ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A bipartisan panel of state lawmakers is meeting to examine competing budget proposals from Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton and Republican legislative majorities.

The Legislative Commission on Planning and Fiscal Policy meets Thursday at the Capitol. It’ll be the first in-depth debate over the state budget since lawmakers adjourned last week without a deal between Dayton and GOP leaders over taxes and spending.

State government would shut down July 1 if a new two-year budget is not in place. Dayton says he doesn’t want to call the entire Legislature back into special session until he and Republicans agree on a budget framework.

Dayton’s revenue and budget commissioners are scheduled to testify at the Thursday meeting. Dayton and GOP leaders are meeting Friday for their first face-to-face budget talks since session ended.

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Comments (41)
  1. Lorne says:

    The GOP won’t budge from their no more taxes stance, never mind their budget is as full of holes as the target on the police shooting range. The second problem is that the GOP is doing whatever Tony Sutton wants and Sutton is not held accountable to the people. It could be a long stalemate

    1. Joe Hanson says:

      The facts are the Legislature produced a balanced budget which provided over $3 billion more in additional spending for the next biennium.

      1. Citizen says:

        And cut services to the most vulnerable of Minnesota’s population to the profit of the wealthy and corporations. Shame on the GOP.

        1. Charity begins at home says:

          Shame on you Citizen. If you want to help the needy then do so. Seems liberals would rather the nanny do it which is the real shame.

          1. Citizen says:

            Charity, how do you infer from my post that I don’t help the needy? Looked at my charitable contributions on my tax return? Until you do, stop making crazy statements.

        2. Joe Hanson says:

          What services have been cut?

      2. boycott wcco am says:

        Joe Hanson

        “The facts are the Legislature produced a balanced budget which provided over $3 billion more in additional spending for the next biennium.”

        Does this 3 billion dollars include the 5 billion dollars we owe the last biennium

        1. Joe Hanson says:

          What $5 billion and to whom is it owed?

          1. Boycott Target says:

            You missed the part that Pawlenty left the state 5 billion in debt. My God man turn off talk radio and pay attention.

    2. Small Government says:

      They should not budge. This must end and this is a good place to start.

  2. kevin says:

    Citzen, no more spending money the state or federal gov. does not have. You liberals have created generations of people that no longer depend on there own work ethic but wait for there entitlement hand outs. When these entitlements are not there these same people are reverting to crime to fill there needs. We end with more people in our prison system adding to our tax burden. As this cycle repeats it’s self the problem just gets worse. People need to learn that welfare programs are not life long entitlements but stop gap measures while they get themselves back or there feet through work and pride in themselves.

  3. Citizen says:

    @kevin. So where are all the jobs promised by the GOP to get all these welfare people back to work? Huh, huh???? Go away, Kevin. You have no grip on reality, and the GOP can’t even pay its own bills as written about in another article. You shouldn’t spend money you don’t have? Talk to Tony Sutton, the GOP party leader. He spent money he didn’t have IN SPADES during the last election. I say take the GOP to collections for all $500,000 that is presently owed. Kevin. your opinion is blowing in the wind….

    1. Danielle says:

      Citizen, settle down. You always comne back to jobs when you dont have any other comment. Jobs just dont majically show up 6 months after you put real representatives in office. Obama has had over 2 years and spent Trillions of dollars with no results. The arguement is to spend within your means. The arguement should be over which services to cut, not how much to increase taxes because we live in the Welfare state.

      1. Citizen says:

        Explain, Danielle, why the GOP party and Tony Sutton have not paid their private bills? Maybe you need to pony up more cash to your party….

        1. Danielle says:

          Again, off topic of the conversation. Lets not get into how many in obamas administration have chosen to not pay taxes.

      2. Citizen says:

        And Bush got 8 years to ruin the U.S. economy which will take us about 20 to recover from. But the GOP PROMISED jobs! That was the platform that got most of these newbies elected. And then they gave us “social engineering.” Lies in my playbook.

        1. Danielle says:

          So what does your little playbook say about the Obama adminstration? Lets start with Jobs, GITMO, Patriot act and Bush Tax cuts. he promised changes to all of these and so far nothing after 2 plus years. Looks like Lies on both sides of the aisle.
          Again off topic so you can try and prove another useless point. How many of those 8 years were conmtrolled by a Democratic House and Senate. Making up a fact doesnt make it a fact.

          1. Citizen says:

            @Danielle. I am TRYING to point out to you that these newbie GOP reps got elected because they PROMISED JOBS knowing that they only had a very brief time to deliver on that promise. Who lied then? The newbies by saying they could produce jobs when they knew they couldn’t. A lie to get into office and then push social engineering legislation and to stalemate the budget negotiations. Since I am a populist, I am not any more happy with the Dems than the Rethugs. The Dems are GOP-lite. This country really needs a third party. You should read in the progressive populist about recent poltical developments in Canada.

  4. kevin says:

    Citizen, have you ever heard the word BANKRUPT . YOUR KIND ARE PUTTING US THERE. Maybe the teachers union can give there money to the entitlement funds instead of spending it on prime time advetisements saying they need more money. Also do a little research and find out how much good suplus supplies the St Paul school system throws out every year

    1. boycott WCCO AM says:

      That would be “surplus” Maybe instead of ripping teachers you should ask for help.

    2. Citizen says:

      That’s right, Kevin. I forgot the GOP can’t buy any primetime ads because it already owes $500,000, and hasn’t been able to pay that money back since last November. The GOP the party of fiscal responsibility? Ha, ha, ha…..

  5. kevin says:

    Oh, by the way Citizen did I touch a nerve when I suggested that people start taking ownership of ther own life and stop wiating for everyone else to pay there way. Socialism will bankrupt a society everytime.

    1. Carl says:

      Citizen will not reply. He has moved on to an article that supports his leftish view of the world.

      1. Citizen says:

        @Carl/Kevin. I am greatly amused by your constant name-calling. I am not a leftist which pretty much shows how much you know about political affiliations. I am a populist. Now look that up and educate yourselves, because your ignorance is showing.

    2. SO SAD says:

      And, yet, they won’t even think about pitching into their own medical insurance. They want government to stop spending as long as it’s not them.

  6. KEVIN says:


  7. Pavel says:

    Some of you just throw numbers around like 3 billion and 5 billion and I bet you haven’t a clue where the cuts were made. In additon many of you only want to cut, cut, cut. I would suggest if you want to see that you take a trip to many of the third-world countries and you will see what you end of with….virtually nothing.

    Most of you complaners and crabbers have not worked a day in your life and only complain about what somebody else got for nothing. Be happy you have something instead of having “nothing”.

    Why complain about raising taxes on people who have millions if not billions? Anyone who would argue against the very rich sharing with others (including the middle class) are plain IGNORANT! Enough said!

  8. Pavel says:

    It is easy to see how the “so called” liberals are head and shoulders above some of you who can’t even spell correctly and don’t know the difference between “there” and “their”.

    Typical of uneducated!

  9. KEVIN says:

    Pavel, most of the rich actually worked to become rich. Why is it then that must automaticly share their hard earned gains with people that refuse to work. AND TO THE WELFARE DEPT. HAVE YOU EVER CHECKED ON THE PEOPLE THAT YOU ARE SENDING CHECKS TO WITH ADDRESSES IN HAWAII AND VARIOUS OTHER STATES. IT SEAMS LIKE FRAUD TO ME.

    1. Citizen says:

      Actually, Kevin, I think most of the wealthy inherited their money and it is very well protected from being taxed. And where it is taxed, the rate is about half what you and I pay in payroll taxes. And the rich benefit from all the advantages of public services just like the rest of the taxpayers only they pay a lower percentage of their incomes in taxes to support those services. Plus, many of them (the 6 Sam Walton children in particular) benefit from corporate welfare doled out at the expense of those middle-class taxpayers. Welfare checks are an extremely small piece of the taxpayer-financed pie. Why don’t you ask WalMart, GE, United Health and some of the other huge corporations that paid no taxes to support their U.S. benefits–indeed they got billions of tax money BACK from taxpayers. CORPORATE WELFARE costs middle-class taxpayers way more than your welfare fraud drivel.

      1. Buck says:

        And Mr Dayton is one of those corporate welfare children. I dont see you complaining that most of the wealth is hidden in a South Dakota corporation. I guess if its good for a Deomcrat we dont complain.

      2. dan says:

        Now you are making me cry…………….You spout the word “actually”, followed up by “I think”. A normal person would take the fact that when you say actually you would follow it up with facts. Guess not, we just got to enjoy an opinion of someone who has no facts on the matter.
        Isnt the inherited money already taxed via, payroll, capital gains and inheritance tax? How many more times do you propose we tax the same dollar?
        Just because you worked as a public servant and obviously didnt have a huge inheritance, dont take out your anger on a few of the lucky ones.

        1. Citizen says:

          @dan. Wow, you sure like to make a lot of inferences about someone, don’t you, with no facts to back you up. Here are some facts from various sources: and the dismal political economist and the progressive populist. If we cut every program the conservatives would like the budget still won’t be balanced and the economy at all levels of state and national levels would be devastated. Go read these sites and get the actual figures which will show you that cutting every social program there is will not EVER work. However, I’m sure you don’t want to contaminate your prejudices with hard, cold facts and figures, so I doubt you will do the work and research.

  10. Citizen says:

    I will now leave all you posters with a thought: economics, budgets, and fiscal policy are all essentially a giant “board game” where we have all agreed that the money and tokens have value. The real value is in our fellow human beings. The “board game” is really imaginary and can be unimagined just as easily as it was created. Think about that. Think about what is really important. It isn’t budgets and financial manipulations, and figures in a spreadsheet. It is our fellow human beings.

    1. ??? says:

      Wow, I hope someday I can be as wise as the great citizen!

      1. Citizen says:

        @??? Your sarcasm is duly noted. By that I infer that you do not consider your fellow human beings important.

  11. KEVIN says:


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  15. Kreuzfahrten says:

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