MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A felony suspect died in a crash after fleeing police in Minneapolis Thursday night.

The incident began after police responded to a report of an assault near 28th Street East and 31st Avenue South at about 6:30 p.m.

Police located the car and attempted to pull it over. The car led police on a chase for a few minutes until it went through an intersection without yielding the right of way.

The car was struck by two cars on Lake Street.

All four passengers in the car had to be extricated by fire crews. The driver was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Police said the driver who fled was wanted for being a felon in possession of a dangerous weapon. The front seat passenger was wanted in a narcotics case, and will be booked after he’s released from HCMC.

Conditions on the back seat passengers weren’t released.

No one in the other cars involved in the crash had life-threatening injuries.

Comments (49)
  1. JamieinMN says:

    He can only blame himself for that one! I’m glad the INNOCENT victims are OK.

  2. Minnesodad says:

    THURSDAY NIGHT!? He found a way go get into the future? That’s amazing!…too bad he died then..

    1. MOM says:

      Was he in a Delorean???

      1. Minnesodad says:

        We just chased a guy who fought Biff and was trying to get back to his own time. I guess that means he changed the future..

  3. Paulie says:

    I am sick of this filth roaming our streets and neighborhoods freely. Could you imagine if they his some kids playing in the streets? It is summer. They seem to have more rights than I do. And I am a law abiding tax paying citizen.

    1. kevin says:

      I am sick of the Police putting the lives of innocent people in danger. They could have easily kept track of this guy without chasing him on the streets where somebody could have gotten killed. They certainly care about their own lives and make loud mention of it when their job puts them in jeopardy, but they out to think things through a bit better when they are trying to apprehend somebody. I would rather a hundred drug addicts get away from the police than one innocent citizen gets killed because of a police chanse.

      1. Louis Freehdomfries says:

        Agreed. Apprehending an assault suspect isn’t worth losing innocent lives over. This has been outof hand lately. Can’t they back off and trail it with a helicopter ala OJ? Cops should be held liable for crashes related to high speed chases. That would put an end to it.

        1. blahblah says:

          There you go we’ll get 10 helicopters to roam the air 24/7 lol, If police don’t chase suspects then no1 will ever stop don’t you get it

        2. Good Ol Boy says:

          He was a convicted felon. I have no sympathy. Don’t want to be around convicted felons? Stay the heck away from Murderapolis. I know I do.

        3. Fed Up says:

          Your right! And your idea would not make the criminals think, “hey, I can run because the cops won’t chase me.” /end sarcasm

          Oh by the way, those who advocate to protect criminals are just as bad as the crimninals themselves. Run that through your pea-brains kevin and Louis.

      2. Edie says:

        You are so right – I live incredibly close to where this accident took place and saw the whole thing. There is a resteraunt that is always busy right on the corner and little kids have been known to play on the sidewalk while the parents finish their meail. There was no reason to chase this guy down the resedential streets at a high rate of speed. I asked one of the cops on the scene at what point are they suppose to call the chase off – her reply, when the officer feels like it will be too dangerous – oops. I think it was a little past the dangerous level.

        1. be afraid says:

          No good parent lets their child play on a sidewalk on a busy street, what a unbelieveablely foolish thing to do

          1. Edie says:

            @ be afraid – it’s next to their patio cafe which is not on the busy side of the street – Here’s a great idea, why not try doing a little research first so you can appear to seem to know what you’re talking about first before you post stupid commments huh?

            1. Good Ol Boy says:

              You’d let your small kids play on a sidewalk on Lake Street out of arm’s reach while at a cafe?

              That’s all I needed to know.


              1. Edie says:

                GOB – of course you wouldn’t know since you’ve already stated that you stay away from the city. Do a little research before posting Idiotic comments on something you obviously know nothing about. Nuff said.

              2. Matt says:

                Wow you are a moron. This section of Lake street is probably the only “safe” section along its entire length. Didn’t you read the post either?? The patio is on the side of the building. The Police had no business chasing these perps through residential areas. My wife and I were almost hit by one of the police cruisers that swerved to avoid someone on a bike. They could have easily made a containment corridor as the only way to get out of that neighborhood is over the Marshal street bridge to the East, Ford Parkway bridge to the South, or the 5 or 6 Hiawatha cross streets. Complete disregard for public safety by our police officers.

                1. be afraid says:

                  What planet are you from? Earth to Matt the police don’t have 15patrol cars just waiting to set up corridors whenever, You can’t contain 50 blocks in 30seconds, Im glad you’re for letting criminals go, and maybe we’ll get them later, also this cafe is on the only safe section of Lake street, so do all the cars slow down by this cafe or turn off and go around it makes no sense, Lake street is almost always busy, hopefully the next felon they let go robs you at gunpoint

                2. Matt says:

                  @be afraid,

                  Wow, really?? I have a different view of a situation and you advocate violence against me? Do you try to attack every person that thinks differently from you?? What is wrong with you other than complete ignorance?? Seems to me that you are no better than this felon that ran from the police. Please try to find some kind of validation for your life other than violence.

            2. blahblah says:

              So the street only has traffic 1 way, wow thats odd and people taKE the busy side where there going then take a different route home ah ok. Did you know that people drink n drive but you’re comfortable with toddlers playing 3 feet from the street you better not have any children

            3. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

              Why would a parent allow their child to play on a sidewalk next to a commercial establishment? Don’t they know it only takes a few seconds to abduct a child? And there’s the fact that children can learn to just sit and wait until the grownups are done eating. They do NOT need to be entertained all the time. My gosh! They sit in church without having toys along with them, don’t they??!! To allow young children out of reach in a commercial area is VERY irresponsible parenting, and asking for trouble.

          2. Morgs says:

            Pedestrian’s on the sidewalk…who would think they would be safe there.

      3. Coolbreeze says:

        You are clearly an idiot. Question: Who caused this? Shallow thinkers like you need to stay off-line.

      4. joasie says:

        You know I am sick of felons putting the lives of other people in their own hands and not following the law. Not only that this man has ran from the police numerous times and his own mother said he should have buckled up he ultimately paid the price of his own life. What about parents raising and teaching their children right from wrong. I mean if your ok with these kind of people running the streets let them play with your children.

    2. Jones says:

      No matter how you view them they are still human beings. The police should show some restraint when trying to apprehend suspects during such times that are busy. It was a call for an assault not murder. Now a human being is dead and others potentially injuried or ruined for life. Not justiifying the suspects, just using being discreet and preserving life.

      1. blahblah says:

        Thats wrong a human being isn’t dead, a lifetime criminal is dead……..

  4. somanyracists says:

    Maybe it’s “Jeff.”

  5. somanyracists says:

    The “truth” is that criminals can be any color. Are you posting this same comment on the story about the burglar in Edina?

  6. Minnesodad says:

    No..he’s white. Marty McFly..I’ve seen him around.

    1. Jones says:

      Not sure why race matters here! WOW! MN nice alive and well!

      1. josie says:

        He is indian know for a fact and everyone in the car was too!

        1. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

          I don’t know any Native Americans who have kinky hair.

    1. coolbreeze says:

      You are the man! This a**hole had “dead felon” written all over his face. What a low-life mouth-breather!

  7. Communities United Against Police Brutality says:

    Another life taken by Minneapolis police. When will it stop?

    1. Phil Mcrackin says:

      Just how stupid are you?

    2. Mr. Mark says:

      Really…. you’re right, how dare the cops chase a wanted and known felon…I can only hope you can sense my sarcasm here, no tears lost here over his death that he brought upon himself

  8. Jeff says:


    His life should have been taken the minute his mother sh!t him out.

  9. Good Ol Boy says:

    Criminals are definitely all colors and walks of life. Most serial killers are white. Most pedophiles are white. Most drive-bys are committed by blacks. Whites commit suicide, whereas blacks will go out in a hail of bullets.

    Certain cultures are more predominant in certain areas and with certain types of crimes. It isn’t racist to be able to count.

    1. robgob says:

      The reason most serial killers are white is because blacks murderers get caught b4 they kill to many not as smart, so they get caught after 1 or to murders

      1. Good Ol Boy says:

        That is incorrect.

        They simply are not predisposed to commit serial crimes unless they’re robberies or assaults.

  10. Phil Mcrackin says:


  11. HuuHaa says:

    Running from the cops and died… oops, that’s to bad… my heart bleeds for you….NOT!!!

  12. Kevin Johnson says:

    What the hell its not even Thursday 6 p.m.

  13. dave says:

    Possible minimum of 25% of the criminals in that vehicle permanently off the street, that’s a good deal!

  14. TugToo says:

    Pretty good reason NOT to run from the Police!


  15. We says:

    I say get all of the convected felons and light them up and watch them burn like a like a huge funeral pyre!

  16. Real! says:

    I am assuming most of you guys live in the burbs and only visit Mpls to attend a Twins game right? You are sounding like a bunch of stuck up close minded people and it is pathetic! Guess what it’s 2011 and there are criminals and drugs on this earth so deal with it because complaining isn’t doing anyone any good! And really wishing death upon someone who does that? Just remember Karma is real people!

  17. Donna Larson says:

    Does this bring back that old outdated law of NO RED CARS ALLOWED ON LAKE STREET????

  18. fred says:

    remember the good old days when cops would shoot at fleeing criminals? maybe they could go hi tec with a predator drone, blast em right off the street.

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