Minn. Attorney Gets 18 Months For Tax Evasion

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Federal authorities say a Minnesota attorney who pleaded guilty to tax evasion has been sentenced to 18 months in federal prison.

Prosecutors say Samuel Alfred McCloud admitted that he failed to report at least $595,000 in income. They say he worked at two law firms but had clients write checks directly to him rather than make them payable to the law firms.

A message left with McCloud’s attorney Friday was not immediately returned.

A news release issued by the U.S. Attorney’s Office on Thursday said the unpaid taxes on the unreported amount is at least $186,000.

Prosecutors say McCloud will have to pay back all the taxes owed plus penalties and interest.

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  • lumberjack

    lmao! this guy is the “big shot” lawyer for a good number of the tribe members out in shakopee. what are they going to do now that their get out of jail free card is gone?????

  • Pavel

    Sock it to him! Crook that he is!

  • Rico

    He’ll probably repay any money owed with other stolen or unreported funds…….what a schmuck!! I wonder how he and Denny Hecker will
    get along?

  • wont tell

    He is a good guy I know him. I worked for him for some time and he would help you any way he can . His prob was he like young fem with big boobs and that is what did him in… Who does not like that any ways..An x girl friend back stabed him and got him in this mess…Lots of people do not pay taxes big deal , he just got told on that is all…..By a traitor

  • Drake

    Very likely a slimy con servative. They get ahead by conning, stealing robbing and cheating.

  • Tax Fraud Attorney   

    A letter left with McCloud’s legal representative Friday was not straight away come again. A reports discharge problem by the U.S. Attorney’s Office on Thursday assumed the due taxes on the unreported total is at least $186,000. Prosecutors say McCloud will have to give back each and every one the taxes due plus point punishment and importance. REALLY you article is good one.

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