MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Volunteers from various Twin Cities faith communities will help clean up north Minneapolis after last month’s deadly tornado.

The volunteers will meet Thursday at St. Olaf Lutheran Church on Emerson Avenue North and then head to work sites around north Minneapolis.

The event was organized through Minnesota Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster. Staff from Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity will lead the volunteer groups.

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity is recruiting volunteers to help with the ongoing rebuilding in north Minneapolis.

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Comments (13)
  1. JB says:

    And here is the problem with “down trodden areas” they wait with their hand out for help, versus doing things themselves. Take for example The Mexican penninsula compared to New Orleans. New Orleans still is not back, yet a year after a Category 5 tore apart the tourist capital of Mexico, it was completely back up and running. If you want a more local example, look at Rogers compared to North Minneapolis. Rogers themselves, even though FEMA came it, cleaned up in less than 1 week. They burried their dead and started to rebuild. North Minneapolis is still standing around with their hand out waiting for someone else to fix their problem for them. I do not care if you do not have resources, for the hundreds of people who have tried to help it appears to be a mindset that it you look or act pathetic enough, someone else will take care of it for you.

    1. Mark Lavalla says:

      You should stop handing out comments,

      1. JB says:

        oh poor little Marky, are you offended for some reason? Do facts offend your tender little soul? Are you still waiting for the government or someone else to make your life better?

        1. Mark Lavalla says:

          “Facts” LOL

    2. Mark Lavalla says:

      “Posted by Melinda on Jun 1 2007 10:22PM – We lost our home to the tornado in Rogers on September 16, we have rebuilt and will be moving in next week. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about that beautiful little girl. What a loss-why was there no warning. Will I ever feel safe in my home again. Physical scars have heeled but the emotional ones will be around for a long time. Our neighbors have been wonderful, we all share this episode in our lives and alwalys will. Thank you to all of the volunteers. ”
      FACTS. look at the date look at the last sentence

      1. JB says:

        Marky, all those volunteers were local. I know because after securing my house and cleaning up my yard, we helped our neighbors in Rogers as we are two of those “volunteers” Melinda spoke of.

        1. ignoranceisbliss says:

          Where do you think the Minneapolis volunteers are from???? LOL

          1. ignoranceisbliss says:

            Do you also think the residents of Joplin are “standing around with their hands out?” I think kudos to Rogers for cleaning up and rebuilding all those homes in one week. That’s pretty amazing!

  2. MG says:

    Fortunately or unfortunately, how you look at it, there will always be those kind souls that will show up and help, which is the way it should be. The people of this country should be helping each other without government involvement. I actually think JB has a very valid point, but I give credit to those who can find the goodness in every situation or location.

  3. deal-w-it says:

    Listen i already help support these breeding machines through government assis. im not helping clean-up.

  4. disappointed says:

    Always amazed at the trolls on ‘CCO and other news outlets waiting to pounce with their racist comments. Every disaster has the good people who feel compelled to volunteer, no matter where it is. I live in N Mpls and have volunteered, alongside a lot of other Northside residents who are also securing their own homes and helping their neighbors. It’s just another potshot of the ignorant people that hide under their internet names.

    1. go away says:

      Dear disappointed, please leave this state. We don’t want you.

      I am tired of people flipping the race card as it was NEVER mentioned about any COLOR of peoples skin. Ok?


      The people who pay taxes for the lazy.

      1. disappointed says:

        LOL – very intelligent come back, “go away.” Minnesota “nice” disappears in the dungeons of trolldom. Just because it wasn’t outright said, it’s implied. We all know that. I pay taxes too, so I will live wherever I want to live. We can disagree on things without mean comments.

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