Minnesota Ranked 4th Smartest Drivers

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A new study ranks Minnesota as having the fourth smartest drivers in the country.

A GMAC Insurance Study released Thursday states that one in five drivers on the road today cannot meet the basic requirements to get a driver’s license — that’s roughly 18 percent of American drivers. The study says if those drivers were to take the written driver’s test today, they would not pass.

Kansas was named the most knowledgeable drivers in the country, while Washington, D.C. bumped out New York to take the last spot on the list.

Minnesota came in fourth, with an estimated 5.1 percent who would potentially fail the test today. Our neighbor, Wisconsin, wasn’t as lucky. They came in 12th, with an estimated 8.9 percent who would fail.

See the map of state ranks and scores here.

  • Reasonable

    So we’re the 4th smartest but also in the top 5 as far as being rude per an article in the Strib recently?

    That’s a bit odd.

    • Guy

      That means you cite Shakespear while flipping the other guy the finger ….

  • Scott Wanker

    Wisconsin definitely must be 50th.

    • Jack

      Wisconsin ranked #12.

  • Me

    This doesn’t impress me. When you’re taking the test, your goal is to pass. When you’re driving on the road, the rules no longer seem to apply. Left turns from the right turn lane. Passing a car on the left that is stopped awaiting to make a left turn as indicated by it’s left turn signal, speeding, running red lights, not stopping for people already in the crosswalk, etc.

    • Amanda

      I totally agree… I just had an accident last wee, since the dumbas…. decided to turn left from the right lane on a one way street, and claim he was right!

  • Good Ol Boy

    Sad if MN is 4th. The worst drivers ever. By far the most inconsiderate and rude drivers anywhere.

    • Bad Ol' Boy

      Have you ever driven in Chicago or New York?

  • Dave

    4th smartest? Is today April 1st?

  • Ponce de Leon

    GMAC must not know about all the burkha babies etc. that run red lights, turn on reds, cut in front of you, buy cars that don’t have turn signals, etc. etc.
    Ever wonder who really takes the tests for these folks?

  • TuvToo

    Those guys make a whole lot of sense dude.


  • MEDrep98

    MN is by far the worst state for drivers lack of skill or more like stupidity.You go from the fast lane cross 4-5 lanes to exit or go fron the on ramp to fast lane all in one shot with out signals or you stay in the fast lane whe there are no other cars to the right or in front for miles.I grew up in the north east and ave driven in CT,MA,CT,RI,NJ,PA,NYC & NY state,Los Angleses,SF, Chicago all of Florida I was a sales rep for many years and traveled all over the USA as well was being a former EMT/FF and driving for over 30 years I can say Mn driver are pretty bad but when you let people who can’t speak or read english and drove donkey,cow or goat Carts what do you expect!

    • Thomas Keim

      we do have the largest immigration population in the usa and after they cracked down on drunk drivers minnesota produced the worst drivers they drive better drunk i think its because of the germans and the irish

  • Ven

    OMG – Minneapolis has the worse drivers, bar none. Everyone I know who is not from here says the same thing – drivers here can’t merge, they’re passive-aggressive, meander all over the place…yuck….learn how to drive

    • me

      in all the other major metropolitan areas I’ve lived in, the exit and entrance are not shared! That is an extremely boneheaded idea, IMO.

  • tipsy

    hmm 4th thats amazing because i’ve wanted to commit at least 1,000 assaults in my life on bad drivers

  • Patty Fitz

    Stick to your corn patch town and stay on the farm Ol’ Boy. You wouldn’t know how to drive in a city and it’s clear you don’i get out much do ya?

  • Monkey Boo

    If it’s that important to the Insurance Companies then why are we still paying so much for Insurance.

  • Realist

    of those one in five, half of those are illiterate, the other half have no English skills at all. For the safety of your family, demand periodic testing.

  • Thomas Keim

    so that is why we got bad drivers in minnesota their from wisconsin those people should be deported throw them over the fence

  • Thomas Keim

    people need to get a health card and take a road test every few years to practice their skills especally a health card and get the fat blind people off the road

  • fred

    that has to be one seriously flawed study. the good drivers out there are outnumbered 100 to 1 at best.

  • don

    Have you ever driven on either of the ocean coasts or the Gulf Coast? Far worse drivers in those areas.

    The only thing that I see Minnesota drivers consistently fail to do properly is merging. There’s a reason why MnDoT put out that Zipper Merge ad-campaign recently, and our merging skills for letting people in on highways from on-ramps need work, too. We’re supposed to move over a lane if possible to let those other drivers in, not hit the brakes or speed up.

    And, I repeat, drivers are far worse on the coasts.

  • Mike D

    how do you figure? they can’t merge, have no clue about what the fast lane means, and they move over a lane when you are clearly coming up beside them going faster, making you slam on your breaks. This study is a joke!

  • Derrick

    I’d believe 4th from the BOTTOM!

  • Really

    Is this right? Maybe they meant Minnesota has 4 smart drivers.

  • Jack

    That’s just sad… and all kinds of wrong. I had to know who the top and bottom three were. Here’s how they were listed –

    #1. Kansas
    #2. Iowa
    #3. Colorado

    #49. Maryland
    #50. Hawaii
    #51 Washington DC (Now THAT I can believe! Home of politicians!)


    The fourth smartest, I’ve lived in Minnesota all my life and find that hard to believe.
    I would have guessed somewhere near the bottom.

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