MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Madison police say an argument over a washing machine at a Laundromat led to a man splashing bleach on a woman’s face.

A news release says two people argued Sunday evening over the use of a washing machine. The statement says the suspect grabbed a bottle of bleach and splashed the liquid into the face of a 27-year-old Madison woman.

Some of the caustic liquid landed in her eyes and mouth. She was taken to a hospital. The statement did not say how severe her injuries were.

A WMTV-TV report says police are looking for the suspect, described as a heavyset 6-foot-tall man between the ages of about 20 to 30, with braids.

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Comments (9)
  1. whitey says:

    turdsandwich some one should dump bleach in your face

    1. turdsandwich says:

      Is it to late to abort Whitey even if hes 60years old? I should sue him for using whitey as a moniker, when i know hes tan as can be

  2. dfcash55 says:

    I’m not so much a fan of news outfits not (directly) mentioning race when describing suspects. It’s like omitting necessary details will bring about social change or something. It’s dishonest and shows a lack of journalistric integrity.

    1. Stating the obvious says:

      agreed just say if he is black, white, Asian, Hispanic, middle eastern. Not to hard. Kinda hard to know if you have the right suspect if all you got is he is a male. We come in all colors.

  3. Dave Garrison says:

    The Braids!!!
    The clue to this story is the man was wearing braids. How many white guys wear braids?, at least that takes out some of the population for IDing.

  4. Jeff says:

    Lets start taking bets.

    I’ll bet a dollar he’s Jamaican.

  5. Justice will be served says:

    Regardless of the race this man committed a horrible crime and should be brought to justice. I wonder if this woman knew this man and if so this man is going to be located. I certainly hope the emergency room doctors were able to flush her eyes out before permanent damage was done.

  6. White Community says:

    Nice description! I take it the “braids” would indicate another fine member of the “Black Community”.

  7. mpls sux says:

    What other kind of dirtballs wear braids??????? oh sorry…


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