WASHINGTON (WCCO) — Move over food guide pyramid and make way for the “My Plate.” The USDA recently revealed their new food nutrition symbol to help encourage healthy eating.

The new My Plate depicts a dinner plate split into four slightly different sized groups representing fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins along with another small circle next to the plate for dairy.

Tami Carpenter, a Pediatric Dietitian at Children’s Hospital, said they have been using a similar model with their patients and families for some time. She’s glad to see the plate visual will now be used on a more widespread level.

“Overall it’s just really easy for people to use,” said Carpenter. “They can sit down to their family meals or their lunch and try to replicate that. It’ll help with portion control.”

Many said the old food guide pyramid was confusing and hard for people to easily know how many servings of each type they should have.

“I’m really happy with the change and I think it’ll be better than the old triangle pyramid,” says Carpenter.

WCCO’s Samantha Smith Interviews Carpenter

Carpenter said it’s not rocket science. It all goes back to what we put in our bodies.

“This ‘My Plate’ really helps with that. Keeping it simple, telling people what they need to be healthier people by just starting to making that change and moving in the right direction with how we eat,” said Carpenter.

The USDA has also launched an accompanying website which will eventually include interactive tools to help manage weight and track exercise.

Comments (7)
  1. Huh? says:

    White Castle is not in the plate?

  2. L says:

    Be nice to know the size of the plate first

    1. Pate says:

      Ha ha! That’s true! You could have a plate that’s too big,and then you’d still be overeating.I can see somebody thinking a huge steak is okay.

  3. Melissa Vaughn says:

    I think that the name change of Lake Calhoun should be named Lake Harmon in hnoor of the late great Twins player.

  4. StraycatStrut says:

    We should go back to the pre-1967 food charts.

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