Increased Looting In Tornado-Damaged Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO/AP) — Police say there’s been an increase in burglaries in north Minneapolis since Sunday’s deadly tornado, with thieves kicking in doors and using trucks to load up stolen items.

Police announced a tornado aftermath plan Wednesday that includes increased patrols in the area. Those patrols will provide directions and escorts for city staff, work crews and emergency responders. Police say the patrols will deter crime.

Rep. Joe Mullery, DFL-St. Paul, says while some homes are almost unlivable, residents won’t leave because they’re afraid looters will take their belongings. Police Sgt. Stephen McCarty says if that’s the case, he would suggest having neighbors keep watch over each other’s homes.

“There have been reports of people actually staying out with their possessions as they are exposed to the elements and guarding them that way,” McCarty said.

McCarty said individuals who are loitering in the area will be encouraged to leave if they don’t have a legitimate reason for being there.

Police are also advising residents to watch for home repair scams. Although none have been reported, scam artists generally take advantage of disaster situations.

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NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Steve Murphy Reports

  • Sue

    Haven’t these people suffered enough for a bunch of scrum bags to come in and rob them of everything, where are people’s morals. To do this when most of these people lost their house is unconscionable and should be locked up for a very long time.

    • chiquitica

      To Sue, and the racists posting on this site, people who express themselves as ahem, eloquently, as yourself, are the reason I tune in to NPR, not CBS.

    • Ferris

      They are robbing each other….

      • ukiah

        No, blackie is taking from whitie, as they have been givin permission to do. They are too dumb to realize that when whitie has nothing, they will also fall to the level of the starving blacks in Africa who ran off the white land owners that raised the crops to feed them, and ithen allowed the land to lay farrow while they starved. In the meantime thier currency became wothless, and as more white farmers were murdered, or just left for the safety of thier families.They wound up printing 100 trillion dollar bills as inflation swallowed up thier life savings. In time the trillion dollar bill became worthless.and was reduced to a dollar per trillion.All of this was accomplished through the means of political fairness. Sound like a fairy tale, check out Zimbawe. Notice the word Trillion, any similarities?

  • Sammi

    That’s just plain old wrong =(

  • Angela

    The worst part is that it’s their neighbors, neighbors who’ve also lost everything, who are doing the looting.

  • Organize!!!

    The Man can’t or won’t take care of North Minneapolis. North Minneapolis residents must take matters into their own hands. Armed citizen patrols will restore order and send a message to Rybak and the white power structure.The people united will never be defeated!

    • James

      Excuse me, but the racist remark is not germain. If the mayor were still Sharon Sayles Belton, the problem would still be the same. Sad to say.

    • Sick of the victum mentallity of North Mpls

      North Mpls can’t even organize to stop the killing’s in their community what makes you think they will organize citizen patrols? I heard a few of them interviewed on the news “they called themselves us poor down and outs” really, and why is it when I was over there yesterday there were able bodied people both white & black standing around watching the rest of us work! I will not go over to help them again until they learn to help themselves!!!!!!!

      • JamieinMN

        Agreed, you hit it dead on!

      • IwonderIf

        nail on the head!.. Im with you on this one my friend!

      • djp

        I feel the same way…!!

      • hoover

        I heard the same kind of comment about New Orleans – they stook around watching the volunteers, but didn’t bother to do anything to help themselves, their neighbors. Next we’ll hear them whining that it’s a race issue – give me a break……

      • RoJon Whitley

        So very true!!!

    • bcmattson

      Good luck with that. They are robbing from their own neighbors and community! How do you organize a bunch of thieves and criminals? Implement Marshal Law is a better idea.

      • Todd W. Olson

        Is Marshal Law a guy like Marshal Dillon? Or did you mean, perhaps, “martial”?

    • Whitey Fjord

      Yup, blame whitey. It’s a lot easier than actually taking responsibility for your own actions. But that’s at the heart of the issue isn’t it? Just listen to the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, they can make anyone a victim if the white power structure. In the mean time, just enjoy the plentiful entitlement programs, after all, how else are you going to survive if you can’t steal from your neighbors? Just don’t forget who to vote for.

      • Love Whitey Ford


    • F-U-Organize

      Really? the MAN won’t “take care of me”? Heard of EBT or welfare? I’ve spent the past two days on the north side. Know what I’ve seen? A handful of people helping, the rest of them able-bodied folks sitting on their front steps waiting for the Man to come in and do it for them. My neighborhood gets destroyed, my neighbors help me and I help them. Know why? We aren’t freakin worthless north siders. The tornado wasn’t bad. North Mpls needs what Joplin got…

    • Brandon Pryatel

      Wow that is a TERRIBLE idea. Adding more guns and violence is NOT the answer.

    • KM

      But that mentality is also that someone “owes” them now because they are victims of a tornado. Nobody “owes” you anything, but we are willing to help. We are all where we are today because of choices we have made in the past, whether good or bad decisions. Stop tryin’ to make someone else pay for it.

    • djp

      Then I guess those Black Folk better do something…AND stop looting their neighbors!!

    • 5 O. as in PO PO

      And the White Power Structure.

      What a racist comment

  • Char

    The scumbags that are robbing these people should be shot. This is terrible. We need to help these people, not steal from them! How can the robbers live with themselves? Oh, that’s right they have no morals.

    • Trev

      Most likely they are looting from each other…

      Pathetic when you consider there was NO looting in Japan after the earthquakes….

      • GH

        And there aren’t any looting reports in Joplin MO. either. These people make me sick. This is what the rest of the country is reading about Minnesota..that in time of need we steal from eachother!!!

        • Brandon Pryatel

          Also not true. Looting was reported on most news channels regarding Joplin last night. Do not turn your own bias into fact.

          • Oh Woe is Me

            Looters in Joplin were guys that drove down from Chicago

          • Charity

            I am from Missouri and can tell you that yes there is looting going on in Joplin but, most of the looters are coming from out of the area. One news reporter has been mad enough to blast their names and hometowns across the airwaves when they have been caught. It’s disgusting that anyone would do this to a victim of the storms in any state.

  • JB

    This makes me so proud to be from Minneapolis.

  • Dan.

    To Organize.

    What a fool you are. I hope you do take matters into you own hands and end up getting shot for your HIGH morals.

    Your probablly doing some looting yourself today.

    • IwonderIf

      “negroid element”.. .. hmmm got racism?

      • Dale Gribble

        Take your PC babble elsewhere. Maybe you should join me up here to see what your “protected class” is capable of doing.

  • RJ

    Shoot looters them on sight.

    • JR

      sight on them looters shoot

  • RJ

    SShoot looters on sight.

  • Elizabetham

    Sick of the Victum Mentality

    Did you mean VICTIM?

  • IwonderIf

    Talk about kicking some one in the gut when they are down… Wow

  • Paula

    I knew the community of coming together wouldn’t last long!

  • NOMI

    Dear “Dan”: I work full-time and live in Minneapolis. I have never lived on welfare. Please don’t stereotype an entire area based on your wrong notions. I have worked with volunteer efforts every day this week. I am not a “loserr” (note that Dan spelled it that way). Thank you for your respect in comments, as well as at least spelling “loserr” correctly.

  • The Big T

    Have their neighbors watch it…. Funny! It is the neighbors who are doing the looting! Wanna bet who these people voted for in 2008? How about their skin color? Sometimes the truth does hurt but the only options are to ignore it or change it. Government welfare creates an entire class of people who vote for democrats to get more welfare.

    • bigcatMPLS

      Just come out and say what you mean. Not naming names doesn’t not make you a racist.

    • LoveItOrLeaveIt

      The Big T, there is NO need to bring politics into this discussion. It takes the discussion into another area and we don’t need to go there on this forum. That’s for another one.

  • for real

    Polcie escorts for city workers, What a joke!!!! The city council, administrator, mayor and governor should all be embarrassed and ashamed of Minneapolis, especially most of the NORTH SIDE. Seriously these creeps can leave the people alone who have come out to help them and their community, what pieces of trash.
    A start to solving the problem #1 drug test all people who recieve assistance. First bad test-treatment, 2nd bad test a bus ticket for you and your family to some other liberal city, go get their welfare instead of ours. #2 with the money saved by sending people away start a basic life skills education and etiquette classes for the animals/pathetic humans that are spread throught the northside (not all are but many of them up there are) Maybe they will figure out how to live in society and get a J O B—-job if you recieve assistance the classes are mandatory #3 get tough on crime and lock up those committing the crimes and while they are in prison they get drug tested and treatment along with basic life skills, they need to pass several etiquette and basic skills tests or they can rot in prison(shouldn’t have done the crime in the first place), #4 Mandatory work for those on assistance that are not enrolled in school- this would cut down on the need of so many public workers and their pensions- if you get assistance you will learn how to plow city streets-collect garbage-mow city parks and property, etc and once you have developed these skills you can go look for jobs in the private sector- keep some public employees to train and supervise but phase out the public employee laborers as they retire and or quit to find new jobs. This will not solve all the problems, but it would be a good start and could easily be done if the city council and politicians wanted to get serious about improving the quality of life in MN and MPLS NORTH SIDE

  • wtdbuck

    send in the national gaurd.
    shoot looters on site.

  • monica

    WOW when u read some of these comments, makes me wonder where humanity has gone, so if you are from N Mpls you are then labeled a crack head and a drain on society, must be written by people that have only spent time being afraid of the community not embracing it. Crack heads and drains come from all walks of life. WOW

  • for real

    Wow wcco would not post my comment what a joke

  • aunt jemima

    NOMI – laddi f’in dah

  • aunt jemima

    monica — let me see you walking around there at night — bet you wouldn’t

    • Monica

      Actually I have, I grew up some on the N. side then the S. side and now I am in Social services, Id rather lend a hand then condemn people just cause where they live. I also know that it is not the color of someones skin that makes them bad it is sometimes theirs life’s journey sometimes just been in a spiral of what feels like no return. I like the way people judge but what have you done to help? Oh that is right they are poor people so they don’t deserve your help they are just a drain.

      • Whitey Fjord

        Yeah, you’re actually part of the problem Monica. I applaud you for trying to help them but people like you keep giving these savages a pass on their behavior. I agree, there are worthless people of all color. But people make choices, plain and simple. Excusing bad behavior because they’re poor or had an bad upbringing doesn’t help them. It only entices them to continue their behavior because there are no consequences.

        • Monica

          I think that is very funny that you say that my response is I help them help themselves they have goals and I am very big on making them do it themselves I give them the chance then if with the right tools they have made their choice and I leave them to their choices. I believe in accountability, I can hold their hand through some processes but then I have to let them either fly or fall that is up to them. But Id rather be a part of the solution then just tell them they are worthless they have been told that long enough after a while you believe it until someone shows u a different way. Then you are absolutely right, people make their own choices but don’t think everyone has choices.

          • Whitey Fjord

            Everybody has choices, and to assume otherwise is naïve and ill informed. The problem is people would rather do the easy wrong, than the hard right. And when we make excuses for those individuals, it only perpetuates that line of decision making.

            • Al.

              I live in North, my neighbors aren’t robbing me and I am not robbing them. Don’t take what very few idiots are doing and apply it to an entire area. So many judgements on this page, so few of you have actually ever been in that area or done anything but listen to what you hear on TV or read in a comment section. Bravo for making such wild and wide accusations.

              • Monica

                This is how prejudice spreads ignorance and just venting anger from another source on things that they read and do not look into themselves. I am so sad to read the judgments on this page and see that people are so full of hate. I know there are good people over North and if this happened in a suburb same things would be happening. Anyone notice the WHITE guy in White Bear Lake that stole the Miracle Network donations from SA. Instead of using all the energy on hate, try helping. What you put out there comes back to you. For me I will put out peace, prayers & love. Sure some idiot will attack this, but I already know where you come from so it won’t bother me.

                • Good Ol Boy


                  White people will steal by embezzling and diverting funds and misappropriating cash from businesses.

                  Black people will bust the lock and sneak in and take it out from under your nose and put it in their livingroom next door, or put a gun in your face and rip it out of your hands.

  • Power-to-da-homies..

    All the worlds problems can be solved with a hug..

    Looters are simply misunderstood lost souls!!

    At least that’s what my politcian has told me..

  • for real

    Try this againg. First the city council, mayor, and governor should all be embarrased and ashamed that the police need to provide escorts for the city workers that are trying to help clean up the north side. Second, many of the residents on the North Side themselves should be ashamed of themselves what a bunch of animals.

    A start to fix the problems: #1 drug test all people getting assistance 1st bad test treatment,,,2nd bad test a bus ticket for you and your immediate family members to go to some other liberal state and get their welfare, not ours. #2 provide community education to the people that need it like basic finance classes-how to balance a checkbook, by a car, etc and basic etiquette classes so they can fit in to society–if you are on assistance this is a mandatory and must show and understanding of the classes. #3 if you are on assistance and not in school you will work- we will happily provide daycare as you learn how to plow city roads, mow city parks, pick up trash and garbage routes in the city ( we can phase this in as city or public employee positions open up upon people retiring and if people quit- this over time will elimate some of the public payroll and pensions) if they are able bodied they can do the most basic labor jobs for the city. Keep the public employees for training them and management. They will get skills and eventually be able to get off assistance and get a job in the private market. #3 get serious on crime and lock up those committing the offenses, fund the courts and prisons properly #4 while in prison mandatory life training and basic education requirements-if you dont pass rot in jail (shouldnt have committed the crime in the first place) will not solve all problems but would be a good start to cleaning up some of the jerks that live on the North Side

  • Some insight

    To get a better perspective of why residents in depressed neighborhoods act as they do, read “Black Boy” by Richard Wright.

    • Good Ol Boy

      Richard Wright the communist (and proud of it) expatriate who moved to France to write about how horrible whites are?

      Basically, if you think you have someone to blame, act out violently against them. Great message.

  • GET A JOB!

    This makes me upset, what ever these people have left know some SOBS have to still. It’s probably more likely drugys supporting there little habit’s or people that do not work. Who ever is doing this GET A JOB! YOU LOSERS!

    • GET A JOB!


      • Just Me

        I don’t comment on the lack of writing skills very often, but I can’t get past yours. Whatever mistake your second post was supposed to correct is not clear. And just so you know, it wasn’t the only mistake. Please take a remedial English writing class to increase your spelling and punctuation skills. It’s difficult trying to figure out what you were trying to say.

  • kevin

    Mayor Rybak, why have you not asked the govennor to bring in the national guard to protect these poor peoples property that they have left. Show some leadership as mayor instead of saying everything is alright.

    • GET A JOB!


      • more insight

        Because Kevin, it’s not their property. It’s the landlords, that are collecting $ from the state for low income housing.

        • Wondering About This

          I don’t understand — don’t the renters have ANY personal property, or are all the homes rented completely furnished? I highly doubt that. So how is the property the landlord’s that’s being looted?

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