Ooh That Smell: It Might Be Stink Bugs

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Stink bugs are showing up in the Twins Cities area and they are living up to their name.

The bugs are very destructive and survive off the sap of young leaves and fruits.

They’re usually brown, green, or grey in color and they get their name from emitting a foul odor when disturbed.

Experts said stink bugs spread quickly because they have no natural predator to stop or slow them down and they are pretty tough to get rid of without stinking up your whole house.

Experts say the best thing to do is to put them in soapy water, flush them down the toilet, or use a vacuum to suck them up.

  • alan

    We’ve been dealing with them in Maryland massively for 3 years. Welcome to the club! There is no relief.

    HINT: ONLY USE ONE VACUUM CLEANER TO SUCK THEM UP, AND NOT A GOOD ONE. It will subsequently stink every time you turn it on, even if you change the bag. The stink oil covers the insides of the hoses.

    • st paul

      Vacuum bugs??? What?????
      Those marylanders… sometimes I wonder… j/k

  • st paul


    And what is up with these stupid stock photos?

  • Jack

    Stinky? Probably just republicans you are smelling.

    • Daniels

      Wow! good one, didn’t see that coming, so witty and clever as well.

    • Jesse V

      I thought it was the stench of the right wing teabaggers heading to Iowa to crown Bachman queen for the day.

  • BF

    Are you sure it isn’t Mark Dayton???

  • Carol

    Why not put a picture of the bug instead of someone holding their nose? We all know what that means but a pic of the bug might help avoid them more easily.

  • M B

    First the Chinese infect us with the Asian Carp, then it’s lead in toys, now it’s the Stink bug. What the heck?
    I wonder what they’re going to attack us with next….

    • DJP

      cheaply made , poor quality items!!

  • TuvToo

    Boy those pesky stink bugs are annoying.


  • Kit

    They are impossible to avoid.

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