MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 47-year-old man is dead after being stabbed outside a building located at 2903 27th Ave. S. in Minneapolis, according to police.

Minneapolis Police were dispatched to the scene around 12:30 a.m. Sunday on a report of a stabbing. Upon arrival, they found a man with an apparent stab wound. He died at the scene.

“He had a very serious stab wound,” said Sgt. Bill Palmer, of the Minneapolis Police.

Family has identified the man who was stabbed as Dean Schmitz.

A woman, 40, was also assaulted and treated at Hennepin County Medical Center for minor injuries.

An investigation revealed the stabbing took place after a fight with several people. Detectives arrested 23-year-old Chrishaun McDonald, who could be charged with murder.

Sunday’s incident follows a very violent week in the city. Minneapolis Police investigated six shootings, five which happened over the Memorial Day weekend. The sixth shooting occurred Saturday morning in the Warehouse District.

“When you have a number of instances in a short period of time, it attracts lots of attention,” Sgt. Palmer said.

Despite the busy week for detectives, police say it still does not reflect the overall trend.

“Violent crime continues to trend down in the city overall,” Palmer said.

Anyone with information regarding the case is asked to call the TIPS line at 612-692-8477.

Schmitz’ exact cause of death will be released by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Comments (69)
  1. Sam I am says:

    Cant people act civilized after having a dri nk or two damn. Seriously grow up.

  2. Steve says:

    Time to ban knives! They kill people!

  3. Jeff says:

    But remember, everyone…..”crime is going down is Minneapolis”


  4. Victim Du Jour says:

    Stabbings and Shootings in Minneapolis almost every other night?

    Quick!! We need to change the name Lake Calhoun to Lake Humphry!!!

    1. Troll Awards says:


      OMG you are SO funny. People of the internet…listen:
      Victim Du Jour is the funniest troll to ever hit the internet. His posts are always SO HILARIOUS and he’s every bit as funny as he gives himself credit for. I’ll bet by never leaving the house, saying the dumbest things on the internet, and coming up with conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory. Well done, Victim Du Jour. Posting obsessively on WCCO has earned you all of the fame, glory, and love that you couldn’t get in real life. I’m proud of you! Your family is proud of you! Even the MICE that live with you in your Mom and Dad’s basement are proud of you!! Wow…I need your autograph, oh great one!

      1. Victim Du Jour says:

        Well, I must have struck a cord with you. How do I deserve so much attention from you?

  5. Lee says:

    It may seem like fun to make jokes about yet another killing on Minneapolis, but there’s nothing funny about it. Another tragedy that was accelerated by alcohol. Look at your own experiences with alcohol, and remember the times that it may have influenced your own judgment in a negative way.
    Some family lost a son, perhaps a brother and perhaps a father. There’s no reason to laugh about that.

    1. tuna-free dolphin says:

      The funny part about it is liberalism is the cause of so much crime and trouble in the world that if we didn’t laugh we’d cry.

      1. common sense and the hell with the GOP fools says:

        Hmmmmmm ,,,,, some truth to this and the other half is BS. I live in N. MN and we about as consevative here as the city is liberal. We got out share of this BS all the time too, maybe at the same % even. We just smaller in size.
        It’s people, it’s booze and dope, it’s today American society in general. White-black-red-yellow ….. America is seriously suffering when it comes to morals and family.
        Welcome to the great old USA. Sad as hell but it’s been ongoing for 100 years too

        1. DARREN says:

          the family structure is gone, with over a 50% divorce rate, no wonder why the kids are so messed up, just look at their parents.

          1. Good Ol Boy says:

            I wouldn’t blame the divorce rate as much as the rate of unwed mothers and single mothers with absentee fathers of their children.

            Boys having no role models in order to become men of honor and integrity is the real issue. IMHO.

  6. jeff says:

    samuel adams, always a good decision!

  7. southside p says:

    they were not even patrons from the bar it just happened outside the bar just to get the facts straight



  9. Eugene says:

    And now, “Scooners” as it is unidentified in the story is unsafe just as well? What the heck is happening with this world? I used to live on that block and it was safe almost twelve years ago!

  10. Jeff says:

    Why hasn’t the identity of the person arrested been released? That IS public information and it should be available immediately.

  11. Kevin....I mean Gangsta K says:

    Oh most dont get it tiredofallthis……..How many black stabbings and or shootings have there been the past two weeks (THAT WOULD BE 9+)????? Now how many White stabbings and or shootings……(THAT WOULD BE NONE) How many Hmon shootings and or stabbings have there been (THAT WOULD BE #) I guess these morons are right…..rave is not an issue……..nah….not at all……….

    1. Michael B says:

      Simple minded folk attribute it to race, when intelligent people know that it has more to do with marginalization, disenfranchisement, and an unbroken cycle of poverty. It would sure be nice to be able to chalk it up to genetic differences, but there aren’t any -besides the person-to-person differences that we all share. But thanks for perpetuating the myth, and providing no solution. You are a real winner.

      1. Good Ol Boy says:

        Poverty made Chrishaun stab a man to death at a bar?


        1. J. Ruis says:

          @Good Ol Boy
          TRUE: unless you are a racist, looking for racist reasons with no solutions aside from ethnic cleansing.

          1. Good Ol Boy says:

            @ J. Ruis

            False. Being poor never forced a stabbing. NEVER.

            1. J. Ruis says:

              @ Good Ol Boy
              Being poor forces people into desperate situations, and fosters negative social interactions- which is far more likely a contributing factor to violence than someone walking out of their house one day, looking at their skin color and going “Oh my GOD! I’m BLACK! Where’s my knife?? I need to go stab someone!”

              Too bad the white hood covering your head has clouded your vision, Good Ol Boy.

              1. jane says:

                Your psycho babble is laughable.

      2. jane says:

        Aww, the “unbroken cycle of poverty” defense. You are a real winner.

        1. Michael B says:

          Well, Good Ol Boy and Jane, what is it? Blacks are genetically more prone to violent crimes? Awww… you’re a real racist.

          1. jane says:

            Michael B= clueless.

            1. Michael B says:

              jane= simple minded racist.

              your husband-cousin called. he wants you to come back to the ozarks

              1. jane says:

                There is something wrong with you pal. The Ozarks? Really, you are nuts.

              2. Good Ol Boy says:

                Michael Brodkorb, I don’t think Tony would like you posting on such articles. I’m telling!

        2. Jane Dough says:

          Care to offer up a better reason, you know, one that doesn’t showcase your racism? We’re all waiting, you twit.

          1. jane says:

            Racist. Aww, that hurts ya twit.

            1. Michael B says:

              Oh right. I forgot. Racists don’t mind being called racist. But how they ever let a woman become Grand Wizard is beyond me…

              1. jane says:

                You need help pal.

  12. Jeff says:

    Kevin…I think your racist!!!


    And oh, BTW, Mr. MCDONALD is black!!

  13. Jeff..........Gangsta J says:

    His daddy’s name?


  14. Matt says:


    A City that Celebrates Diversity……..

    One Murder at a Time.

  15. The Truth says:

    Racism is kept alive by all races by the comments all of them make. The percentages “are” the percentages. We all make of it what we will. God sorts it all out in the end. The truth is that the comments here are racist, but racism is also kept alive by the minorities themselves. There are no all white colleges, but there are all African American colleges. There is no separation except for by choice in nationalities except for Indian reservations. Again, racism kept alive.

    This list gets longer and longer… you got the point.

    Racism is kept alive by “ALL”!

    God bless this family. No matter what race, it is very sad. Life is too short as it is. It would be nice if we could all step back and take a look around at what we have been blessed with. It’s the small things that count.

  16. tom says:

    get the rope, it is all they understand

    1. tomcoward says:

      so glad your anonymity is protected by the internet, aren’t you?

  17. How can you NOT be racist?? says:

    Maybe there wouldn’t be racism in this country if black people would stop PERPETUATING it!!!

    1. J. Ruis says:

      …well, “How can you NOT be racist”, since you are so well versed in the sociological complexities of race relations in the US, would you mind telling us what you think CAUSED the problems in the black community in the first place? Could it possibly be the history of hatred towards blacks by people like you? Yes?? Well, thanks for taking responsibility, pig.

  18. jdcuddlebug says:

    I have know Dean for over 20+ years and although I have not seen him in a few years, he was a great man. Nothing he has ever done in his life called for what happened to him. My heart goes out to his three sons. They have lost an important person in their lives. The rest is left up to the courts. If it is not handled there….. it will be taken care of in the end.

  19. Kevin....I mean Gangsta K says:

    So a crazy muslim stabs some white people at a library……three black punks stab and kill a white guy in Chaska…….now this black man stabs and kills a white guy and assaults a white woman…….and guess what…..NO FEDERAL HATE CRIMES!!!!!! NOT ONE!!!!! Now last month a whte guy beats up a black guy in a bar in Brainard….and guess what…its a FEDERAL HATE CRIME!!!!!! Minnesota sucks….put on your seat belts and enjoy the ride……

    1. Ryan K says:

      Hate crimes only apply to white people.

      1. blakie says:

        How many crimes do white people get away with?

    2. Victim Du Jour says:

      “Hate Crime” is just a tool for the Nerdy White Media people to incite racial tension. It makes nerdy white people feel good to scare minorities when stupid kids spray paint a swastika.

      Even thou actual real acts of violence in this country are linked to other gang symbols.

      1. Troll Awards says:

        Among the single-bias hate crime incidents in 2009, there were 4,057 victims of racially motivated hate crimes.

        71.5 percent were victims because of an offender’s anti-black bias.
        16.5 percent were victims because of an anti-white bias.
        3.7 percent were victims because of an anti-Asian/Pacific Islander bias.
        2.1 percent were victims because of an anti-American Indian/Alaskan Native bias.
        6.2 percent were victims because of a bias against a group of individuals in which more than one race was represented (anti-multiple races, group). (Based on Table 1.)

        Victim Du Jour: are you stupid or ignorant…I can’t tell which.

        1. Troll Awards says:


          Table 1 …but you don’t care about facts. You just care about the big, powerful feeling you get from trolling.

          Poor little guy.

        2. Kevin says:

          Troll you just made Victims point. According to your numbers 83% of Hate Crime charges are against whites. While 16.5% of Hate Crimes are chasrged against anti white bias. You have these facts….post them….then call Victim stupid or ignorant???? So he is ignorant as you prove his point…….you a funny little glitter thrower….So whites are charged with 81% of hate crimes……

          1. Troll Awards says:

            Victim Du Jour’s all time favorite thing to talk about is how hate crimes ONLY EVER apply to minorities. He doesn’t belive that anti-white bias is EVER reported. He usually chalks it up to some kind of media conspiracy. The fact is that, although the whites are out there comitting an overwhelming majority of hate crimes, they are still reporting crimes of anti-white bias. For every twenty hate crimes reported with a racial bias, 3 of them are anti-white (which means roughly 608 in 2009). In terms Kevin can understand, this means that whites are victims of hate crimes, too.

    3. Michael B says:

      Thanks for speculating on the outcome of the trial.

  20. Get Things Straight says:

    Everyone here has forgotten that killing has nothing to do with race. Know your history you fracking idiots. The Visigoths? The Lombards? The Saxons? Etc…please. All white people. So stop with all of this race superiority. Not to mention. What was Hitler? White. So in all of history, white people are the most violent. E.G. Hiroshima? White people. Killed thousands of innocent people. So get off of your race high horse and study some of your own history and stop patronizing.

    1. Kevin....I mean Gangsta K says:

      Hitler? Really? Another typical liberal moron…….glitter thrower……whose only comment to the rash of diversity created murders by blacks….is to spew something about Hitler? Good God…….your an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Michael B says:

        Your argument about liberals spewing things about Hitler would maybe have SOME believability if Mr. Libertarian (victim du jour) didn’t bring him up at every opportunity.

        Also, do you really talk like that (ie: rash of diversity created murders by blacks) or do you just get your comment ideas by throwing word magnets at the refrigerator door?

    2. Victim Du Jour says:

      Socialism is the root of mass murder in world history, it’s even linked to mass murder in Africa during the 1990’s

      Hitler = Socialist

      1. Good Ol Boy says:

        See Godwin’s Law:

        It states: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1 (100%)

        In other words, Godwin put forth the hyperbolic observation that, given enough time, in any online discussion—regardless of topic or scope—someone inevitably criticizes some point made in the discussion by comparing it to beliefs held by Hitler and the Nazis.

  21. Oprah says:

    Bill Cosby wrote a thick book about “these people”..He offered many solutions to escape from the “situation” they live within..He was roundly ridiculed by “thosepeople” for his insight & guidance..Let em’ all kill each other,we’ll be better off!

  22. blakie says:

    @jeff how many blacks have you kill

    1. whitie says:

      Nice english you dolt!

      1. blakie says:

        remember we don’t speak yo language idiot.

  23. Monica says:

    Here we go again, making it a black and white thing, I also have known Dean for 23 years and I am very close to his son’s who are devastaded by this, it was not a black and white thing and in fact Dean really was not much of a drinker. It was a stupid thing that left 3 young men without a father. Im not going to go into details, but Dean was not a man of prejudice. He was just a guy smoking a cigerette in the wrong place at the wrong time and protecting a friend but now nobody knows how to settle things with just words and fists they have to bring guns and knifes into it and now a father, friend & brother is gone. That is the whole sad ending to this. May he rest in peace. Let it rest

  24. JUST ME says:

    @tireofallthis….If your so tired of all this why be apart of the B.S and post something so stupid??? Everyone know’s your trying to be funny…FYI your NOT!

  25. finished says:

    Come on people….the Tra Tra (or tre tre) crips were all like “come on’s people….let me ax you something…..can’t we all’s just be nice and all?”

    Yet..I bet over 1/2 of these killings are gang related one way or another….

    Listen (word wcco won’t let me use) bag gang members…….as you read this on the laptop you stole out of my house…..there are people in the world like me who will NOT take this….and one day…..you are going to find out the hard way that no one likes you or has remorse when the story hits the internet that SOMEONE finally faught back!

    I’m ready…been ready for years…..all I need is the time to prove it…..

  26. RealTalk says:

    Really the issue at had is a loss of life at the hand of someone else. This man was with a woman the others were not and I would bet they had something to say that was not pleasant towards her and caused him to have to defend her. He asked them to stop and they escalated it too murder all those guys should go to jail.

  27. tom says:

    another reason I CCW everywhere I go

  28. Barbara says:

    Just because a person mentions race doesn’t mean that the person is a racist. Facts are facts. Don’t blame all these ghastly killings on poverty…that’s just BS and ignorant to boot. Lack of respect is most certainly lacking in the moral fiber of those that think killing another person indiscrimately is a solution. Sounds like too much time spent in fantasyland on video games where there is no real blood or consequence for violent actions.

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