Watch Your Tongue On Screw-Top Water Bottles

BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. (WCCO) — Emergency crews are sending a warning about popular water bottles. Some kids have had their tongues stuck in screw-top water bottles.

In fact, the Brooklyn Park Fire Department learned a week ago just how dangerous the aluminum screw top bottles can be.

Ken Prillaman is Brooklyn Park fire chief.  He said the call got his crew’s attention.

“We got a call for a child with their tongue stuck in a water bottle, an unusual call for us,” Prillaman said.

A typical plastic water bottle has threads on the outside. The screw-top has them on the inside, creating a thick ridge.

“The flesh of the tongue gets entangled in the threads and then almost immediately the tongue can swell to the point where it becomes too large to slide back out through the opening,” Prillaman said.

The child from Brooklyn Park was taken to North Memorial Medical Center, where doctors were able to somehow get the bottle off.

“Just puncturing it or just cutting it doesn’t do enough. It actually has to be cut up along its edge and they have to do that under very precise almost surgical procedure,” said Prillaman.

Chief Prillaman said even though using a water bottle may seem simple, it’s best parents have a conversation with their kids.

“You can try to take the bottles away or you can teach the kids how to use them safely,” he said.

WCCO-TV checked with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The organization has not issued any warnings or recalls.

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  • Pate

    Well,don’t buy something that narrow inside.Green Canteen makes excellent stainless steel bottles that have smooth-threaded 2-inch wide openings.It’s wide enough to drink from like a cup.

    • brent

      Watch where you put that tounge…that’s what she said!

  • just an Average Joe

    You have got to be kidding. Just exactly how is a kid getting his or her tongue stuck in a bottle NEWSWORTHY. Must have been a slow news day.

  • JamieinMN

    Ridiculous! Who sticks their tongue inside a water bottle while drinking from it?!?!!?!? Stupid kid….

  • M B

    Kids will try just about anything once. It seems to be the only way they’ll actually learn. God forbid they listen to their parents. Just like, “Don’t stick that butter knife in the electric socket, Johnny!” ZZZTTT! See, I told you!
    Well, we shouldn’t probably be drinking from aluminum water bottles anyway. They’re lined with a polymer to keep whatever’s in the bottle from reacting with the bottle, but I have first hand experience that those quick serv packets of lemonade drink mix will eat that polymer off the side of the bottle, which you then drink. Yummy. And I’m sure it was oh so good for me. Yup, recycled the bottle as soon as I realized that happened.
    Stainless steel for me from here on out.

  • Dave Seavy

    This reminds me of the incident when a school kid in Mpls stuck his head out the window, and was decapitated when the buss passed a tree. Of course the parents immediately started a crusade to “make busses safer.” Yep – the buss was unsafe – it had nothing to do with the kid sticking his head out the window. It’s no wonder Minnesota is a nanny state, since many residents have no common sense, and apparently some parents don’t teach their kids not to stick their head out the window of a moving vehicle. Had the window had mesh on it, preventing such an action and there was a fire on the buss, parents would scream because the windows prevented escape. Ah, but that’s preferable to having an escape route that some idiot will stick their head out of. Of course if their luck is anything like the kid in question, they’ll have the opportunity to do it only once.

  • Mark from

    Stupid is as stupid does!

  • Wow

    My two year old sticks his tongue inside water bottles. We have been working on how to properly drink from bottles/cups without spilling all over the place. When a child is young he has not learned our to properly use a bottle yet.

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