Couple Charged With Burglarizing South St. Paul Home

pernella bull edited 2 Couple Charged With Burglarizing South St. Paul Home

(credit: Dakota County Jail)

HASTINGS, Minn. (WCCO) — A St. Paul couple is accused of stealing items from a house in South St. Paul that was listed as a “free house” on Craigslist, according to documents filed in Dakota County District Court on Friday.

Charles Bull, 46, and Pernella Bull, 45, both of South St. Paul, were each charged with first-degree burglary in connection with the May 19 incident.

According to a criminal complaint, officers responded to a report of a burglary in progress at about 12:05 p.m.

When officers arrived, the victim had the two suspects, Charles and Pernella Bull, detained in her driveway. The victim said she was putting her kids to bed upstairs when she heard someone in her house. When she went downstairs, she discovered the Bulls running out the back door of the house.

She followed the Bulls outside of the house and observed them placing bags of her items on their bicycles. A neighbor of the victim was driving in the alley when the Bulls tried to escape and stopped them. He also made the couple return the stolen items.

Among the items stolen were a full tool box, a laptop computer, a desktop computer, various tools and wires and a large blue duffel bag containing the woman’s purse and various items, according to the complaint.

The Bulls were arrested, and during questioning told police that a friend told them the house was listed as a “free house” on Craigslist. She told police there are always houses listed as “free” where the homeowner needs to get out immediately.

Pernella Bull told police she entered the house and asked “Is anyone here?” and got no response. She said she assumed the house was vacant, starting taking items and giving them to her husband outside.

An officer searched for the victim’s house on Craiglist under the free section, and couldn’t find it.

If convicted, the Bulls each face a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and/or $35,000 in fines.

  • tp

    Now I’ll buy that story along with some ocean front property in Arizona!

  • Elizabeth

    Is anyone else having trouble following this poorly written story?

  • LOL

    How can you put all the stuff they tried to steal (laptop computer, desktop computer, and tools) into a bicycle? Did the bicycle have a basket a sidecar? Also, these morons should know that anyone needing to move will not give up their purse for free.

    And I agree with Elizabeth. This story was poorly written and doesn’t make sense as written. Who proved read this? I am not a writer myself, but this is poorly written.

  • jokes on you

    proof read

  • Wayne

    ??? A “free” house? What is that? Nice try, but go straight to jail, folks.

  • Tea cup

    What ever you do…don’t let these people loose in a CHINA SHOP!!!!!

    (Get it? Last name is “Bull”?)


    Too bad they did come to my house! I would have given them a few 9MM slugs slugs for FREE! Right in their buttocks!

  • Bryson Powers

    What’s her name…Pernella? GUILTY!

  • mark erickson

    very poor writing for sure, not sure why wcco would print it. obviously not proof,,um….proved read>>>> ha

  • Good Ol Boy

    These two look just like I expected them to. Human trash. Why do we waste money prosecuting them? One cheap .22 LR behind the ear and let the ‘yotes and buzzards take over.

    • John

      Bad idea. Wouldn’t want to get the wildlife hooked on meth…

  • Tom Tom

    They look like the smoke 18 packs a day.

    • common cents

      Smoke, yes. Packs, no.

  • doug

    MInnesota’s version of (D)ick and jane

  • Good Ol Boy

    Is it just me, or do the rest of you see sooooooo many people who look just like this? They’re the ones changing their baby’s diaper on the front bench seat of their truck while driving down the freeway. They’re the ones bouncing off parked cars at bar closing. They’re the ones buying 4 packs of GNC cigarettes with their last $20.

  • Dave

    Talk about rough around the edges. Got meth?

    • hate the system

      i think they’ve had enough meth.. hopefully they get the full 20 years, but the sad part is they probably won’t even get a year in jail… the system is so messed up

  • Karen and Mike

    One word for you Nellie…. KARMA!

    • Jessica N

      HAHAHAHAHA!!! I used to work for her too!!!!

  • Say NO to drugs

    THIS is your face on drugs!

  • It's A Date

    “Honey, there’s nuthin’ on our “free” TV tonight. What should we do?” “Well baby, let’s hop on our “free” bicycles and head on down to that “free” house and pick up some “free” stuff.” The happy couple should be thrilled with the 20 years of “free” room and board they’re going to get!

  • Steve E

    What happened to you Chuck? Sad…

  • Meathead

    Bummer dude! FINALLY! GtfooSSP you turds. They should make you clean up your toxic meth house, and then tear it down. Howya think the garage burned a few years ago? Makin Meth! Everyone KNOWS it! Way to go Chuck…just glad you didn’t take your kids with you on your rapid fall into meth world like you did your wife. Btw, ya shoulda seen the look on some of your “customers” faces when the cops were going through your stuff. They were freakin and tweakin!!!!!! Good riddance man. No more meth from Chuck n Nellie’s infamous one stop dope shop!

  • Adam

    Just look at these methheads.. Throw them in jail for the next 20 years already..

  • jeff and anna

    Not only the garage fire but the ‘free’cablefor the garage

  • Jessica N

    I just can’t read this enough. I used to work for Nellie… what a pain in the a**. Always on her employees for taking two minutes too long of a break, not getting enough done, etc…. Well toots, we weren’t on METH!! Maybe that is why we couldn’t live up to your standards. Suck it Nells… your hubby too!

  • jeff and anna

    Nellie did the meth smoke burn your nosehairs to an acceptable length or should I send you some really little bows in orison?

  • Ditka


  • Skiptracer

    This is a sad story. What has happened to people in america. Not guilty till proven guilty. Jessica you should have better work ethics. Its called time theft hello…….and Karen and Mike your karma I am sure will be around to but you in the end too :)

    • Jessica N

      Try using commas.

  • Mike

    Lol, ummm Skiptracer.. How were you a Skiptracer? I fail to see how you can Skiptrace using Shorthand when you can’t even make sense with a full complete sentence. Like I care anyways, I don’t. I haven’t worked there in 9 years now and some people just cannot get enough from gossiping and telling tales from that place. Karma has been trying to knock me down for years and I am still going. I really could care less about the Collection Agency or you, grow up. All I stated was that Karma has FINALLY caught up with Nellie and Charlie and it is about time. Comment on this some more now, I could care less.. knock yourself out. Just at least make it “understandable” to anyone that reads it.

    • Jessica N

      I concur :)

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