MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis Police said Thursday night they have made an arrest in the murder of Guled Hashi Mohamed.

Mohamed was one of six people shot between last Sunday night and Monday morning in a violent weekend in Minneapolis. Police responded to a report of shots fired at about 11:30 p.m. Sunday near Nicollet Avenue South and Groveland Avenue. Mohamed was found a shot in a vehicle a short time later at the SuperAmerica Gas Station in the 2200 block of Lyndale Avenue South. He died on Monday from injuries sustained as a result of the shooting.

Authorities arrested 28-year-old Byamin Beiti Omar Thursday night at 26th Street East and Nicollet Avenue South in connection with the murder.

Omar is currently being held in the Hennepin County Jail pending criminal charges. The incident remains under investigation.

Comments (20)
  1. JimmyJamb says:

    Let’s see Somali gangs kill one another, and one is eulogized in the media. Guess which state has the most suicide bombers in the mid-east and north africa…MN nice…how nice.

  2. minnesota says:

    thats a pretty stupid comment … that is someones son and brother and you have no idea how long he has been here or anything about him. so let the man rest in peace and god be with his family.

  3. humdy says:

    I wish Minnesota had the death penalty. Get rid of this filth.

  4. humdy says:

    I believe dave was referring to the accused shooter.

    1. HUH!? says:

      Obliviously a gang war… in any rate no need to have concern, hopefully they take each other out….

  5. jayjay says:

    what a morons are these white gays you guys are from potato famine idiots

    1. Thomas Schneider says:

      I think jayjay needs to go back to school and learn proper English and grammar. I hope he is not referring to us Irish, we do tend to have nasty tempers. Go back to school or stay in school jayjay.

    2. Kevin says:

      jayjay is a fine example as to why the once fine State of Minnesota….is now a vermin brreding ground for the uneducated….welfare slime…..that flock to this state……you want them here…..you pay for them….I opt out…

  6. Chode says:

    What the hell, if you’re not able to form a sentence you probably shouldn’t be insulting someone else.

  7. Yasiin says:

    lets see the justice !! byamin was too much in this community i hope u get wat u deserve

  8. Mike says:

    Hard for anyone to have a chance when they are surrounded by incredibly despicable people like yourself.

  9. Left the US(S)A and happy says:

    I quit my job and left the US(S)A. I took my productive capacity and over 85% of my wealth and left the country. I diversified out of the US Dollar (which will collapse). I come back to this website to remind me why I left Minnesota and what a joke the country is becoming. Good people leave, bad people come and stay.

    1. Wimpy dude looks sick says:

      yep, sure ya did.
      A true blue all gringo dingo you are huh? lmfao

      Idiots abound in this world…..makes me wonder how many of them you have fathered????? 😉

  10. Thomas Schneider says:

    Why can’t they stay in their own country. Now the U.S and MN tax payers have to pay to prosecute the guy who killed him, and then the tax payers will have to support the killer for the next 30 years. He will have better benefits than a working person plus free cable TV. He can go on the yard and pump iron and come out a muscle bound killer. Ship him back to the muslum country he came from or just give him the needle.

  11. jeff says:

    glad the guy was caught. not sure why people think that they can get away with murder………oh wait is it because they only have to spend ten years in jail? i’m not being prejudice here but if they let this man go they should ship him back. we have enough of our own murderers on our streets to contend with let alone the foreign element.

  12. Kevin says:

    More immigrants please!!!!!!

  13. Mohamed says:

    I’m with you Dave!

  14. my two cents says:

    I only hope those from the Somali community who were criticizing the police will apologize now. It took some time to investigate. Individuals coming forward will give more support to any case and, likely, provide support for additional charges and longer sentencing. Mr Mohamed has a pretty solid criminal history including drugs, fleeing officers, and assaults. Naturally the officers will want to get more information about this incident.

    As for the racism – that’s one of the biggest reason to hate Minnesota. Minnesota natives are NICE only if you were born and raised here and come from white stock. If you’ve moved here for any reason, forget it. Dang – I hate to admit I’m from Chicago because I’m automatically labeled a welfare-mooching, food stamp-using, criminal. I guess it doesn’t matter I’m white bread who moved here to escape an abusive spouse in another state and that I’ve NEVER even applied for state or county assistance.

  15. Jeff says:

    Just wait until these Somali gangs start killing white people. That’s it…..I’m moving to Finland.

  16. Adam says:

    Why is the assumption that he is guilty? Get your heads out of the gutter. From what I’ve read, it doesn’t sound like there’s much to go off of. Stop drinking everything the media pours in your glass.

    The police had to snag somebody

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