MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Flowers can really brighten up your home and your yard. Susie Bachman from Bachman’s gives some tips on how to make those blooms flourish in a container.

She said if you have big planters outside your home it is easy to make a gorgeous creation.

First, make sure pots have a hole in the bottom for good drainage.

Make sure to fill it with a good potting mix that contains soil and peat moss. Then add in a fertilizer and ‘Soil Moist’ which helps the dirt retain moisture. Mix it all together and it will act as a meal for your plants all summer long.

Bachman said to make a statement with a container you have to remember to add three things: a thriller, a filler and a spiller.

The thriller is a plant that is a stately piece. It might be tall or have big flowers. Bachman suggests planting it in the center or edge of your container.

Next you will want a filler — or a plant that fills out the middle of your container.

Finally a spiller, is a plant that will trail down the side of the container, spilling over, and softening up the edge of the planter.

Bachman said you can also do several different types of foliage instead of flowers or get a different look by doing flowers that are all one color.

If you’d like some other ideas for container gardening, click here.


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