NWS: Park Rapids Storm Damage Caused By Tornado

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The storm damage caused in the resort town of Park Rapids, Minn. was determined to be a tornado.

The National Weather Service said that based on what they saw, an EF1 tornado was the cause.

They said an EF1 reaches maximum winds of 105 mph.

The NWS said the first touchdown happened around 10:30 on Monday, May 30. It started fives miles southwest of the city where a home was destroyed.

The storm knocked over hundreds of trees and damaged buildings, with the center of town hit the hardest. Several homes lost power and school was canceled on Tuesday.

  • scott

    There was NO warning

  • Jo

    I live 15 miles SW of PR and I had 21 big trees down in my yard and an 80ft. one came down on my house. 3 holes in our ceilings. Plus hundreds of trees down in the woods to the North of our house. Also, another party 7 mi. SW of us had major damage and trees down as well. So, it started further out than what they thought.

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