Lawyer Ordered To Pay $15M To Assault Victim

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The former Minneapolis attorney convicted of sexually assaulting a boy has been ordered to pay $15 million into a trust fund for his victim.

Aaron Biber is serving an 18-year prison sentence for abusing his son’s friend. Authorities say the boy was 11 years old when Biber started “grooming” him for a sexual relationship.

The victim, now 15, is getting inpatient psychological treatment outside the state.

Biber, a former partner at the Grant Plant Mooty, has been disbarred.

  • Victim Du Jour

    Doesn’t this make a financial incentive to be a sex abuse victim?

    Seems like Public Schools and the DFL Teachers Unions should be paying out multi-Million Dollar sex abuse settlements too.

    • I knew you were a victim

      What makes you think you can extrapolate the end result from this specific case and apply to more broadly to other examples of sexual abuse? You obviously lack any legal training. Or any logical comprehension for that matter….so explain to us how you reached your conclusion based on this 3 paragraph report.

      • Todd W. Olson

        He’s demonstrated repeatedly that he has absolutely no understanding of basic legal principles. He is capable of a certain clever sophistry suitable for barroom banter, but nothing more.

        • Victim Du Jour

          Basic Legal Principles is reading and Understanding the basic text of the United States and Minnesota Constitutions.

          Lawyers purposely ignore the “Basic Principles”, because they can’t charge thousands of dollars to plead guilty for people.

          • Todd W. Olson

            Also note the irregular and idiosyncratic capitalization. This is frequently evidence of mental disturbance.

            • Victim Du Jour

              I do pretty good one pecking away at a smartphone. Even when I have to re-type stuff when the moderator filters posts.

              • Todd

                Put the phone down when you are driving. Really, is it that important?

      • Victim Du Jour

        Sounds like the victim was grooming this guy too, for money. How do you get 14 Million Dollars from a convicted Felon in Prison.

        Does Perkins hire convicted sex offenders? Maybe they can garnish his paycheck when he gets out.

    • me

      I look forward to the day you’re banned from posting.

      • Victim Du Jour

        Are you a Socialist? Even Churchill said Socialism doesn’t work without punishing people for free speech.

        • me

          No, I’m a vocalist. I speak out against injustice.

          • Victim Du Jour

            And you think people who don’t think like you are not allowed to voice their opinion in Public.

            Too bad the United States embraces free speech and dissent.

            • WHAT?????

              That is where you are wrong. You have not post an opinion on this page, therefore the last post and all above it should be negated. An opinion is “I think…” not “Doesn’t this make a financial incentive to be a sex abuse victim?” That would be a question. The only thing that could be an opinion is that you do not trust lawyers. You talk about “Basic Legal Principles” but we may want to stick with basic English for right now as you cannot change the definition of words to suit what you want them to be. It is absolutely insulting to anyone who has ever been the victim of sexual abuse to say that they were trying to have it done to them so that maybe, someday, they might see some money from it. You are a disgusting human being (and I use that term loosely) if that is your “opinion”. Not even close to a funny joke if that is what you were after. It is not right to cut people off from blogging as it was stated earlier, but WOW, you should just be ashamed to have a post like that and if you cannot see what I mean by this then you are more lost than I could possibly imagine.

              It is better to be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Way too late for you but I hope others can learn from it.

  • Pig!

    What a disgusting pig. I say drop him off in the mountains of Pakistan. Let the terrorists have at him.

    • We

      I say light him up and watch him burn like a human candle!!!

  • Kodiak

    Hopefully he has assets to pay for the judgement. He should be penniless the rest of his life.

  • TCB55016

    Good now how about you go after more Catholic priests and make them pay

  • Inexplicable

    To VIctim Du Journey
    The kid is in a freaking psych hospital because of this creep. Biber is claiming poverty so this is likely a Monopoly money award for the kid. Exactly how much Monopoly money, or real money for that matter, is a lost childhood and wrecked life worth? I doubt many kids would sign up fpr such a “great” deal. Wanna sign your kids or grandkids up for this potential windfall? Biber seemingly had it all and imploded, wrecking this kid’s life and his own kid’s lives not to mention his own life. It just boggles the mind.

  • d

    No racists for this story. Baby F*ker

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