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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you have not followed the story of Rep. Anthony Weiner, who is denying he sent a picture of what is being routinely described as a “bulging underwear clad crotch” to a 21-year-old woman who follows him on Twitter, you are missing a bulging good tale.

Weiner has 40,000 followers on Twitter and follows less than 200 people, most of whom the New York tabloids have reported gleefully are “total babes” and half his age.

If this is all Twitter speak to you here is the bottom line: it is quite easy to mistakenly try and send a private, direct message to someone on Twitter and accidentally send it to everyone. And it is just plain obnoxious that a 40-something member of Congress would be following a bunch of 20-year-old women.

What is most remarkable is that Weiner really thought he could get away with the explanation it was a prank. Just like John Edwards thought he could get an aide to claim that he, not Edwards, was the father of Rielle Hunter’s baby.

Now that aide has written a tell all book and Edwards has been indicted.

As for Weiner, his dream of someday being elected Mayor of New York appears destined for Twitter purgatory.

Not to mention the fact that the 170-plus million people who use Twitter have a pretty darn good idea of exactly what happened.

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  • Janice

    It seems that when a person reaches a certain level that is considered “elite, A-list, or the top of their field” brain cells must die. Time (Newsweek?) just did a front page artice about this and it seems a new item appears daily. This is not limited to men, women behave badly also, there are just more men in high places.

    Makes me sorta happy I’m a peon and do not consider myself better, and more priviledged, than others.

  • Victim Du Jour

    Favre didn’t get the benefit of the doubt from the media.

  • Tony

    This is a lot of nonense!

    Anthony Sausage

    • Tony

      sorry nonsense


  • StraycatStrut

    Sounds like Weiner reached his Bun moment. Well deserved I must say. Pass the ketchup!

  • Swamp Rat

    Who cares?? If you can’t your hands off the PDA, iPhone, or whatever texting device you get what you deserve by “accidentally” tweeting!!!

    Sorry chum, spurious superfluous social networking can be dangerous to one’s political aspirations or well-being. If you don’t realize or know that by know then why run for any office? From what I saw of the supposed “accidentally” tweeted photo-UGH! What female would vote for that physique? What a waste of time and inane political idiocy. You get no sympathy from this commenter!

  • Tony Rozycki

    Good article tho Esme.

    • Tony Rozycki

      I think purgatory is an excellent guess, especially since I read a few years ago that limbo is closed.

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