ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The state of Minnesota has started a new website looking ahead to a possible government shutdown next month.

The site from Minnesota Management and Budget, which can be accessed here, includes frequently asked questions about a shutdown and information for state employees.

A political deadlock over spending and taxes threatens to shut down state government for the second time in six years.

This time, a shutdown would affect far more of state government than a partial shutdown that lasted eight days in 2005.

Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton and Republicans who control the Legislature resumed budget talks Friday and plan to meet again Monday. If they don’t enact a new two-year budget before July 1, most of state government would run out of money.

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  1. da says:

    I or one am very happy to shut down this escalating extortion scheme!

  2. Astonished_by_your_beliefs says:

    It is crazy to shutdown government. State government is not going away. The shutdown will cost money (already is to plan for it) and will hurt the economy. The private businesses who supply services, supplies or contract work are not looking forward to a shutdown. 35,000 laid off state employees are part of the economy. They will not be using gas to go to work or eating lunch at restaurants and are probably already curtailing spending – impacting a number of neighborhood businesses. For the time they are without income, they will not be paying taxes and, if the shutdown is long enough, will qualify for unemployment benefits.

    It is silly to claim that the “real jobs” are in private business. Our complex society depends on both government and private business. Private business relies on government – for the basics of safe water, sewer, transportation and regulating the electrical grid, zoning, etc. Businesses need and want an educated workforce. Some businesses exploit the government and taxpayers to supply health, daycare and other welfare benefits for their low-income employees when they don’t provide for it themselves or pay their employees a decent wage. Employees (and their employers) are happy that they can rely on nursing homes or other home health services to take care of their elderly or disabled relatives so that they don’t have to quit their job to take care of them. Businesses have made money on the research that has been done at our Universities.

    Business and individual citizens are not self-reliant. They depend on, want and use all kinds of things from the government.

    1. Jack says:

      State workers are paid for from taxes. To say we will be hurt because they won’t be paying taxes is insane. I am not saying we don’t need some government workers, I am just saying state workers are a cost to the budget. Even if they went on unemploymnet it would be cheaper than paying them full salary. No one wants a shutdown but we must balance the budget and we are paying enough taxes already.

      1. Citizen says:

        @Jack. And state workers PAY TAXES, TOO. You must be a ReTHUGlican who wants to cut the pay of public workers by over 20%. Here’s a quote from a previous WCCO poster that you should read closely:
        “Remember when teachers, city, county, state and federal employees crashed the stock market, or when public employees wiped out half of everybody’s 401Ks, took trillions in TARP money, spilled oil in the Gulf of Mexico, gave themselves billions in bonuses, moved most of the good paying private jobs overseas and paid no taxes? Yeah, me neither.”

      2. Sandi says:

        Unemployment ??!! Are those checks even going to be paid during the shutdown ??? I for one am a bit nervous wondering if I’ll be able to pay my mortgage…

  3. Joe Hanson says:

    Nonessential State employees will receive a letter stating “I, Governor Dayton and the Alliance for a Better Minnesota have determined that your job is nonessential and you are therefore being terminated.”

  4. rhonda says:

    rhonda i would like to say if the borders of mexico are being protected since if there is no weigh stations are not open what freedom for any one to roam into the us now everyone is able to cargo drugs and not noone to protect the innocent what is this world coming to today do the people even care of safety of the citizens of the us they should be open to check for immagrants money on the other hand to me i feel if there is a shut down the us will tun out like ny a dissaster what about the protection noone protected the 9-11- what about now who’s gonna take that badle if there should something should go wrong mmm. we need to stay open we need the roads need money if it shuts down then everyone should have a say if the children should go to school because no teachers plus no food to feed them what about protecting education.

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