MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — People Magazine is reporting that former Minnesota Gophers basketball star Kris Humphries is engaged to celebrity Kim Kardashian.

Humphries, now a forward for the New Jersey Nets, reportedly proposed to her after six months of dating.

People Magazine reported Humphries presented the reality TV star with a 20.5-carat diamond engagement ring.

The 6-foot, 9-inch Humphries was born in Minneapolis and graduated from Hopkins High School before playing basketball at the University of Minnesota.

Comments (20)
  1. yep says:

    I give the marriage less than a year if they even make it to the altar.

    1. YoMaMJ says:

      For the sanctity of marriage – it has to work!!! #NoH8MN

    2. Rick Betts says:

      Let’s not give Kris too hard of a time. If the marriage does in fact happen (whether it lasts one week or one year), at least he won’t have to wake up next to the same mistake Lamar Odom does every day.

  2. Ick says:

    Well, she went through the entire Lakers team, now she’s moved on to the Nets. Why is that girl famous anyway? To help teach our daughters that being beautiful does not automatically give you class or brains?

    1. YoMaMJ says:

      Ick – she is famous because her father, Robert Kardashian, was one of OJ Simpson’s attorneys that got him acquitted of murder. (And her step dad is Bruce Jenner) Come on – American LOVES her.

  3. Lee says:

    Yeah, like YoMaMJ stated “American LOVES her.”

  4. Sue says:

    AND he is not cute!

  5. Rick Betts says:

    You forgot that she made a name for herself by releasing an x-rated sex tape with Ray J (Brandi’s little brother and “satr” of a sleazy VH1 reality show). It was only after that did she become a household name.

  6. Reasonable says:

    I now pronounce you plastic body and wooden personality overshadowed by the complex acting capabilities of Keeanu Reeves…

  7. That'd Be Nice says:

    Hmmm, I wonder if Jessica Biel wants to date a nice boy from her homestate?

  8. me says:

    Let me be the first (here, anyway) to wish them the best.

  9. Terry says:

    Good thing his name is spelled with a K……………………..Good luck !

  10. Let me be the second one says:

    Let me be the second one to wish them the best. I think Kim seems like a nice person. I never met her in person, but seems she is nice and she is very pretty also. Maybe some people are just jelous of her looks and in general. So they have to say bad thing’s about her. Anyway’s congrat’s to Kim !

    1. ?? says:

      What does jelous mean? Is that the stuff in her fake boobs?

      1. Let me be the second one says:

        You do not know what it means? I do not understand why people are so rude in this world and can not say anything nice no wonder why this world some day like God says will come to and end! Only God knows when Know one else does! If you were getting married wouldn’t you want someone to say something nice to you! As far as what I meant when I said maybe some people were jelous is what I said, Kim is pretty and seems nice and in general. It sounds like when people have to say something bad about someone they do not like them and are jelous more likely about something about that person!

        1. me says:

          I agree. I came on to say something snarky and sarcastic but after reading the existing comments, decided to wish them well since no one else had. Do I wish I looked like her? Oh yeah! But that’s nature fault, not Kim’s so why not wish them the best?

          1. Let me be the second one says:

            Me ~ 🙂

        2. ?? says:

          Oh, you mean jealous! It was a joke, get over yourself… I love the way you bash the people writing here because they don’t agree with you and then claim it’s in God’s name. God loves everyone, jealous people, and even hyprocrites like you.

  11. tic says:

    she just need a money tree…..remember prenup

  12. W. Chamberlain says:

    Been there, done that……with her Mom.

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