4 Shot In Downtown Minneapolis Overnight

By Holly Wagner, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Four people were shot just after closing time for bars and nightclubs in downtown Minneapolis, Minneapolis Police said.

Officers believe the shootings happened within a few minutes of each other just after 2 a.m. Monday, when bars in the area began to let out.

Police were patrolling the Warehouse District when they heard gunshots and saw people running. Police say the shootings were the result of two separate arguments.

The shootings occurred near First Avenue and Fourth Street. A 21-year-old is in critical condition after being shot in the head and a 19-year-old was shot in the torso. A 23-year-old man was also shot in a nearby parking lot.

Police say the shootings do not appear to be random.

Officers blocked off the streets to conduct an investigation early Monday morning. They are not sure at this point whether the shootings are related.

There are surveillance cameras in the area. Police will look at the video to see just what happened and who may be responsible.

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  • duh

    close it down then

    • Jrjr Reyes

      for sure it’s always been a problem that way duh

  • wiseone

    then the gangsters would just go somewhere else, DUH
    now they know just where the bad guys are…

  • Darren

    I bet it was those Darn Norwegian Bands again. All that music that they play that makes everyone so mad that they have too shoot each other. Its a disgrace. Kick those Norwegians out of Minnesota, they dont’ belong here.

    Feel the sarcasm?

    • Ruby

      So according to your sarcasm we should kick non-white people out of Minnesota because they don’t belong? Your comment is racist.

      • tami

        Okay Debbie Downer (Ruby). He was trying to make a joke and now you are calling him racist…people have no sense of humor anymore.

        • Jamil

          Tami is spot on! Also, based on Ruby’s highly intelligent comment, it would not surprise me if Ruby fails to understand that Norwegians are traditionally classified as “white” people…

      • WCCO is Racist!

        The paper is racist because they don’t disclose the race of the offender.

        • Tired

          And the race is important why….it does not matter…no body deserves to be shot…no matter what the rase is…PLEASE GROW UP…

  • Unfortunately

    Wish they could close it down, unfortunately, Karma hasn’t violated any licensing laws yet. Pretty much the only way to shut them down is if they violate licensing laws.

    • NNyl

      If there is a lot of crime at the location or a lot of public intoxication or too many police calls, the liquor license can be pulled. The place will be considered as a public nuisance.

    • Jay

      For as much violence the Mpls area experiences, it surprises me that taverns cant be shutdown. Various cities in WI do close bars down if the cops are called too many times due to problems with patrons,serving the underage, and numerous fights inside/outside. I would think if particular bars are known to be trouble spots they should be looked at further and decisions made according to the number of incidents.

  • input fromme

    4 are shot. You can assume many more were shooting. What is the matter with this place and the local leaders that have some influence on these patrons. Simple statistics would tell you you have a problem a long time ago and yet they still do nothing about these places and the patrons. Time for reelection.

  • Sam Adams

    Darren – I heard it was the Scandahoovians that got upset over the Norwegian Bands and just couldn’t take it anymore.

  • shotta

    They need to quit looking at video’s and listening to rap if they are easy influence !!! grow up , dont go to the club if you cant act like adult !!! which I suppose you claim you are !! the sad part about it , you fools are killing your own people !! OVER A GIRL , a look , a gang !!!! how about this , go fight over why you havent finished school , why you haven’t killed for that degree !!!! IF you want to make a difference go help your people over north !!!!! go to city hall and fight for equal rights, for fare housing ect. WAKE UP ,Aren’t you tired of going to jail or seeing your people die ? or is death the new 30? ” Wake up please ” !!!!

    • Doug T

      ” go to city hall and fight for equal rights, for fare housing ect….”

      Uh… I think everyone already has these rights and housing seems to have been too fair – excessively so shall we say…

      But how about – get a job, go to work everyday (all day) and enjoy the babies you made with all that love…Take responsibility for your actions and join the rest of the successful society..

      But you do have spot on with several of your points. I really like the .. Grow UP! – Amen.

    • citizen

      I agree with you completely shotta, Unfortunately some people do not realize they bring pain/drama to their own lives. These people feel like their life s just hard and they are always on a down and out but like you said WAKE UP!!!! your doing this to yourself!

    • tami

      What do you mean by your people? We are all humans that live on earth; we are no different than anyone else.

      • me

        Nope, according to Eric H. Holder, he’s been hard working for, “His people.” So no, I wish it were that way, but when the Attorney General of the United States makes comments like that, you can’t help but wonder.

  • Vog Vee

    Warehouse district is not the place to be hanging around.

  • shotta

    Down and out is a state of mind , We all have hard times !!! Insecurity is a self destructive mind set !!! It makes one do and act foolishly , they need to respect self !!!!!! And then they will be able to respect other’s we hope !!!!! I f not they will continue to destroy each other !!!!! THUGGING NOT EASY , YOU THINK ?????

  • jeff

    people like this absolutely need to be treated as terrorists. they need to be water boarded down in gitmo for a few years. this is just unbelievable. it’s almost like a game to some people until they are caught and realize they just snuffed out the life of a real human being.

    i have a theory and it goes like this: some peoples lives are so unmanageable that (humans crave routine) some people cannot and are totally incapable of running their own lives. so where do these people end up? prison! why? because they will have a routine. they will have three hots and a cot. the insanity is over and it is probably a great relief. then they find jesus or some other god until they are let out…….then it’s back to the insanity and consequently back to prison.

    • SHOTTA

      I agree with your second paragraph . But the first one is totaly insane !!! And im sure your not !!!!

      • jeff

        i am serious about the whole paragraph except for the waterboarding and gitmo. people like this terrorize the city and so should be treated as such. for me that would mean much longer sentences.

        • Colleen

          I agree with you Jeff, they do terrorize our city and should be treated as such. The city council wonders why businesses leave or why businesses don’t want to open up in downtown.

          I personally don’t visit after 8pm because of all the bs that goes around there.

      • Good Ol Boy

        I actually think it’s not too bad of a plan. Maybe violent offenders like those who are spraying gunfire around after bar close should be sent to a REAL prison with REAL terrorists. Water and stale bread. None of their homies to hang with.

    • citizen

      u r right with the humans crave routine. I teach kindergarten and when I was in college the professors always put emphasis on routines in the classroom.

  • Helena girl

    Really makes me want to vacation in this city

    • Brian

      Every city has these problems. Minneapolis has them less than others, so when it does happen, it makes the news.

    • MPLS_Guy

      Minneapolis had fewer murders in an entire year in 2009 (19) than Chicago, New York, or LA have in a bad month. The city is still safe. Drunken idiots with guns who get into fights outside of nightclubs nonwithstanding. The amount of violent crime per capita in Minneapolis is still very low, making our city one of the safest.

      • Kayla

        Minneapolis also doesn’t have the population that Chicago, New York, or LA have either.

        Crime is clearly on the rise in Minneapolis; it would be wise to not use a “us v.s. them” attitude towards crime rates.

        Notice also that Karma has picked up a lot of violent fights and such ever since Gabby’s closed over on the Northside.

        • crime down

          Seems to me crime is reducing. That’s what Minneapolis tells us.

        • Nothside Rick

          Not too long ago we were competing with those bigger cities. Being referred to as “murderapolis” in national news. Minneapolis violent crime rates are falling. And Gabby’s was northeast in a nice peaceful area. The wrong people were gathering in the wrong place.

        • hoover

          Gabby’s is not on the Northside – it’s Northeast, on the other side of the river..

  • JB

    I sure hope we get the DNC for 2012. Maybe the 2013 polka convention, and of course if we get a new stadium, the NFL will be crawling all over themselves to come here in January again to get shot at. This just makes me so proud of what we as a state are becoming. I beem with pride everytime I travel and people ask me where I am from.

  • Al

    Yep let’s put the Vikings Stadium downtown – I mean this is such a safe place. R.T. will never clean it up – just wants to talk about what a great place Mpls is. I won’t go to a Twins game anymore and you should just let the Vikings leave! The only folks it will hurt will be the super big ego’s of the attorneys, corporations and the political hacks. The players could care less about the fans anymore.

    • @al

      Twins don’t need you anyway, the area around Target Field is safe to me, Minneapolis is the states largest city what do you people expect 0 shootings everyyear its 2011, there will always be shootings, this occured at a sleazy club that if you hang out at safety is not your main concern. Build a stadium for the vikes, my finances aren’t so tight that nickels and dimes here and there will crush me, Wow you consider local bars and restaraunts as corporations? Losing the vikings will also hurt them, not that you have any clue about anything

    • MPLS_Guy

      I can tell you have not been in the city for a while and base your ignorant attitude on non-reality. I have lived in Minneapolis since 1995, and it is safer now than it has ever been. I mean ,there were only 19 murders total in all of 2009, and very few are random or accidental. If you are not involved with gangs or drug dealing, your odds of getting murdered in Minneapolis is practically zero. Do some research before you go spouting off. There have not been any murders near the Metrodome or Twins ballpark – you are spouting pure rubbish about them not being safe. Statistically, Minneapolis is one of the safest cities in the country. Get real. Go back to your suburbs and harbor your rascist based stereotypes of “the city”. We know the truth and just think it is amusing to watch all of you people who are taught to be afrais of everything that isn’t just like you. Go watch some more Fox news reports to be find out what to be scared of next.

      • Tara

        Mpls Guy, thank you for your Minneapolis boosterism, its a great city for bicycles, etc. However, you need to look at crime data from the FBI to realize that per capita, Minneapolis has a violent crime problem – that’s the first part of making the city even more liveable and sustainable.

        The violent crime rate in Minneapolis is 0.0105 and that of New York City is 0.0058, nearly twice as violent as New York. New York City has more than 8 million people, so obviously they have more murders total per year, they have 21 times the total population that the Minneapolis Police Department has to contend with. Per capita, Minneapolis is the bigger risk. Secrets keep us sick, and the fact that Minneapolis has lax drug enforcement and no narcotics unit is an invitation to violent narco-terrorists from Mexico or other US cities where they would have more trouble with the law.

        If this was policed like New York (same murder rate) , last year we would have had only 24.8 murders versus 37.

  • Tiredofignorance

    I guess its easier for one to judge, than to do something about it. Easy to sit at home type on the net and judge. Last I checked, people hurt people no matter the race. A guy runs over the wrong person, and this was done to a college student. Wake up, the human race hurts one another no matter what city, state or country one lives in. However, someone is looking down on us all and tired of how there is no love for ones neighbor. Thus creating disaster here, disaster there that’s killing us a lot faster and not discriminating on who it effects. Wake up, we all have to die one way or another. Let’s love each other and stop judging because the measure we use to judge is the same way we will be judged!

    • Good Ol Boy

      “However, someone is looking down on us all and tired of how there is no love for ones neighbor. Thus creating disaster here, disaster there that’s killing us a lot faster and not discriminating on who it effects.”

      Uhhhh, you’re suggesting that a god in the clouds is looking down at the human race and is mad at us, so he’s sending tornadoes and earthquakes? Are you being serious? What?

  • factdealer

    You want me to stop judging a criminal who shoots people? Thanks but these aren’t human beings, so therefore they are not my equal.

    • seriously

      Are you kidding me?!?! There is only one race; the Human race! If they are not your equal that must mean your an alien or something. May if people would have shown them love as they were growing up instead of judging them for whatever reason they wouldn’t be making these poor decisions. Grow up and stop judging people. You are NOT God, that is his job!

      • Good Ol Boy

        I disagree. I will judge murderers, and if I’m on the jury, I’ll make sure they hang. There is no god to judge me. Stop being afraid of the dark.

  • Tiredofignorance

    We all bleed the same…Let the one without sin cast the first stone…. I bet it won’t be a lot of people who would be so quick to cast jugdement on the next!

  • Tiredofignorance

    We all have a judge, hopefully when you see Him it will be later than sooner. As far as porch monkeys I hope you won’t need one to save your life one day. I guess the world is a better place with you here?

    • Good Ol Boy

      I’m without sin, and will not be judged by some d-bag like you claim. Don’t be afraid of the dark, people. No pun intended.

  • Joe Walsh

    Karma, again! I manage the parking lot across street. Once AGAIN on duty when shots fired. What does karma have on the city? No ther bar ANYWHERE in the city would this be allowed to continue. are the afraid of insulting the “community”? I don’t want to DIE! It is a Gang bar, plain and simple. Shut down Gabby’s, they came here. Now gang bangers are mixing in honest people just trying to have fun. Letting this continue will kill the area along with innocent people. Please stop this Now! By the way, where’s Spike and the Reverand? Thought so…

    • Micky

      I don’t understand why the city doesn’t require bars to provide officer support (paid for by the bar) when these instances keep happening.

      Why can’t Karma support the city in hiring 2 officers who must be on-duty at the club from open to close? Oh, because that would be a logical response to these shootings.

  • Sgthrawn

    The police have no legal obligation to protect individuals. As such, if we are to stop these hoodlums, either we take action against their homes, or just a brute force overhaul of the city.

    Education is key, so is employment.

    • Duh

      Yes, violent vigilante type justice always works. Moron.

  • Karl

    If you put the Vike’s in Arden Hills, I will come because I don’t believe I’ll be shot. I just interviewed for a job here, had taxi drivers eyeing me up for a mugging.

    • DT

      haha stay out nancy.

  • Jack

    Don’t forget, now they want to add to the troubles downtown faces by opening a casino there, too. How stupid can they be? They’re so desperate for money that they don’t care about the crime rate or the safety of the city.

    CLOSE these problematic businesses, get tough on crime, stop excessive government spending, regulate government employee salaries and STOP wasteful spending!

  • Jeff

    Here is a better idea.

    Establish a department that ENFORCES welfare regulation adherence. If a person is caught abusing the welfare system, they are AUTOMATICALLY withdrawn from the system and are charged with a felony (just like tax cheaters are).

    Impose random drug testing of welfare recipients. Failed test=No more welfare.

    Impose a policy that when a woman applies for welfare, she CANNOT have anymore children while on the welfare roles; the penalty for not adhering to this policy is automatic withdrawal of benefits. You may not have any control over the economy but you do have control over your legs.

    If we cracked down on welfare in this state by imposing tougher penalties, the immigration from Chicago and Gary Indiana will end (thus lowering crime) and it will save us taxpayer hundreds of thousands of dollar each year. And those who continue to live here and abuse the system, they will be thrown in prison.

    End of problem.

    See how easy that is?????

    • Nathan

      great idea. How many people at that club are getting some type of government aid like EBT/Welfare? I bet over half! They are getting crunk up in the club and shooting the place up while the taxpayers are footing the bill! discusting..

    • fred

      excellent ideas, jeff……problem is……if it makes perfect sense ….it will make no sense at all to a politician.

  • :P

    Close the borders & Deport the illegals…Oops wrong blog ?!?!

  • trl the alligator

    chances are….they wear their pants hanging off their back sides, are black or try to act “black”, have worthless parents, are of low mentality, have no marketable skills, have parents or siblings incarcerated, cant speak a sentence without the word MF’r in it, have not graduated high school, appear by their manner of dress and actions to be idiots, have worn corn rows at one time or another, and come from a mentally challenged gene pool……just sayin.

  • liam Gilmorasy

    There is a larger more comprehensive argument that is not being touched upon and that is the question of demographics.
    This is not to say that most crimes are represented by all sectors of our society but the matter of demographic statistics is not being touched upon.
    Each community, each collective aspect of our country has it’s own approach to dealing with it’s problems. Not that one approach is better than another. It is a question of cross cultural issues.
    Too often the argument of economics, education standards, population density are used as the only explanation to rising violent (for this is what concerns most of us) crime. There are other components that we are not allowed to discuss and that is factors involving social, ethnic and cultural evolution.
    At first glance this would seen to be a complex argument. But on closer inspection we are merely comparing social problem solving from larger collectives of differing social, ethnic and cultural groups. (i.e. How is the problem with food distribution different in two varying countries such as Japan after it’s earthquake and other parts of the world).
    Again this is an argument that we are not allowed to touch upon.
    Each demographic group has it’s own method for dealing with it’s social issues that have worked for it’s particular group. An example would be that in the hot, barren desert one can see how Islam and the concept of kingdoms makes sense. Not unlike the need of a caption his his ship.
    It is when two very different demographic groups are forced to live within the confines of either one or the other without a tacit agreement to the rule of law.
    I am not saying this is an argument to end all arguments but it should put to rest the idea that the majority of violent crime is committed by those who have less materially.
    Would anyone care to continue this particular argument?

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