MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A 9-year-old Fergus Falls boy who was shooting his pellet gun picked the wrong target this week — the window of an occupied police squad car.

The officer was patrolling a neighborhood Tuesday when his window shattered. The officer wasn’t hurt.

He found the boy and pellet gun, then notified the boy’s parents of what happened.

A Fergus Falls Journal report says police will seek restitution for the cost of the window, which will likely be between $100 and $200. The police department is also seeking a juvenile petition of delinquency through the county.

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  1. mpls sux says:

    What idiots give their 9 year old kid a pellet gun?

    Geez what a couple of morons.

    1. mike says:

      um that was in Fergus Falls not mpls

  2. red says:

    oops- there goes his allowance for awhile

  3. Good Ol Boy says:

    What idiot lets his or her 9 year old use a pellet gun unsupervised? I think that’s the real question. My son had his hunter safety certificate at age 11 and can safely handle just about any firearm.

    1. once a hunter says:

      to Good ol boy. Do you allow your well trained (hunter safety certificate) son to “handle” just about any firearm without your supervision? Seems to me the issue is not the type of weapon (Bb, pellet, smith & wesson, Glock, etc.) but the Supervision (and training / experience). I too was required to take the hunter safety training at a very young age. Seventh grade if I recall correctly and I wanted to take the training for two reasons. Number one, I wanted to hunt because my Dad was a hunter and I was told that I could not join him on hunting trips until i was certified and two, my Dad was a regional hunter safety trainer. I think there is also a huge difference between city and country upbringing. I grew up on the farm (country) where hunting was sport and firearms knowledge, training and respect was taught. In the city it seems like firearms have nothing to do with sport and everything to do with having street “credit” or being the tough guy or the man! Maybe that makes a difference maybe it doesn’t but when you have babies raising babies (more prevelant in the city than in the coutry) what do you expect?

      1. Good Ol Boy says:

        “Do you allow your well trained (hunter safety certificate) son to “handle” just about any firearm without your supervision?”

        Never. No exceptions.

        “I think there is also a huge difference between city and country upbringing.”

        Boy is that ever the truth. My son has been hunting with me for years, and up until the last 2 years he hasn’t carried a firearm or a bow while we hunted. He had to prove himself responsible enough in the woods before he was allowed to even sign up for the Hunter Safety course.

        I let him carry a hunting knife so I can have him field dress animals with my instruction and direct supervision.

      2. Good Ol Boy says:

        “Do you allow your well trained (hunter safety certificate) son…”

        Also, you seem to be implying through sarcasm that my definition of “well trained” means a hunter safety class.

        That is only a small part of being responsible with a firearm. We live out in the country, compared to a lot of you city folk. We also have a gun club membership and do a lot of shooting for practice. I’ve spent countless hours instructing both verbally, and through demonstration on the correct and incorrect ways to do things outdoors, hunting, fishing and everything in-between. There are many moments outdoors that offer an opportunity for instruction, and there are countless dangers to be aware of. When I say he’s “well-trained” I mean he’s pretty well trained overall.

        The certificate wasn’t and wouldn’t be my benchmark for being “well-trained” with firearm safety.

        Hunting, fishing and being outdoorsmen is who we are in our family, not just what we do for fun.

  4. JKB says:

    This is no joking matter! That officer could have been injured! A nine year old has no business having a pellet gun, airgun, BB gun or paint gun! Each one has the potential of injuring someone. Are these parent morons, or lacking in supervising of their kid? Kids are great at sneaking things out of the house without parent knowledge. RED, you are absolutely correct in saying in essence the kid SHOULD lose his allowance to pay for the damage, if he doesnt receive an allowance, he should have to find ways to make the money to reimburse Mom/Dad who will get stuck with the bill.

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      “Kids are great at sneaking things out of the house without parent knowledge.”

      Firearms and weapons of any kind are to be secured, away from ammunition or arrows, in a locked containment or storage facility or container of some kind. They are never to be left where a child can access them, unlock them, or remove them by themselves. My firearms are locked in a case in a locked room and have trigger lock mechanisms.

      If yours aren’t, I suggest you rethink your firearm security in your household.

  5. Good Ol Boy says:

    “A nine year old has no business having a pellet gun, airgun, BB gun or paint gun!”

    I disagree. My son at age 9 was more than capable of safely and responsibly handling a BB or pellet gun. He has been taught from the earliest of ages to respect all weapons as deadly objects, not as toys. Some people don’t teach their sons as well as I do apparently.

    1. Sue says:

      Good Old Boy hope your done have’n um

      1. Good Ol Boy says:

        I’m a little old to be popping out any more kids, Sue.

        But I’m curious as to what you meant by your comment.

        Are you saying I’m a bad father because I teach my son the safe way to handle a firearm with respect?

        Please explain. Thanks.

        1. captainobvious says:

          Good ole boy, formerly known as Eastside Evil lol. You’re a joke under either moniker start a new one please, and stop with the 100k job talk, human tree stump.

      2. oh please Sue says:

        Sue, I am willing to be you’re a liberal who wants all guns taken away. Am I correct? If handled safely, guns are fine. It’s the people behind the gun that shouldn’t be having children. Maybe YOU should be done have’n um if you haven’t yet figured this out.

  6. mom says:

    good old boy is this the same son that can swear up a storm and is not allowed to drink chocolate milk? Good thing you have your priorities straight as a parent or step parent. I don’t think a 9 yr old should be handling any type of weapon without proper training and especially unsupervised. Just because you think he respects all weapons doesn’t mean accidents still can;t happen

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      No it isn’t. My son doesn’t swear and he isn’t interested in sweets to begin with. I wouldn’t let my stepson who’s almost 15 handle any firearm, supervised or not until he successfully completes hunter safety education.

      I never said I would allow my son to handle any weapon unsupervised. Not even his bow, not even a BB gun. Period, no exceptions.

  7. Wow says:

    I didn’t realize police cars don’t have some sort of bullet resistant windows.

    I am also rather surprised a pellet gun would shatter a window like that from the distance this kid was probably shooting. I have a BB/pellet gun for shooting squirrels/crows out my house windows and I don’t think it would be capable of shattering a car window so this must be a fairly high end air rifle.

  8. To Good Ol Boy says:

    Good ol boy, My Dad also taught gun safety training and my sisters and I were required to take it. You’re doing nothing wrong and it sounds like you’re giving the boy proper instruction. It sounds as if most people on this post are afraid of guns (because they don’t know how to handle them properly) and they need someone to blame. Yes, guns are dangerous which is why your boy is getting proper training. I am sure people will make nasty comments to me now too.

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      My mom was one of those anti-gun people who would not allow even a BB gun to be owned by me, even as a late teen. She also didn’t want me to engage in any other “male” activities like ATVs, contact sports, acting like a boy, being around my dad, etc.
      She had an irrational fear of guns and wanted me to have one too. I went the other direction with it.

      1. stillobvious says:

        I bet you ended up a wonderful little lady, good ole mule.

  9. jan says:

    gun safety isn’t the issue here. It’s the intention behind the act.

    1. mike says:

      so true. good ol boy is missing the whole thing with his great son and step son

      1. Good Ol Boy says:

        Which “whole thing” am I missing exactly, mike?

  10. true country girl says:

    last time i checked, we all did dumb stuff as kids despite our parents best efforts…

    1. huntersmom says:

      You are soooo right! If parents think their little Johnnie or Susie is so perfect, and wouldnt try theyre living in some fantasy world! Im definitely not against firearms, as a Mom, I used to go hunting all the time with my four kids. Even though each took Hunter Safety courses, guns were emptied, cleaned and locked up after each use. The other type of guns (BB, pellet, air, and paint)even wrist rockets, were allowed only with supervision by adults. As adults, we have to think like a kid, and hopefully be smarter than them! Kids WILL be kids and sometimes can and do figure how to unlock things wed never expect them to.

    2. Jack says:

      I’m all for firearms. And I agree that kids do dumb things. But, that doesn’t excuse the parents’ responsibility for their kid’s actions. This wasn’t just “dumb stuff.” It was dangerous.

    3. mom says:

      You are right we all have done stupid stuff as kids like run ino the street but I would never have caused damage to another person’s property or vandalised anything especially a cop car. My parents would have been so diaappointed in me that was enough for me to know not to do stupid stuff that can cause harm to another or another person’s things. My parents taught me right from wrong and so I learned not to do things like this. I have children and all my kids know that something like this is not a “stupid thing” it is a dangerous thing and someone could have been hurt even with a bb gun. There is a difference between being stupid and being destructive

  11. wth says:

    They had to look high and low to find some white kid shooting something. Why arent comments allowed on the page of the mother who was attcked by those so callled teen girls. How can the public help? WHAT COLOR ARE THEY? You people are cowards. You deserve to be beaten. WAKEUP.

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