MILWAUKEE (AP) — Police say two teen brothers are under arrest for crashing their parents’ pickup truck into a Milwaukee Police Department building.

Lt. Donald Baral tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that it happened early Sunday after the teens went for a joy ride in their parents’ truck without permission.

The brothers were driving around 2:40 a.m. Sunday when the driver lost control of the vehicle, drove up the sidewalk, hit two city-owned light poles and crashed into the side of the District 3 police station.

Baral says the driver wasn’t hurt, but the passenger was slightly injured and taken to the hospital. The truck was destroyed.

The driver had an instructional driving permit, and police suspect he was under the influence of drugs.

Baral says the parents support charging the teens.

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  1. Very nice! says:

    Our children are 11 and 13 and we are very involved in everything they do. I have never supported things like our kids sleeping over at over peoples homes simply because I know that the only people who will keep an eye on our kids the way we do is, well us. We believe that when we keep opportunities for trouble from presenting themselves then we are doing the best we can to protect our kids. Obviously you can’t keep everything away or stop kids from making every mistake they have the chance to make. That being said I find it so refreshing to see a set of parents who are holding their kids accountable for their actions rather than making excuses for their behavior. Supporting charges being pressed will hopefully steer these kids in the right direction. To these parents I say bravo!

  2. Victim Ala Mode says:

    I cannot wait to see what Victim Du Jour has to say on this story!! This will be the fault of Socialists and the police department. And driving must be a right, not a privilege, so the State cannot charge anyone with driving misconduct or deny anyone a driver’s license no matter what age. Or maybe taking the vehicle without permission will somehow be the fault of unlawful lawyers and Judges. At the very least, the City owning a light pole will be unconstitutional. Bring it on, Victim. Your daily dose of wit gives me something to look forward to!

  3. self made victims says:

    You *DO* realize, victim ala mode, that if the light poles hadn’t been placed by (obviously) lib unionized city electricians, then the boys (regardless of their drug-enhanced, irresponsible illegal behavior) wouldn’t have incurred such damage to their parents’ vehicle. And (also obviously) the evil city government should NEVER have built a staton so close to the roadway, thus irresponsibly placing our tax-paid property at risk.


    1. Victim Ala Mode says:

      How true, how true! And the the evil unionized teachers in Wisconsin are obviously teaching Marxist rhetoric instead of “readin, ritin and rithmatic” so the boys thought everything belongs to them anyway so they didn’t need permission…

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