ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton is taking his push for a top-tier tax hike around the state Thursday as a budget standoff with Republicans continues.

The Democratic governor is visiting Austin, Mankato, Moorhead and Duluth to highlight local cuts he says would result from the GOP’s budget.

Minnesota is headed for a special session and potential government shutdown after Dayton vetoed that budget.

Instead he wants to raise income taxes for the top earners to spare the rest of the taxpayers from paying more.

Dayton’s tour comes two days after top Republican lawmakers flew around the state.

Back in St. Paul, the state GOP has unveiled a new website blaming Dayton if a shutdown happens. GOP Chairman Tony Sutton says Republican lawmakers are united against Dayton’s position.

WCCO’s Susie Jones Interviews Tony Sutton

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Comments (76)
  1. Sue says:

    Hang tough Dayton, don’t budge a inch let them come to you, you have given in already way too much. I totally believe in you.

    1. Nottoomuchmoneynomore says:

      Simple……let the Racino begin!!!!! More jobs, helps budget deficits, etc. Please I am a State employee that will soon be shutdown. I have done nothing to deserve this.

  2. John Sherman says:

    Why not start first things first that being the cost of state govt and increasing employee benefits so that they too contribute then look at WHY no major companies come to Minn and i mean major to replace the loss in last few years of major corps and more importantly why the companies in Minn don’t expand rather than gp to other states,the sole platform of EVERY DEM ADMINISTRATION IF RASING TAXES IN LIEU OF CREATING JOBS WHICH WOULD INCREASE REVENUES AND THIS GOV IS NO DIFFERENT rasing taxes on the top 2% wiil ACOMPLISH 0 it will only continue to misplace the hatred of class warfare.

    1. Liz says:

      Well… Minnesota is actually in the top 5 of states with the most Fortune 500 company headquarters and top 10 with most Fortune 1000 headquarters. So we’re actually pretty good on that front.

      Second, it’s not like a lot of companies are moving to other states, as more as moving to other countries. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing because it doesn’t really matter where a company is headquartered more as how much are they hiring in your respective geographic location. Also, you need to take a look at your hiring pool. Is the majority of the unemployed hirable according to each positions requirements? And so on.

      Really, to blame a person on something in a global economy is just silly. The govenor or president can’t control what the economy does because there are so many factors influencing what does and does not happen. I mean… really.

      1. Josh says:

        Well said, Liz.

    2. jim says:

      then where ARE those jobs that the rich keep claiming they’ll produce if they get a tax cut? huh? where are they?

      1. Paul says:

        third world countries were they can pay minimal wages

    3. The wealthy should pay more says:

      State public employees DO contribute to their own pensions. Unlike alot of counties which provide fully paid medical insurance after retirement state public employees have none but the option of paying what the state pays for health insurance. State employees have gone decades without a reasonable cost of living increases while our federal employees ahve enjoyed lavish wage and benefit increases. When times are good private sector employees can enjoy those generous end of the yar bonuses which they use to purchase new cars. State employees continue to drive their 10 year old car until they have saved enough to replace it. Under Pawlenty everyone of us has seen property toxes go through the roof. which is resulting in record numbers of foreclosures. Increased property taxes do not hurt the wealthy, but harms the middle income earners the most. So, I agree with Gov. Dayton that the wealthy taxpayers should be able to pay more so unnecessary burdon isn’t placed on the middle income earners.

    4. Tom says:

      John Sherman

      Show me proof that raising taxes kills job growth? What creates job growth? Is it taxes? Or is it supple and demand?

  3. kevin says:

    Take your tour thru north oaks and see how those people feel. Or don’t they count.

  4. marie says:

    flew around the state WOW!! every heard of a thing called a car like the rest of us have to travel in… your making yourselves look bad as usual!!

  5. Victim Du Jour says:

    So we need too incite class warfare on rich people to pay for our Jerry Springer Show court system? And hand out $10,000 checks to gay students who feel bullied in Public Schools?

    1. Not wealthy but a hard worker says:

      I think you have it backwards. The “rich” people have been conducting class warfare on the rest of society for hundreds of years.

    2. jim says:

      what “jerry springer show court system” are you talking about?

      and ANY student … gay or otherwise … who suffers undue hardships at another’s hand should be compensated somehow.

      1. Michael B says:

        @Jim and Not Wealthy

        It’s no use even commenting on Victim Du Jour’s posts. He’s a conspiracy theorist, scientologist, troll. Posting on WCCO is all he does all day.

        1. Victim Du Jour says:

          So is the movie AVATAR a “Conspiracy”

          Dumb Space Marines invading a Planet of Space Native American Indians, killing and destroying the Planet under the direct order of an evil Corporation and Shareholders?

          The biggest Human rights violations in Earths History have been committed Socialists, not Corporations.

      2. Charlie says:

        What?! Compensated somehow?
        I agree with stopping and punishing those that do it…
        But why open that other door? Every victim must be paid?
        No wonder the attorneys love you guys…
        But, how did we get on this topic anyway…
        I thought we were here to slam Skid-Mark Dayton!

      3. Youvegottobejoking says:

        Are you kidding me Jim?

        I was picked on in Junior high. Are you saying I should have sued and got money? You are pathetic and stand for everything that is wrong in the U.S. today. PATHETIC.

        The minute you think life is fair, you’ve already failed.

  6. SR says:

    All I have to say is that BOTH the governor and the state legislature are to blame. The GOP leaders should NOT be flying around the state, and neither should the governor. Both sides SHOULD be working on getting this budget mess taken care of. BOTH SIDES are to blame. If it were possible, I’d say recall them all and FIRE them since they couldn’t be bothered to do their jobs!

  7. Victim Du Jour says:

    Everyone should have the same tax rate, it’s called “Equality”

    It’s not rich peoples fault the Government is having a hard time paying to put people who pee in a bush, felony court cases for pet murderers and free dental care for meth addicts.

    1. jim says:

      so, the people who have 90% of the $ shouldn’t pay 90% of the taxes?

      1. Class Envy says:

        Jim I don’t care how much people earn. Everyone should pay the same dollar amount not related to the percentage of their income. Besides it is the bottom earners who use the most services. Only a liberal could call paying way more dollars for using the least amount of services appropriate. Using the percent of income as opposed to the percent of overall taxes paid is not logical. The problem is every one of the liberal posters get some form of assistance from the government moreso than they paid in or more aptly more because they didn’t pay anything in. It still baffels me that you all focus on taking from others and using crazy, twisted arguments rather than focus on yourself and getting ahead in life the way the producers did. Hard work, smart work, no class envy. It is amazing how you can move along when you erase class envy from your mind.

        1. TiredOfHandoutstoWealthy says:

          It is the private businesses that are “ripping us off”. They are the ones contributing to the bottom wage earners not being able to make it on their own. They pay their managers and stock holders big money, but their workers minimum wage, no health or pension benefits – leaving the rest of us taxpayers to help out their workers.

          If these private businesses would pay liveable wages and benefits, their workers would pay more income taxes and not need government assistance. If these business can’t do that, they should be paying more taxes.

          If you really believe the people work the hardest make the most money, you are crazy! Some of the hardest working people are those bottom wage earners. And there is class structure in the US. Just look around at your neighbors, friends and families and you’ll see how many follow the job/wage patterns within their own families. There are certainly exceptions of people moving ahead, but it is hard to get out of those bottom jobs. You don’t have the connections, the verbal or social skills, the confidence or simply the monetary means (transportation, clothes, proper hair cut, good dental care, etc etc – all of which costs money) to be considered or accepted for these other higher-paying jobs.

          1. Class Envy says:

            @TiredOfHandousttoWealthy you have fell into the trap set by the liberals and progressives. I said hard and smart workers. Blind dooerbee hard work isn’t going to do it in today’s society because there is competition amongst people for jobs. Many people went through the same system and did just fine. Yes some maybe are just more talented and thus live a better lifestyle. I’m glad that the Dr’s out there that worked harder and smarter than I did because I was not talented enough or willing to work hard enough to select premed as my college major way back when. There is no class structure and that is the point of this country. We call all be successuful through good choices and again that hard work whether it be in college or wherever plus that smart work. I would think Obama is a good example of that. Your post highlights the victim mentality to a T. Everyone is afraid and unwilling it seems to do the hard work that makes so many successful and so many on the government dole and posting about how they are all victims.

    2. Diane says:

      i am NOT in that top 2%, not by a looong shot, but if they went to college and worked hard and then came out of college and applied their talents to their careers, they most likely worked 50 to 60 hours a week to build there incomes, how can you ask them to pay for people who may have lost their jobs and are idling there time away till they have to go and find something. And please don’t say it doesn’t happen that way, I personally know many of them. They will work when they have to, and will receive state aid in the meantime because it’s their “due” (or so they think). I’m sorry, you are taking away the idea that you can work hard and better yourself and your situation without being penalized.
      I know that there are those who truly need help and we should do that, but there are way too many of them that can get out and work or do something to help themselves. Do we really want to get to the point where the government takes all the money and doles out what it believes we need? No free enterprise, no chance to better yourself. There is a word for this type of government and I believe we have fought against it in the past.
      But I do agree that both parties have to get back into their seats and finish the budget. Blame is not totally one sided here.

  8. wtdbuck says:

    dayton did do his job by vetoing that pi$$ poor bill.
    all that bill would do is hurt everybody BUT the richest amonst us!!!!!!
    he has already gave in to much because they won’t budge a bit. they are there to work for all of us not just a few who buy the reps.

    1. pathetic says:

      “Richest” and “Rich” are pretty different things. Dayton thinks $200,000 per year is rich. I beg to differ. By saying “richest 5 or 10%” is completely different. That bracket already pays for 80% of the taxes in this state.

      How about tax equality? How about stop giving breaks to deadbeats that pop out kids without any financial security?

      Too many people in this state play victim, and too many people feel entitled to a way of life. Grow up people.

      1. Chris says:

        You nailed tht one and we agree 100%!

        Thank you for that post… I was getting worried about getting trampled by the liberals that want to give it all away!

  9. Victim Du Jour says:

    Hitler blamed everything on rich people too.

    Nazis blamed rich Jews, and Democrats blame rich people and Catholics.

    1. jim says:

      no … democrats don’t blame rich people. nor have they ever. please use facts next time.

  10. JIM says:

    yet again, republicans prove they are NOT for the common citizen.

    1. CC says:

      Define common citizen please.

      1. Chuck says:

        Great point… everyone has such a different perception of themselves!

  11. Ziggy Wilf says:

    Governor Dayton was elected on his platform of having the slackers pay more taxes. So, maybe that means that many Minnesotans want the slackers to pay more taxes.

  12. BeenThereDoneThat says:

    How pray tell it going to hurt you? Is there some govt hand out you might not be getting. be specific…the congress spent what it had to spend …not what it doesn’t have. I live by a budget…don’t you? And I don’t fall anywhere near that “wealthy” catagory. Just getting by debt free on 31K.

    1. Chris says:

      Yes… there has to be a benefit that is causing the rub…

      Everyone is just worried about how it affects them = losing entitlements!

      We need to do more trimming and we will all adapt just fine….

  13. GA says:

    It’s the richest amongst us who create the jobs. There are not enough rich people to tax that would make up for the deficit. Wake up and use your heads.

  14. Victim Du Jour says:

    The 1924 Democratic National Convention is the largest recorded Ku Klux Klan Rally in US History.

    So the Democratic Party is on record hating Catholic and Jews before the Nazi Party existed.

    Democrats are always throwing something under the bus to support their plantations.

    1. Michael B says:

      Another conservative with no comprehension of partisan political history. In 1924, the Democratic party was on the conservative end of the political spectrum, and the Republican party was in the finest days of its “progressive era”…which is why sufferagists were Republicans. I don’t think anyone who stands for egalitarianism would be a Republican today (the party that is AGAINST the equal pay act when women are still averaging less money per every dollar a man makes for the same job).

      1. Victim Du Jour says:

        You don’t get it, based on scientific records. The DNC is the only party with Ku Klux Klan history.

        Conservatives in the GOP don’t have anything to feel guilty for.

        1. Michael B says:

          Now I see!!! Thank you!!! Because the Democratic Party, when the party platforms were reversed, harbored racists…the racism of the CURRENT Republican party is excused! Pristine logic, Victim Du Jour. Once again.

      2. Victim Du Jour says:

        You can watch footage of Dr Martin Luther King Jr responding to Former President Truman saying he would refuse service to black people on “Meet the Press”

        Around the same time President Eisenhower was using National Guard troops to protect black Protesters.

        1. Michael B. says:

          Oh…I see now! Because the Democratic Party, when the party platforms were reversed, harbored racists…the racism/sexism/homophobia of the CURRENT Republican Party are excused. Pristine logic yet again, Victim Du Jour. Republicans USED to advocate for women’s rights, so now that they are against the equal pay act they can be excused.

          1. Victim Du Jour says:

            Based on Scientific records in the National archives and the Library of Congress. The Democrats are the only Party with a Ku Klux Klan History.

            Out of 19 Dixiecrat US Senators, only 2 Switched to the GOP. The rest of them stayed put in the Democratic Party.

            You can’t file a lawsuit against RC Cola, or Coca-cola because Pepsi polluted the environment. Sorry to burst your pothead college urban myths.

            1. Frank says:

              The Dixiecrats were like 60 years ago, not now. There is no longer a Senator in the Republican party you could consider liberal or moderate, nor a Democrat you could consider conservative (the moderates are still welcome) .While only the late Senator Byrd was the only democrat serving in the Senate ever to be linked to the KKK. Considering that in recent years it has only been Republican proposals the KKK has come out and supported, it would only be the misguided or misinformed who would make a big deal out of the Democratic party’s history with the KKK.

              1. Victim Du Jour says:

                The only way to call the GOP racist is to change the definition of racism, and pretend voting against MLK day is worse than Democrats lynching blacks in Duluth Minnesota during the 1920’s.

                The Ku Klux Klan is virtually non-existent and far less dangerous. You are more likely to get lynched by a minority street gang, than experience violence from the KKK (based on real crime stats)

                Elected Democrats are on record ordering attack dogs and fire hoses on black Protesters, openly endorsing and promoting the practice of lynchings. History centers have hard copy evidence of democrat publications of Hit lists for lynchings. And even LBJ is transcripted in public hearings opposing anti-lynching laws.

                Welcome to the world of Hard Science, you will have a hard time finding any hard evidence the GOP has ever behaved on the same level as the DNC.

                1. Frank says:

                  In your world without your medications there is a problem discerning the actions of a person who was a member of the organization and the current organization. In an organization, actions done by people who long ago passed away are forever the responsibility to future members of the organization? Whatever was done was done by someone labeled as a Democrat at the time. It is not the current people. Please provide a source for the hit list.

                2. Victim Du Jour says:

                  Dude, Dixiecrats existed in the Democratic Party when David Duke ran for President on a DNC ticket, and Rob Lowe was making a sex tape at a hotel near the convention.

                  Dixiecrats are on record voting against Clarence Thomas

      3. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

        Michael B, Victim Du Jour is a troll that goes into forums and consistently takes a position to incite comments. He’s been here before and on other forums, too. I choose to just ignore him now when I see him here after getting into a verbal match with him some time ago. He lost, but that’s not the point. He always claims to have facts but they are “facts” that he has twisted in his mind to bolster the position he’s espousing. Hopefully he’ll just go back down to his mommy’s basement and play his video games, and leave the comments to adults. We can only hope!

        1. Victim Du Jour says:

          If you audit Congressional records, the Democrats are the only party with anti-civil rights accomplishments. That is a Scientific fact, and you are in denial like Nazis who say the holocaust is a lie.

          1. Michael B says:

            You just keep talking, Victim Du Jour, and keep ignoring the point that everyone has made -which is past racism doesn’t excuse present-day racism. I would much rather be a part of a party that has a history of racism, but abhors it presently, than one that is presently, apologetically racist. THAT is a scientific fact (although you using that phrase shows that the scientific method is something that eludes you).

        2. Michael B says:

          I just wish they could block his email address. Somebody with that much time on their hands should get offline and do something with their lives. Or maybe his we could get his mom to take his privileges away!

          1. Victim Du Jour says:

            Democrats deny their Ku Klux Klan History, like the Nazis deny the holocaust.

            Of course you don’t like free speech, democrats inspired Nazism.

            1. Michael B says:

              I love free speech, can’t stand internet trolls. Funny how you never address anything we’ve said (about BEING a troll, or about past versus present). You can’t win, so you just get more and more ridiculous…

              Go find some real work.

  15. Walker says:

    The Republicans blame the Democrats for waste in government. For 8 years thee was a a Republican administration. In 8 years they could not figure out what to trim out what they were in charge of administering. Now the legislature is saying we have to trim things. If there were things to be trimmed Pawlenty could have accomplished that. The alternative is that if they had accomplished it, the Republicans wouldn’t have anything to complain about so there is no real incentive for them to change things.
    If you look at what the Republicans are trying to cut out, it is not the people called “freeloaders” by many on this board but the working poor and disabled. The cuts to LGA, which are only about a third of the budget, would be to Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Duluth. Note which party carried those area. I could have a lot more respect for the Republican position if it was nothing but political grandstanding. Their goal is to appease the base, not make Minnesota a better place more efficiently run.

  16. Victim Du Jour says:

    Hitler accused FDR of being arrogant like millionaire class when he declared war on the United States.

    1. Genetic Fallacy says:

      Hitler also wore pants. Are YOOOOU wearing pants, Victim Du Jour?????

  17. BeenThereDoneThat says:

    You forget the Democratic congress…there is little a Governor can do on his own except veto

  18. Carl says:

    Mark Dayton is Governing exactly as he said he would. The GOP, however, has abandoned their jobs creation platform for an extreme social agenda.

    And Tony Sutton has the nerve question the Governor’s stability after the way the GOP crumbled to the American Taliban. Bizarre.

    1. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

      Questioning Governor Dayton’s “stability” is a Right Wing way of attacking him because he has admitted to suffering from depression. The GOP doesn’t come out and say what they mean. No, they do a sneak attack. They have no compassion for people with mental illnesses as they have demonstrated by cutting Medicaid for the poor, and Pawlenty’s attack on the elderly on Medicare who need Medicaid help. But to attack our Governor for getting help with a mental disease. It wouldn’t be an issue if he had diabetes!

      The GOP have really sunk to a new low — just when I thought they couldn’t sink any lower. I’m embarrassed to call them fellow Minnesotans!

  19. granny says:

    I do not recall Tonny Sutton being on the ballot. Our government is for the people not for the Republican party. Because of the no new tax ere I am paying increased taxes for schools on my property tax both district #281 and #118 where my lake property is located. Adding $900 sshool district taxes is raising taxes. I am retired and don’t have children in schools in either district. All of you review your tax and you will see just what you are paying for.
    After watching hours of televised coverage of the last legislature session I am convinced no comprimise is in the near future.

    1. Jack Hoff says:

      Tony Sutton reminds me of Jabba the Hut.

    2. Derrick says:

      @ granny. Since you have kids and grandchildren or you could not be granny there is a problem with your complaint on taxes. When your kids went to school your property taxes did not pay for their education. Other people without kids paid for your kids to go to school. Although the GOP and earlier Governor Pawlenty want to tell schools what to teach and how to teach it, they did not then nor now want to pay for it. As far as Tony Sutton goes, don’t eat at his chain of restaurants.

      1. granny says:

        I am not complaining about paying taxes, I was saying the $900 is additional school levy because of referendums added to property taxes as a result of needed funding. We will all pay one way ot the other fees, taxes you put your own name on it, if you think otherwise it is not true.
        In the years of Pawlenty my property taxes more than doubled. Yes my children went to school, private school so I also paid additional fees and never complained. Educating our children was a priority to me and I hope it is to others as well. At the time our gross income was never more than 25K a year and sacrifices were made. I believe every one of us can dig a little deeper to help those who need it. However it needs to be fairly for all. Honestly I can not afford to eat out at Tony’s restaurant or any other one. Sutton or any party head has no place in making policy. For what it is worth I voted for the “other guy”.l

    3. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

      Many Senior Citizens are being taxed out of their homes — thanks to Pawlenty’s “I’m not raising taxes.” methods. Shifting the burden to the Cities, and raising fees on State services WAS raising taxes. However, to the GOP, if you give it a new name, they think it’s different. Remember their recent claim that stopping giving oil company’s tax breaks was “raising taxes on the oil companies”? For me, though, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it’s a duck. I think all reasonable people will agree.

  20. Steve Petersen says:

    I am a common citizen and a conservative. In this state you are burned at the stake for being logical. All I hear is more tax, not enough tax, take from the rich and give to the poor. Who gets to determine rich, the poor? The liberals? Why is your way correct, and how can we hurt you by giving you a little less of what we earn. I work 70 hour a week trying to make it and keep my employes working. I am called rich because I work so hard to have something. A budget was passed and Dayton refused to sign it. Who isn’t working with whom? I am tired of hearing how I do not care about my fellow man, when I am being forced to care for him. To the whinny State employee my vehicle is a 2005 and it has 175,000 miles on it and I can’t buy a new one because I have to worry about your pay raise. Do you care the for the last four years, each year I have made less.
    Steven Petersen

    1. Walker says:

      @Steve. Logical? Please explain how in 8 years as governor Tim Pawlenty could not expose the waste in the system. Explain how he could not find a way to make the government more efficient. They were in charge of the administration. He had a hand picked cabinet members that controlled each an every facet of government. The whinny government employee is no different than the person who works for you. Looking for an honest wage for a honest days work. The Republican plan still does not reduce the “freeloaders”. It cuts money to the working poor and disabled or elderly needing care. Why cut there? Easy. If these people cannot be in their homes, they have to be in institutions. Those institutions make money, more than home care. The rest of their budget plan was flawed as well. Rather than negotiate, the Republican legislators said give us more money and call a special session.

  21. Steve's Been Conned says:

    @Steve Peterson
    If that’s the kind of car you drive, and if you’re financially concerned about buying a new one, chances are you’ve let the GOP con you into thinking you’re wealthy.
    Furthermore, a tax hike is more likely to go towards education and infrastructure, than it is to go to a pay raise for a government employee. Unless, if by ‘pay raise’ you mean a teacher gets to keep their job next year, and class sizes don’t have to go up to 45 in a room.

    Maybe you should stop being so “whinny”. But who’s talking about horses, anyways?

  22. Steve Peteresn says:

    It is easy for someone to have a comment and not say who they are. I believe the State was controlled by the liberals for the last eight years, not Pawlenty and I think he was middle of the road. Nameless, feels I was conned yet they believe that the State employees are like my employees. You need to pull your head out of something because I can’t tax anyone to cover my losses. Keeping my employees working is on my back not the tax payers. Maybe a few lay offs will make the State employees do what I have to do, find ways to operate on last years budget like I am doing. If I sound Whinny it is because I have had 50 years of listenin to the liberals in this State. State employes have choices just like me, go get a different job, however if I get a different job 20 people loss theirs. If the State employee quits how many people will loss there job?
    Steve Petersen

    1. Steve 's Been Conned says:

      @Steve Peteresn

      If a teacher loses their job, they may not be taking anyone with them, but you can be sure that it hurtful to the children. And, believe it or not, EVERY year schools have to operate on the same amounts as the previous year (unless the governor decides to with all of it until the following year). Great teachers are laid off every year- are you more important than teachers? Well… judging by the fact that you misspelled your own name, they aren’t high on your list.

  23. Gordon O., St. Paul says:

    Suppose your employer came to you and said,”You know, you have been doing a REALLY good job here. So to reward you, I want to take a percentage of your hourly wage/ salary.” Would you let him/her do that?! Of course not! You might even sue them for even making such a suggestion.
    So why should we penalize the rich or successful for doing well? Maybe they just know something about how to handle money that you or I don’t. It is illogical and unjust to tax the rich just because they have the $$. It’s also a pretty poor excuse for the less-educated (notice I didn’t say the less-advantaged) to expect more from the so-called rich than they do for themselves simply because they aren’t willing to learn something about money management or aren’t willing to take some calculated risks like the wealthy do.
    And YES, that IS a form of Socialism to do so.

  24. peed off says:

    Both party elected failed and should be fired. When the state shuts down maybe the value of these hard working unappreciated state employees will be acknowledged. Lets play out one simple example of so many. Since you can’t go to college since there are no teachers working you thought you might as well go out to eat at a local restaurant with your wife. However, you got food poisoning since there is no more food inspectors working. As your puking your way back home you stop to get gas but again no one watching and you are sold 1/2 gallon for the full price of $4.00. You think your luck has to change, so you try to buy a lotto ticket – opps sorry again. So you resign yourself to go home and sulk and what the heck you get stuck in the middle of the road since there are no plows out and the story goes on and on. But I bet one thing is clear – you will be screaming “where in the hell is the state this is MN?” fire the elected as they failed us!

    1. Class Envy says:

      @peed off, I’d love to see this happen. I’m thinking that the private colleges would step in for the public universities though. You completely ignore the invisible hand in your story though. I feel many government workers are at the bottom of the scale even below the homeless/lazy, able bodied people hanging around the library all day. Small business owners, producers and people who take risk on the other hand are at the top.

  25. uticketit says:

    Good point! everyone has such a different perception of themselves!

  26. PJ says:

    This discussion of our two party history, though mostly inaccurate, does highlight the fact that party ideology and platforms have changed, and that party identification has always been challenged by regionalization of politics. The Republicans were liberal at times, and the Democrats conservative. Today a Massachusetts Democrat and a South Dakota Democrat have little in common in terms of our issue driven politics. The parties themselves are the weakest they have ever been in their history. The hate driven comments directed towards one party or the other are really absurd, and are based on popular perceptions created by mass media. In this country, all one has to do in order to identify himself as Republican or Democrat is simply say so and MAYBE vote that way. Both parties have constituent bases that are incredibly diverse in their reasons for claiming a particular party identification. I believe Peed off makes a good point.. Effective politics in a democratic assembly requires compromise. Both parties have therefore failed. People of Minnesota, regardless of their party identification, should be contacting their representatives and burning their short hairs. Get together and get ‘er done dammit!!

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