MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Since January 2010, the Karma night club in Minneapolis has been the source of 165 police calls for service. Now, the City of Minneapolis is pursuing action against the club.

On Friday, the City recommended to Karma’s owners that they immediately close the club for 90 days. Karma’s application for renewal of its liquor license will also be reviewed by the City.

On May 7, Karma was served with a Notice of Public Nuisance, which requires Karma to correct the problems and abate the nuisance within 30 days. Karma representatives have until June 7 to respond to the City’s plan.

Crimes reported to have been committed in and around the club, located at 315 First Avenue North, are felony and misdemeanor assaults, including assaults against officers, and robberies, according to officials.

Despite the calls for service in and around Karma, downtown Minneapolis remains safe overall and violent crime is dropping, according to city officials.

At Karma’s closing time, the Minneapolis Police Department routinely dedicates 12 patrol officers and 4 to 5 mounted officers to ensuring the safety of patrons and pedestrians nearby.

The police will continue to monitor Karma closely this weekend.

Bars, restaurants and parking ramps throughout downtown have been asked for their assistance in recognizing and immediately reporting any developing fights or disputes.

Comments (24)
  1. I'm not saying I'm just saying says:

    What’s Karma? Is that one of those fangled hick country bars?….

    1. Auntie Venom says:

      I was told by a City worker that it’s an Ole and Lena bar.

  2. We says:

    Bad Karma I’d say.

  3. Mike says:

    Are we knocking the Chaska clubs that have stabbings? One man just died in the ghetto of Chaska

    1. Mike's a tool says:

      Ghetto? Sure there are some lower income areas, but no more than 1 mile from that location is a development with 500-750K homes. Hardly ghetto

      1. JoAnn says:

        Did you think before you made that comment? There are condos worth a lot more than 500-750K in downtown Mpls.

  4. josh says:

    check out their flickr page http://www.flickr.com/photos/33408125@N05/?donelayout=1 it show who their clients are

    1. Carter says:

      ’nuff said!

    2. tax 'em says:

      Looks like the top 2% Dayton wants to tax.

  5. josh says:

    perhaps being the only club open in downtown till 3 am is the problem??

  6. fred says:

    it`s more like a karma payback…..closing it would only would move the problem to a different location….pretty soon there will be 3 or 4 more bars with the same problem.

    1. Steve says:

      if you mean the problems will move away from the north loop neighborhood, then i’m all for it!

  7. Bobby says:

    Time to shut the the magnet for gangsters, pimps and hos. The only thing that this place should be turned into is a boys and girls club,, so that they can teach lessons on the dangers of gangs, alcohol, drugs and promiscuity

    1. Guy says:

      “gangsters, pimps and hos” – most of them flashing gang sign – nice place

    2. JimmyJ says:

      Don’t forget about the “hoochies”…they are also well represented.

  8. As Jack Said says:

    Hum looks like a glorified Northside block party; plastic cups of mass produced beer, people wearing hood wear and cheap tacky gold chains that went out in the 90s.They should just stay on the block to do that. Don’t need to pay no cover.

  9. James2 says:

    There are always a few a-holes who have to ruin things for everybody. It’s not just Karma that reaps those results, but they are on the radar. I wish the violent G-wannabe mentality would become passe, a thing to be ashamed of. Sad.

  10. Cindy says:

    Relocate to North

  11. Jeff says:

    I just looked at the flickr photos…..I wonder how many of those people hold college degrees?

    Probably not that many.

    I bet not one of them know what the square root of 64 is.

    But I bet if you asked them where the welfare office is………….

  12. Kevin says:

    Aint diversity grand??????

  13. jeff says:

    please get rid of this hood magnate. it is nothing more than the catalyst for trouble. this is what happens when babies raise babies.

  14. Joe says:

    A Club for ignorant Crime Apes

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