWEEN YOUR EARS. No offense intended. 🙂

  8. Mom2 says:

    Thank you, Governor. If I had an ultrasound at week 21 that revealed a horribly deformed child who would not survive outside my body after delivery, I would be greatful for the options I would have. And since most abortions performed after 20 weeks are for this reason and not because the pregnancy was unplanned/unwanted, I am greatful.

    1. Libby says:

      Boy, great mom you would make “the kid may not make it so let’s kill it before we find out”

      1. ALS says:

        You are ignorant, Libby. Do you know how much harder it is to grieve a baby who lived a month, and in addition, having to accrue all those medical and financial costs? If the government wants to help support the funds for those things, maybe we can talk.

        1. Allan says:

          Good responsible parents take care of their children no matter how “hard” it my be to them.

          To even think of killing your own child as a way out of a “burden” is something that should be incomprehensible to anyone with a soul.

          1. M says:

            Allan, “…incomprehensible”? You have a poor imagination regarding the suffering a child can go through. “Soul”? Gee, I guess it’s up to you regarding who has a soul or not. You sure think you have all the answers.

            1. Allan says:

              M, I have no illusions of the suffering a child can go through. I most certainly am not the judge of anyone’s sole.

              I am just not so blood thirsty that I would accept killing of a child before it has a chance to live on its own, suffering or not.

              1. SnowFire says:

                Allan, blood thirsty does not describe someone that is 20+ months along. Your religion is showing through and we all know that = irrational thinking. Also, “good responsible parents” are not the ones that have abortions (if I understand you correctly) so what do you really want?

    2. Good Ol Boy says:


      “If I had an ultrasound at week 21 that revealed a horribly deformed child who would not survive outside my body after delivery”

      How often are these “horribly deformed children who would not survive outside your body after delivery” discovered at week 21 ultrasounds?

      Or are you inventing the argument out of an emotional response?

  9. kevin says:

    Two taxes I do not want to pay. First, I do not want to pay for another abortion. Number two when a person decides not to take responsibility for there sexual behavior I don’t want anything to do as far as supporting a child that they cannot afford to take care of themselves. Time for all you libs to take care of yourselves.

    1. newsjunky says:

      100% correct Kevin
      Hey Dayton, how bout some government funding if I want to conceive a child??

      1. Allan says:

        ya, dinner and drinks are expensive!

        forget it newsjunky, dayton just wants to raise taxes and use the funds to cater a giant gay wedding.

        1. newsjunky says:

          You got that right.

          For some of us…unfortunately it takes more than dinner and drinks (eg fertility drugs/measures)

  10. Curt says:

    Thank you Governor Dayton! For a party that says it want’s government out of our private lives, the Republicans are sure trying to push their social agenda. If you don’t approve of abortion…then don’t do it. Just don’t try to limit it or force others to live by you’re decisions. I shudder to think of what this state would turn into if we didn’t have Mr. Dayton here to hold the line on the legislature. Keep up the great work Governor.

    1. Cerin St.James says:

      “Just don’t try to limit it or force others to live by you’re decisions.”

      Like those that want abortions can force the Public to pay for them?

      Double standard much?

      1. Ed says:

        very well said Cerin.

  11. Life says:

    I don’t understand how human life can be so meanless to some. Why should my money me use for the murder of innocent lives. If you want your money used for that purpose then donate it directly to these clinics. Oh maybe that’s the really question here? How many of you actually give of your own money outside of taxes, perhaps if more gave less gov’t funding would be required. Hense gov’t would have less control over our lives. Life is valueable no matter what stage it is at.

  12. thorchild says:

    Thank you Gov. Dayton. Thanks to you, I will still have the choice to have an abortion when I find out the sex of the fetal tissue (Normally at 20 weeks). I want a boy and not a girl. If it was up to the republicans I would have to keep it if it was a girl.

    1. newsjunky says:

      You are a perfect example of why we should have mandatory sterilization. I know a couple that would gladly take a girl child (infant). But due to pure selfishnish of liberals we continue to abort babies cause they don’t fit with your lifestyle. Hey libs and Gov Dayton, have you all ever watched one of these procedures on ultrasound????? It really is murder…..especially after 20 weeks when the child can live outside of the womb.

      1. SnowFire says:

        Abortion is only pennies compared to a 20 week old living outside the womb… and who is ultimately paying for it, we all are. It is only murder in your religious imagination… can you see their soul in the ultrasound?????

  13. Mel says:

    Sue, you mean unwanted fetuses.

  14. Jim says:

    I disagree with abortion. That said, if we are using our tax dollars to pay for it, let’s include (require) a sterilization at the same time. Why should we continue paying for someone’s irresponsible behavior.

    1. SnowFire says:

      Jim – I would agree to sterilization for all babies and when they are adults and can prove they are worthy and can pay for the procedure, reverse it (assuming that’s possible). Also, no human should be introduced to religion before becoming an adult. What do you think?

  15. Cerin St.James says:

    Kill babies at the public expense and increase taxes in one of the most heavily taxed states in the country. Typical Democrat stupidity..

    1. pss says:

      maybe we should k(&$$ all rebublicans who make moronic statements like cerin stjames you guys are such WHINNERS

  16. Cache says:

    This Dipso proves every day what an airhead we have in the governors mansion!

    Veto, Veto, Veto, Veto, Veto, Veto the dirtbag is a broken record!

    1. Kathy says:

      To me it sounds like a spoiled child not getting his way with the budget – tit for tat. So childish – Oh, but he wants to kill them with this one….

    2. Max says:

      ….KInd of like what Pawlenty did with every DFL-backed bill that landed on his desk.

    3. Paul says:

      cashe he is doing what is right unlike your buddy pawlenty how quickly you rebublicans forget what tpuke did he veotoed more bills than any other govenor in the history of MINNESOTA

  17. Stewart says:

    Contact your representative – me thinks there is a dictator in the gov. mansion –
    executive order, veto – executive order, veto. – executive order, veto ……………………

  18. Mr.Kelly says:

    Why does these right wingers concern for these poor babies end at birth? They will happily let the mother and baby starve.

  19. concerned says:

    All these morons who think it’s their God given right to kill the innocent. I would love to see them watch a dog get an abortion. They would be the first morons up in arms about animal rights! Tree huggers can be so stupid! I mean, get off the bong and join the real world!

    1. King says:

      If you don,t want a abortion don,t get one ! but keep your nose out of someones
      elses business.

    2. Good Ol Boy says:


      Should abortion be illegal?

      If made illegal, where shall we house the criminals who break that law? Will we prosecute those who get one, as well as those who perform one?

  20. Nevis says:

    I thought Libs/ Dems/ Commies were for the little guy. I guess it is a size issue with them.

  21. HHH says:

    According to your logic, anyone who doesn’t have the financial means is better off dead. History teaches that people who participated in some of the most heinous and cruel acts against humanity were justified in their minds that what they were doing was the right thing at the time. It is no different here. Evil is a force that deceives the ones who participate in it. It would have no power if it were shown for what it really was, and therefore, it disguises itself through a kind, caring and open minded liberal mindset. One who commits an abortion must adhere to a completely arbitrary and subjective mindset that somehow the baby is really not a human life until it pops its head out the womb. People couldn’t live with the reality of what they are doing if they saw it for what it really was. In the news the other day, a mother was caught on film trying to suffocate her year old baby. As shocking as this might be to some, the reality is that the killing of a baby is no less wrong just because it is within the womb. During the times of slavery, blacks were not considered human, and during the holocaust, the Jews were considered the Christ killers. In reality, subjective morality is a dangerous thing. I am much more comfortable with the objectiveness of God’s morality, the reasons others reject this concept, is that they want to make up their own rules as they go.

    1. Kathy says:

      You are so right. And those cultures that have fallen to the justifications for their choices in history, corrupted from within and collapsed. I believe our government leaders have forgotten that history lesson.

      1. Good Ol Boy says:

        What would happen if abortion was illegal?

        We’d have to build a thousand more prisons in each state to house the new criminals.

    2. Diane says:

      I remember a story a few years back where a person shot a pregnant woman and killed the baby. They were trying to decide if it was murder or not. Then someone said “well, if the baby was wanted it’s murder”. (even if this statement wouldn’t hold up in court, I read it in the paper) So, a wanted fetus is a baby and an unwanted one is a problem to dispose of. Well with this thought in mind, our older citizens will start to be a drain on society. Who will decide that they are too much of a drain and the best thing would be to dispose of the problem. Didn’t I read something about “death panels” in the new health care that is coming out? About paying a Dr. to tell his/her elderly patients about the “right to die” issue? I think I need to read more on that. Does anyone remember the movie “Soilent Green”? When yiou turned a certain age, everyone had a fairwell party for you and you were disposed of, problem solved.
      That was common practice and people just didn’t know any better. It was accepted, Government assistance for abortions (sorry, they are taxes, coming out of each of our paychecks and going into some general fund) should not be allowed. I would like to see that on the ballot. Abortion should be illegal. My own son thought that his wife should have her woman rights and make decisions until he saw his two beautiful daughters born. He doesn’t feel the same anymore.

      1. Good Ol Boy says:

        “Didn’t I read something about “death panels”

        Nope. You didn’t. That was fabricated by Tea Party doofuses.

        What should be done to people who have an abortion, Diane? Should we put them in prison? Kill them? Imprison or kill the doctor? Will making abortion illegal stop abortions?

        Get your head out of your ……, Diane.

        1. Diane says:

          So since there will be people doing it anyway, we should make it okay? Oh my, that attitude could sure open a kettle of worms. Since people are going to run red lights anyway, lets make it legal, too bad if people get killed? If people are going to go through stop signs anyway, lets take them all down. think about what you are saying. Just because people will do it anyway, DOESN’T MAKE IT RIGHT.

          1. Good Ol Boy says:

            Please also note:

            I didn’t say I considered it RIGHT.

            I just said it’s THEIR RIGHT.

    3. SnowFire says:

      Religion does not equal good morals. Religion is a killer and always has been, when will you get rid of your imaginary freind and get with reality?

  22. Jeff says:

    It’s ashame I wasn’t aborted in 1965. Now I have to live a middle to upper class lifestyle with a beautiful loving wife and two wonderful children.
    I rose like a phoenix out of the ashes of an impoverished family that gave me up for adoption rather than kill me.

  23. C. says:

    I am so glad that Dayton vetoed this bill, and that I can trust him to support womens’ right to be autonomous in their health care decisions. The notion that fetuses feel pain at 20 weeks is not by any means accepted as truth in the medical community.

    It’s clear that many of us are concerned about lowering the abortion rate. If that’s the case, you might consider taking a stand in favor of comprehensive sex ed and family planning programs like Planned Parenthood, which prevents exponentially more abortions than it provides.

    1. Good Ol Boy says:


      What you just said is a LIE.

      Summary of a presentation given by Dr. Paul Ranalli on “Pain, Fetal Development, and Partial-birth abortion” on June 27, 1997. (I personally attended this presentation). Related links are included below.
      The fetus can feel pain at 20 weeks. This is probably a conservatively late estimate, but it is scientifically solid. Elements of the pain-conveying system (spino-thalamic system) begin to be assembled at 7 weeks; enough development has occurred by 12-14 weeks that some pain perception is likely, and continues to build through the second trimester. By 20 weeks, the spino- thalamic system is fully established and connected.

      There are three different indicators providing evidence that the fetus feels pain.

      – pain receptors spread over the body in stages: 8-16 weeks
      – pain impulse connections in the spinal cord link up and reach the thalamus (the brain’s reception center): 7-20 weeks (summarized by Anand, K.J.S., Atlanta)

      – fetuses withdraw from painful stimulation
      – two types of stress hormones, normally released by adults subjected to pain, are released by adults subjected to pain, are releases in massive amounts by the fetus subjected to a needle puncture to draw a blood sample:
      (a) from 19 weeks onward (N. Fisk; London, England)
      (b) from 16 weeks onward (J. Partch; Kiel, Germany)

      – withdraw from pain
      – change in vital signs
      A 20-30 week old fetus actually will feel more pain than an adult. The period between 20-30 weeks is a uniquely vulnerable time, since the pain system is fully established, yet the higher level pain-modifying system has barely begun to develop.

      1. C. says:

        You just cited one presentation on fetal pain. A quick Google search would allow me to copy and paste many studies suggesting that fetuses do not feel pain at 20 weeks. There simply is not a concensus. Even the doctor who spearheaded early research on fetal pain doesn’t identify as pro-life or pro-choice, and has said that he is uncomfortable with his research being appropriated by the pro-life movement. So, nope, not a lie.

        1. Good Ol Boy says:

          Everything you see and hear is another way to bolster your claim and destroy another’s. It really doesn’t matter what that information is, because you wouldn’t believe it anyway, because it flies in the face of what you are already convinced of.

          Filed under “Cognitive Dissonance.”

        2. Good Ol Boy says:

          Everything you see and hear is another argument supporting your feelings on the issue and against the opposition’s.

          Filed under “Cognitive Dissonance” for future reference.

          1. c. says:

            I could say the same to you. We all seek out evidence to back up our convictions.

            Personally, I am uncomfortable with legislation like this because I don’t see enough compelling evidence in its favor.

            1. Good Ol Boy says:

              And you can’t seem to demonstrate any evidence to the contrary either.

              1. C. says:

                The evidence exists, and I’m capable of presenting it; it’s just that I don’t feed trolls 🙂 If you’re genuinely curious, you can Google it.

  24. SD says:

    I have always found it interesting that if I were to have an abortion there would be those who would applaud my decision. But if I killed my newborn I would get locked up. You make a decision to have sex you are opening yourself up to the possibility of having a child. Not ready for that then, as my Mom always said, “keep your legs shut.” I knew that I didn’t want to have a baby or deal with the possibility of an STD so I waited until I was married (at the age of 31) I am glad that I did. Babies shouldn’t have to die because of our irresponsibility and selfishness.

    1. Good Ol Boy says:


      “Babies shouldn’t have to die because of our irresponsibility and selfishness.”

      Fair enough statement.

      But what is your suggestion for enforcing that opinion as a law?

      1. SD says:

        If I had an answer for that one I would run for office. Unfortunately I have to admit, I don’t have a good suggestion only an opinion. Politics and lawmaking are not among my strengths.

        1. SD says:

          I couldn’t comment on the other conversation we were having. As far as using that thing between my ears. LOL. I use it all day long… somtimes though, even I don’t have all the answers. ; ) Thank you, by the way, for the conversation and for challenging me to think about the issue deeper. Maybe one of these days I will find good answers and solutions to the questions you pose.

          1. Good Ol Boy says:

            Thanks for responding again. Sometimes people comment and then won’t defend or analyze their own thought process.

            I hope it came across (I know humor is tough to interpret online) that my “thing between your ears” comment was an attempt at humor, albeit admittedly a weak attempt. I tried to add a smiley to reinforce the humor attempt. 🙂

            I could argue both sides of this issue effectively, because I do understand the root of each side. Not necessarily all the arguments used, but definitely the root sentiment.

            1. Good Ol Boy says:

              Did you really lose your virginity at age 31 on your wedding night?

              1. SD says:

                Yes… and proud of it!

  25. Paul says:

    abotion is a moral issue Not a political issue the issue is between the woman her doctors and there god!

  26. Mel says:

    I “choose” to celebrate the lives of the 45 million baby boys and girls who never had the chance to see a birthday. Each child had a unique, one-and-only dna that determined his or her skin, eye, and hair color. Each chid had the capacity for love, joy, intelligence, greatness and purpose. Each child, although nameless, has an identity. Heaven is full of these children, and although it may not be my right, I want to give these babies names: Katie, Matthew, James, Abbi, Rose, Caleb, Matthew, Alexis, Hope, Christopher, Daniel, Gabriella, Marcus, Cynthia, Anne, Zoe, Marshall, Kip, Joel, Paul, Jay, Mandy, Heidi, Hope…….they deserve to be celebrated and named. Will you join me?

  27. Good Ol Boy says:

    That is not the argument and you can’t compare it to running stop signs. Please stay on topic. This is not a slippery slope argument.

    So tell me please, what should be done to people who have an abortion, solicit an abortion, or perform an abortion. Because obviously, even making it illegal will not stop abortions from happening.


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