72-Year-Old Grandma Bites Robber

EAST ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — A 72-year-old East St. Paul woman found an effective way to deter robbers in her home. Nina Kraft bit one of them in the arm.

“I’m not going to let someone walk over me and I’m not going to let someone tell me to get on the ground,” said Kraft.

The attempted burglary happened last Wednesday afternoon. Nina’s daughter, Linda Kraft, and her children were home when three intruders walked in. There were a total of eight people in the house including Linda’s 19-year-old son.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Edgar Linares Reports

“I think they were looking to rob my son,” said Linda. She identified one of the men as someone who had come to a barbecue once before.

Linda said a short time later, her youngest son began fighting the men off. He got away from the men and darted to the front door to let his family out. But in the kitchen, Linda’s 72-year-old mother Nina was left with one of the men.

“When my mom got up, one of the men grabbed her by the neck and kind of was choking her,” said Linda.

But grandma fought back. She bit the man on the arm.

“When he grabbed me around the neck, I bit his arm hard enough, then he shoved me down on the floor,” said Nina.

She began untying the man’s shoes and holding on to his legs. While this was happening, Linda’s oldest son went to his room and grabbed a sword.

“When my grandson came out with the sword he looked at me on the floor and said ‘Hell no, not my grandma,'” said Nina. “When he waived that thing around in here, that was the end of it.”

A short time later, the three intruders fled the home but were later apprehended by police and identified.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports burglary charges were filed against Melvin Lawrence Combs, 27; Rigoberto Martinez, 23; and James Marvel Shaw, 26.

One of the suspects told police he went to the house to settle a dispute with Nina’s grandson.

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  • Good Ol Boy

    To settle a dispute? LOL

    Sounds like “y’all” got settled.

    You don’t mess with a man’s grandma. Lucky all these greaseballs didn’t get skewered and hacked to death and buried in the flower garden.

  • Who first?

    Who will be the first to say that she took a bite out of crime?

  • KQ

    A pair of choppers…….

    It’s just Gandma here alone….

  • Good Ol Boy

    Ja, anyone can come!

  • chinwhiskers

    Good for her. I hope they disbar any lawyer who tries to make a lawsuit out of that.

  • Lady

    Where the heck is “East St Paul” located? I know of the East side, West St Paul, North St Paul and South St Paul. Wait, is this some new PC term?

    • The 19 year old grandson

      Nope, not a new PC term… but yes the East Side of St.Paul, next to Maplewood.

  • jeff

    i wonder if it tasted like chicken? anyway i bet while he’s in the slammer he won’t be tellin that story. hahahahahaha

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